After saying his word, the soul-washing umbrella in his hand has sent out a lotus floating shadow, blessing the last air force and resisting the Lord who is constantly approaching Mo Ling.

However, the Lord Mo Ling, whose strength has been suppressed, seems to be a little afraid of this lotus floating shadow, and he has roared to the sky, "Jia Nan, how dare you do what you can to your ancestors?"
Jia Nan didn’t pay any attention to the angry Lord Moling. He was whispering to himself, "I’d like to stay and resist for one or two until you enter the gate before destroying the gate!"
"Saint!" Silver was frightened to disgrace.
While Xiao Fan suddenly pushed Luo Yu to Yiner and smiled, "Saint is Garnan and Mohling. It is safer and easier to destroy the main array with you. Xiao Fan is willing to stay."
"Xiao Fan?" Los feather surprised looking at the smile to Xiao Fan.
But Xiao Fan said, "The handmaiden is a male sword waiter, a male shadow and a male light; And the darkness should be when Xiaofan admits to being a princess, Xiaofan has already regretted it. "
For a moment, it was like returning to the mountain road covered with snow more than ten years ago.
….. I clearly remember that when I was a teenager, I was dragged by a poor and delicate Taoist!
Looking back in indecision, I smiled and asked her, "Don’t you go back? It’s all right. "
The delicate Taoist boy has tears on his face. "Brother Luo, I’m afraid …"
When the teenager heard a smile, he was relieved that "I am not afraid that the big brother will deal with it himself, and Zou Cheng will never dare to come to you again."
Teenager ~ You can get better after talking about this.
But I never shook my head and cried to the delicate Taoist boy after hearing this. "No, no! Master elder brother a walk he will certainly come to me … He will … "
Speaking of which, Daotong seems to hesitate.
The teenager squatted down to tidy up the messy hair and immediately patted the boy’s head. "So you said you wanted to ask the senior brother to help you?"
The Taoist boy wiped away his tears and thought for a while. Suddenly his eyes flashed. "Brother Luo, will you accept me as a sword attendant?"
At that time, the teenager was just a newcomer to the Xuanmen. Xiaobai was quite puzzled. "Swordsman?"
Tong Li nodded. "En Jian Shi is also called Jian Wei Trail. I heard from the elders …"
But the teenager obviously hesitated after hearing the origin of the sword waiter
While the Taoist boy begged sadly, "Brother Luo, will you accept me as a sword attendant?" Please … "
Before he finished, the teenager got up and turned and walked towards the mountain road, unwilling to agree to invite him. After all, this sword waiter is too unfair to others, just like a slave to life and death.
And the desperate tears of Daotong have already flowed down his cheeks.
The boy was so scared when he saw this poor child’s innocence that he couldn’t bear it.
Always sighed a "still leng? Go! Ah ~ good people are hard luck ~ "
The delicate Taoist child immediately chased the young figure through tears and went away.
In front of the delivery door at the top of Juxu Mountain
In the past, Luo Yu was shaking his head with tears. "No … No …!"
And the smile is like Xiao Fan’s deep and remote blue sword in his hand, which has turned into ninety-nine blue sword shadows and bloomed behind him! There is also a beautiful blue dress in the streamer of the sword shadow, and the graceful phantom of the woman is like a bright sword.
This enchanting woman with a smile is the spirit of a small sword-deep and remote blue.
At the moment, the situation is urgent. Xiao Fan asked the yoga man who was constantly being forced to retreat, "Please give it to you."
Yoga male saint is very rational. She naturally knows this. Luo Yu, the strongest of the four of them, has been hit hard and has the ability to stay and destroy the base of the array. Except for her, there is only a small mark on the top.
Because Xiao Fan is a Luoyu sword, the strength of Kendo is very comparable. If you bless your gas capacity, you will not be Xiao Fan’s opponent.
And if you stay, you can destroy the unique devil, enter God’s punishment, but without the identity of the Mohling clan, she will help the three of them, and the possibility of destroying the main array base will be greatly reduced. After all, Luoyu is now trapped by herself, and all three of them are Terrans …
Thought of here, she has not hesitated to offer a soul-washing umbrella to the main force approaching Mo Lingsheng.
Then she lost her magic weapon, Lianbu Chengying turned around and Yiner took the frightened and shouted at Luoyu and rushed to the door behind her!
"Xiao Fan ~!" Los feathers have been screaming out of the black stone crystal condensation, cold fire wrapped around the arm.
While Xiao Fan watched the three men rush into the door and say goodbye to each other, whispering "Take care".
After that, she has urged all the spiritual forces of the body to sacrifice ninety-nine swords behind her, and the shadows of the swords are shining into the sky and turning around. "The blue swords are shining!"
"As the Lord wishes ~ I am in charge."
Suddenly, the ninety-nine swords’ shadow streamers turned out to be a blue and graceful sword spirit enchanting and beautiful, suggesting that they bombard the gate array base without hesitation.
However, Xiao Fan is still rushing towards Mohist Sanitarianism.
The Lord of Moling is already angry. "How dare a slave kill a saint?"
But after saying his word, Xiao Fan’s chaotic and violent figure split in front of Mo Ling’s Lord … blew itself up!
At the same time, a small white stone polished by water chestnut has exploded and the aftermath has flown into the delivery door.
At the moment, the delivery of the door is also a deep and remote blue sword spirit, and the bombardment is completely collapsed!
The huge explosion of Guanghua is accompanied by the fury of the demon master, roaring and shining at the top of Xushan Mountain, which makes the Kyushu guards stunned and eclipsed.
Boom ~
The door burst, the aftermath of air billow was dozens of feet, and Fiona Fang set off a terrible bloody rain, which made people feel scared
Sending the passage is like a colorful shuttle. Luo Yu is pulling the man and silver to shuttle at a high speed.
He looked farther and farther away with his back to the front, and the entrance was extremely bright. He shouted at the top of his lungs, and he couldn’t hear a sound during the delivery. Everything was quiet.
Suddenly, he felt a quiver of god’s knowledge, and the blood and blood rolled like being chopped off by living, stabbing pain, and the deep red blood splashed out of his mouth!
Then a small white stone broke and escaped into the hands of a stone carving fire that was faintly condensing!
After being stunned for less than a breath, he was screaming in tears.
All of a sudden, the whole body was overflowing with cold fire, and the stone armor of the limbs was stained with blood and broken and scattered …