I’m afraid those Jianghu scattered practitioners can’t go to Hua Zhen for dinner this time, but they can go to the agricultural reclamation area and Biyao Naiyangyuan Valley to visit. It’s much more convenient to find Sima value if you want to raise Yuan’s skills.

I’m afraid the so-called convenience for ordinary people is not the same, even if it goes far outside Wan Li, it’s not appropriate. What’s more, there are charter flights.
In recent years, China’s current policy is to stamp the entry pass for citizens with East China passports, and even the epidemic prevention and control measures have been completed by adopting the East China standard inspection travel card and the corresponding regional inspection report of health code.
It feels no different from one city in the East to another, except that it will grow longer when flying.
Flying from the East to Guinea is like this, but flying back to the East from Guinea is more troublesome. According to the regulations on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in the East Frontier, you must first isolate for three weeks and then observe at home for one week.
For ordinary people, this is consumed in a month, but for many monks, it’s nothing more than a closed enlightenment
After eating that meal, Wu Changchang and Hua Zhen Hang added a new dish to Zhiwei Building in Wucheng, that is, Huazhen Hang discussed the crystal circle, and then led a team to several countries.
Wuweichang is a delegation, because many people heard the news and went to visit Yangyuan Valley with Wuweichang. The Chinese Embassy also sent a Commissioner to accompany them.
The news, of course, is that Simomo put away the special plane and wanted to arrange a plane here for the industry to pull over more than 300 people, with five tastes and long heads, and scattered repairs in various rivers and lakes accounted for more than half.
Think of it as a trip to a foreign country. Would you like to be in charge of the reception?
At the same time, Hua Zhen’s dinner continued. Before that day, he asked Niu Ping, and he specially ordered a dish, King Crab, not because it was expensive enough, but because it had enough weight.
Roasted crab legs with garlic, baked crab meat with salted duck eggs and a large crab shell full of crab fried rice are enough for several people to eat.
Hua Zhen usually orders food with luck, except for the first day in Cangwu, and others are not eating anything and how much.
But today, this person is different. She is the deputy owner of Huaihai Villa, Qing Chen. According to Niu Ping, this person used to be a famous evil star in Kunlun practice. This is a more important reason. Qing Chen is Yu Cangwu’s brother.
Master can eat so much, so must his disciples. I really can’t starve her.
Why aren’t Yu Cangwu people Haitian Gudi? She met Cangwu in her early years when she was traveling, but she didn’t get into Haitian Valley. Later, she joined Zuohuai Mountain Villa by chance.
The whole city is Bai Shaoliu, the owner of Huaihai Villa. It is said that it is only said that she is also the first master of Huaihai Villa.
If Bai Shaoliu is the highest in Huaishan Villa, he is also a rising star and a top expert in Kunlun spiritual circle in recent years, but all factions agree that Bai Shaoliu can’t beat her if he really hands on her.
This is all through the grapevine of Niu Ping.
No one outside the Kunlun Mountains imagined that they attached great importance to the inheritance of various sects’ rules, but at the same time they also attached great importance to the communication.
For example, Qingchen was born in Cangwu, but he became the deputy owner of Zuohuai Mountain Villa, while Ye Zhiqiu, a companion in Cangwu, was Minstrel’s brother.
On this day, the lobby on the first floor of the Spring Festival banquet was still very lively at dinner. Wang Fengshou actually came to eat and sat at another table with Niu Ping, Ye Yining and others. It should also come to see the excitement here in Hua Zhen.
When Qing Chen came in and just sat down, the hair on Hua Zhen’s forearm stood on end, not because Qing Chen was too fierce, but because Hua Zhen was particularly sensitive to the vitality.
Seeing the dust shape clearly is like 19 years old, and it seems to be about the same age as Xiao Yao, who is not far away, but this kind of person usually represents a state of mind.
Qing Chen looks very beautiful, her skin color is very white, her facial features are very small and her figure is very petite. It’s really good to notice that she is wearing a Cosmetic Contact Lenses, which is normal dark brown Cosmetic Contact Lenses, as if she were not wearing it.
During this period, all the people who come to eat are monks, who are the highest in the five realms, such as Yu Cangwu, who is already a monk in the nine realms, and there are also several men, women and children.
If the image base is excellent and self-cultivation, there is naturally a special spirit, except for a few slovenly people, whose manners are quite good and no one wears makeup.
Cleaning the dust is not makeup, it’s just wearing Cosmetic Contact Lenses. This can say one thing. She has iris color. Maybe normal people are different. Make a little cover-up in public.
Hua Zhenxing also noticed that her ears were sharp, mainly because the shape of the auricle edge was sharp, and she deliberately left thick black long hair to cover it up.
It’s nothing more special to have a unique appearance, and it’s not too special to have a clean appearance. Yesterday, Hua Zhenxing just met the protector named Bi Jun, which is really special.
Bijun looks like a white-collar worker in a big company, but he is full of vitality, but he has never seen Bijun introduce himself. He is really a demon and his original body is a rare beast, Bi Fang.
Hua Zhen’s trip was not without contact with the Swiss beast. After all, Dingfengtan was in his hands when the town mountain beast Mo Qilin left the Swiss beast relic.
But yesterday was the first time he really saw the living demon xiu, and he was curious about what Bi Fang Bi Fang looked like in Hua Zhen, and he foolishly asked directly.
Bi Jun also inadvertently gave him a spirit, depicting his original body a bit like a one-legged crane.
Bi Fang and the Sun are naturally good at fire magic, but the Sun has three legs and Bi Fang has one leg.
Yesterday, I ordered roast lamb chops, but it got a little cold after eating them. Bi Jun just breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t see the fire in his mouth. However, the lamb chops became tender and tender, and they were much better than ordinary chefs.
When Bi Jun left, Hua Zhenxing felt quite embarrassed because he asked a lot of questions about demon cultivation. Bi Jun answered them very carefully, but he gave the other party a skill formula to raise the yuan, which did little help to the ever-changing Sect
Is demon cultivation not suitable for cultivating yuan? Of course, it’s not the cultivation of yuan to refine the core of vitality, which is also very helpful for demon cultivation, and there is no family category
However, the reason why various schools of practice in Kunlun took a fancy to the cultivation of Yuangu is that it has been proved that the promotion method is to engage in large-scale public teaching, so as to screen out the younger brothers with talent and qualifications suitable for secret practice.
However, this point is of little significance to the ever-changing Sect. The foundation of demon cultivation is enlightenment and wisdom. since the enlightenment’s practice can reach the level of wandering people. All of them have successfully refined the demon elixir and transformed into human beings. At least, they have also practiced in all directions
This is the main guide to the changing Sect. Occasionally, demon practitioners will guide ordinary cats and dogs who have been enlightened but have not yet transformed into monsters. Without enlightenment, it is impossible to learn anything about nourishing the Yuan.
Hua Zhen’s trip went on as usual, but Bi Jun was very open-minded and still sincere. He expressed his gratitude that this secret method of transcending races has definitely helped the ever-changing Sect more than Hua Zhenxing imagined
He also told Hua Zhen that the purpose of changing the Sect is not to expand the demon cultivation team, but to make the world demon cultivation restrained and guided …
The two had a good talk and ate several plates of roast lamb chops. Hua Zhen has never eaten such a well-cooked roast food. This trip to Eastbound has also opened Hua Zhen’s eyes, for example, to have dinner with Bi Fang, a humanoid beast.
Yesterday, compared with Bi Jun, cleaning the dust was not the most special. At least, according to Hua Zhenxing, he was definitely not a demon. But so far, all the monks from all factions who came to see him have never smelled of cleaning the dust.
This is not a malicious Hua Zhen trip, nor is it a fear, but a hard-to-shape sharp.
"Sit in Huaishan Villa to clear the dust"
"It’s really good to raise Yuan Gu Hua"
It’s still the same. The standard field is sometimes with the spirit, sometimes without the spirit. The specific situation depends on the other party’s revision, while the introduction of Hua Zhen is always with the spirit, mainly to introduce the situation of raising Yuangu in several countries
Immediately after the trip to Hua Zhen, I was surprised. "What did you encounter on your way?"
Hua Zhen-hang sensed the murder, but this murder was not directed at him. Hua Zhen-hang could also sense another breath. He was familiar with it since he was a child … Qing Chen had just killed someone and it was ten minutes not long ago.
Chapter 44, what a diligent socialite
This is the most famous two institutions of higher learning in Dongguo, namely, Chunhua University and Heping University in Dinghai District, Beijing. This neighborhood can be said to be the best community for ball security.
Qing Chen killed more than one person on the way to eat this meal? Hua Zhenxing admitted that he might have been mistaken or something else had happened.
Clean dust nodded, "I killed four people, and they came for you. Your recent whereabouts are too regular, so you can master them well. They plan to kill you on the way back after dinner."
They didn’t carry guns, but they brought other weapons, except some hardware tools, mainly poisonous needles. Before they came, my master greeted me in Cangwu and asked me to pay attention to whether anyone would be bad for you.
If you find something that can dissuade you, I should also wake you up. I came here the day before yesterday and actually found something, and I found out that they were going to do it tonight, right around here.
It’s not an important role, and it’s just a matter of course. "
Hua Zhen’s expression is wonderful at this moment. Recently, he has always been in a state of being watched by people, mainly because some people may be taller than him during dinner and have become accustomed to it.
But he didn’t expect that there were several killer hardware workers in the dark who had weapons and were carrying toxic injections with them and were preparing to kill him.