These increases are of course huge.

But compare with that overall enhancement obtained by the multiverse,
It’s nothing after all
But the rest of the guys are "multiverse" containing each other.
[Olga], Yu [complete concept type-abyss king level] and [multiverse] are superimposed on each other.
This makes them repeat every tiny moment … several times.
This kind of strength increase is blessed.
An instant Olga
It’s easy to destroy several moments of that kind of mass [multiverse]
There is little need to shoot.
You just need to think.
Because it is limited to one [complete concept type-abyss king level] [multiverse], it is limited to overlapping, series, mutual and parallel …
A will stack the total quantity of [multiverse] and B will stack the total quantity of [multiverse] … and then [complete concept type-abyss king level] will stack each other and cross each other … and [multiverse] will stack everything …
Olga’s strength is constant, but I don’t know many times in a moment.
Just a moment [multiverse] total quantity will be repeatedly superimposed by him several times.
You should know that in an instant [the total quantity of the multiverse] = [a number of complete conceptual abyss kings]+[a number of abyss kings living high-order planes]+[a number of unoccupied complete concepts]+other messy things
Just add the multiverse once, and he will be far away naturally.
Several times stronger than yourself in an instant.
However, due to the basic characteristics of each [complete concept type-abyss king level], he repeatedly superimposed [multiverse] for many times.
Many times, when he superposes the power of Yu [Abyss King Level], he also superposes it several times in a flash.
For example.
A got into a little critical problem by B. A retaliated and caused [bad influence].
This makes the "eternal and often evil" react automatically.
Let Olga automatically superimpose a round of AB power.
If A is hit by B, C, D, E, F … and A also retaliates once, then Olga will automatically add two rounds of power to all targets.
If that "complete concept" symbolize by A is "attack"
Then when Ortega suffers an attack before superposing the opposing forces, A will automatically superpose the forces of B, C, D, E and F.
Then when A retaliates and attacks, he can also superimpose himself again.
And all kinds of attacks [malignant effects] Ortega can superimpose the base, so naturally a rising tide lifts all boats.
in like manner; in a similar way
If there is a guy in B, C, D, E, F … that symbolizes [complete concept] as [revenge].
Automatic superposition of cardinality will also limit soaring!
Because A’s attack on B, C, D, E, F … is a symbol of multiple retaliation against different individuals [revenge], the guy can naturally carry out multiple rounds of overlapping N times of A strength.
Get B, C, D, E, F … It’s revenge to attack again.
Symbol [revenge] guy can also stack B, C, D, E, F … strength again.
When it comes to Olga …
on passage
If each guy is mixed with the same special guy, such as symbolizing "growth", "time" and "destruction" … "Abyss king level" is the rest of the guy.
Every round of fighting is overlapping and overlapping.
What’s more, it’s much more than that.
In addition to fighting guys.
And all the guys outside the battlefield
Because the "complete concept" affects the whole "multiverse", even the limited audience power outside the stadium is superimposed by the audience several times, and the "multiverse" and "multiverse" body will be automatically superimposed by the opponent repeatedly …
Is it too much for an instant Olga to limit himself to one strength and lose a few seconds from a trivial thought [multiverse]?
Not too much.
Even if those [multiverses] become stronger n times.
He is still a thought second [multiverse]
And it is several times several [multiverses]
You can take as many seconds as you want.
But …
This kind of thing doesn’t make sense