He can’t bear to refuse to sensible, clever and timid Signa.

Reached out and touched Signa’s head and told her, "This is not an ordinary picture book. This is a very powerful magician’s note. The illustrations in it are some magic patterns. If you feel dizzy after reading these patterns, you must stop, otherwise the magic itself will bring some harm to your spiritual world. You can still wake up at the age of twelve. You can’t be too careful before …"
"Know" little Siegner smiled sweetly at Surdak.
Surdak and Selena didn’t get into bed as soon as they met this time.
Signa sat at Xiao Mu’s desk in the house and leafed through magic notes.
The page turned to the last page. Celia Cooper secretly rolled her eyes at Signa and forced a stiff smile at the girl. She wanted to tell Surdak how the little devil treated herself, but at the thought of being forced to make an oath, she quickly shut up consciously.
Surdak and Selena talked about some stories that happened in the winter in Hailansa and some experiences in Vazhmara, and Selena listened with relish.
Selena was surprised to cover her mouth when she heard that Marquis Surdak of Lu Se wrote a letter of recommendation.
"So you may be promoted to nobility?"
Surdak held Selena’s soft hand and said
"There are probably some opportunities to say that it is because I can perceive the magical elements of sacred attributes."
Selena chuckled and rubbed her hand against his face and said
"That adult will recommend you as a noble, even if it depends on your cronies, further stabilize you and give you a noble lady."
Surdak slightly one leng.
"I have a wife, right?"
Selena smiled and said nothing.
Suldak lay half-lying, Selena’s round and elastic thighs looked up at her delicate face and asked her, "Do you want to go to Hailanza with me?"
Selena didn’t expect Surdak to send such an invitation. She smiled slightly and then said, "Me? Forget it. Maybe I’ll visit it when I have a chance, but not now. I’m afraid it will bring unnecessary trouble. Besides, I have a really good life here. Why should I risk going to Hailanza? "
See Selena refused Surdak also didn’t say more.
So they chatted for a long time before they reluctantly left Selena’s house.
Walking on the gravel road in the village, the cool night wind blows on my face, and Surdak actually gives birth to many feelings …
When he just woke up from the battlefield, Surdak often thought about the meaning of living in this strange world.
Later, his first change of mind was to follow the second team in the battlefield. At that time, he felt that fighting with his companions was the meaning of life.
Later, I felt that living in a small village might be the meaning of life. When Surdak stepped into the village of Wall and met the old Sheila Rita Natasha and little Peter, it became the meaning of life to give his family a better life. Now Surdak feels that his value is to bring a rich life to the whole village of Wall …
Looking up at the starry night, his handsome young face seemed to be smiling and waving at him at night.
Then a few stars will dissipate at night …
Chapter 5 news
When Surdak led the motorcade away from Wall Village, a white line just lit up on the horizon edge of the deserted Gobi Desert.
Until the red sun appeared on the edge of the earth and sky after crossing the Pagros Pass.
At the top of the mountain pass, you can see a group of dead trees at the entrance of the village, old Sheila Natasha, Rita, little Peter and Aphrodite.