When heaven and earth suddenly lost their way and fell into silence, they stopped running, that is, many great powers lost consciousness for a short time, and a bell echoed.

I don’t know how long it’s been, but it seems like a moment has passed, and it seems like thousands of years have passed, and it has returned to normal in autumn.
"Who won?"
After regaining consciousness, the great powers were curious about the result of the war between the two sides, but they looked at the Sun Star at once, but it was the East Emperor Taiyi who covered the Sun Star.
The great powers looked back at Xumi Mountain, but when they saw that they were smiling and sitting empty, they continued to talk about the concise relic method.
But at the moment they are listening to the west, but they are going to the east again.
"Is too a win? Or did his saints intervene? "
There is no doubt that the two saints in the West suffered in this war. Otherwise, how can they feel at ease in the West?
However, whether Taiyi suppressed the two saints in the West or had other saints come to help them lost consciousness at that time, but it was learned from.
However, they know that those saints are limited to saints, but they can see clearly.
"What? How can Taiyi be so strong that the West can draw? " Nu Wa Palace got up in disbelief and looked at the sun star.
"How is that possible?"
"This Tai Yi is so powerful before he enters the mixed territory. If he gets closer, won’t he be a natural enemy?"
"When the time comes, it’s too much to add Di Jun and I’ll wait for the saints to feel at home?"
The eyelids of Yuan Tianzun in Kunlun Mountain jumped wildly. He never imagined that Taiyi had such a fighting power that one enemy and two could still keep up with the wind.
Didn’t you say all saints are ants?
What is this? Even if they are the weakest among the saints, they shouldn’t be like this!
"In the past, I was the first in the wilderness. I don’t know if I can stop being original and killing the immortal sword array!"
In the East China Sea Tongtian leader’s heart, the fighting spirit rises, and the four swords of killing immortals seem to perceive his mood, which makes the aquatic creatures in Fiona Fang thousands of miles tremble.
However, people in shouyangshan Taiqingdao are calm and don’t know what to think.
"Brother, it’s so good that the Lich clan dominates the flood, and we can even teach it, let alone unite it in Daxing?"
As soon as the mighty eyes receded, they morosely docked and said
The defeat in Taiyi battle is just a trivial matter compared with Fa Dao.
After all, the former is losing face in front of everyone without losing a piece of meat, and the latter is a fatal event. If the law is vigorously promoted, Western religion may really die.
"It’s not a long-term phase to prevent being original, but the second clan of the Lich is deeply indebted." He shook his head and said to the Taoist priest.
The Lich Clan has dominated the wild for many years, and I don’t know how many murders have been made and how many grievances have been accumulated. The karma is so deep that even saints are terrified.
When a fuse can detonate, the second clan will not be far from decline.
You must have followed the guidance to see the fate of the Lich Family II.
Sure enough, there is a thick layer of karma on the fate of the two ethnic groups, which is constantly eroding the unemployment of the two ethnic groups.
"This have to wait until what time? It seems that you still need to be poor and help your arm! "
"Besides, Taiyi’s fellow is too cruel to deceive others and needs to give him a reward so that his white sage can’t be humiliated!"
In my heart, I silently calculated the speed of karma eating away at fate, and I suddenly looked at the sun star with dissatisfaction, and I didn’t know what was wrong.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Too clear to accept disciples
"Zichen, the head of the Terran clan, has seen the Taiqing sage!"
Until all the enlightenment vision disappears, Feng Zichen made a kotow to Taiqingdao people in the previous step and said
"Terran patriarch?" Looked up too sweeping people some confused look at the wind zichen.
Isn’t the Terran Chief in his mind a Suiren? When I became this young man
How can the identity of Taiqing Taoist note the acquired creation of Terran on weekdays?
That is to say, Suiren’s achievement in taking Luo Jinxian attracted his attention a little, which made him have an impression on Terran, and he was not so worried when he knew that the Terran patriarch was Suiren.
"Hey? So familiar with the breath. "
"This breath is … monarch tao you unexpectedly also monarch tao! It’ s incredible! "
Looking at the wind, Zichen was so clear-cut that he was surprised to find the familiar smell unexpectedly.
Feng Zichen has a breath that he has never found himself. It belongs to the Taoist. The breath is great and vast, but it is closer than thin.
If it weren’t for Tai Ching-tao’s extraordinary sensitivity to this breath, he would have been almost concealed.
It’s a difficult thing to carve out a path of cultivation from all sentient beings to make them detached! It is a man of great wisdom who can do this.
These people will be favored by the road, and they will be blessed by fate.
Looking at the wind, there are two divine flashes in Zichen’s eyes, and it seems that Yin and Yang can see through the past and the future.
At this moment, Feng Zichen gave birth to an illusion of being seen through everything, as if he had no cover-up and all the secrets were exposed in front of each other.
However, after all, the illusion is that the illusion is too clear-cut. Although people are strong, it is obvious that Pangu is stronger! With Pangu’s help to cover up the mystery, who can really see the windy Zichen?
Obviously, it is impossible to be too clear-minded!
Everything experienced by Pangu Power Feng Zichen has long been revised and re-woven, and those things involving the secrets of heaven and earth have been replaced by new memories.
Everything seems more natural than if he had experienced it personally. Even if he is too clear-minded, he can’t find the slightest flaw from the long river of time.
"Inheriting the fate of heaven and earth and giving birth to the first acquired creature?"
"It’s amazing that it’s impossible to change into a desperate situation and the day after tomorrow’s life will find a way to practice!"
"It’s a lesson to cultivate people’s ethics and etiquette … to educate people."
After watching Feng Zichen’s past, I couldn’t help sighing that this is a person with real wisdom.
"Would you like to worship the original teacher?" After a moment of silence, the Taoist priest suddenly said to him,
Since ancient times, people who have achieved enlightenment have all had great luck, perseverance and wisdom, and Zichen has seen a trace of enlightenment, which may not only make Taiqingdao people feel apprenticed.
Besides, it’s enough for Taiqingdao people to see the identity of Feng Zichen’s first acquired creature. It’s important to know that the first innate creature in the wild is called Hongjun.
Even if the acquired creature can’t compare with the innate creature, but it takes the first place, the future is doomed to be limitless.
Even worse, Zichen still has enlightenment skills.
The Taiqing Taoist preached the name of all beings, established teaching and sanctified them. If the wind was collected, Zichen’s fate would be connected, and the doctrine would be beneficial to him.
"If I worship a saint, can I protect the Terran?" Wanted to think the wind zichen did not immediately agree but asks.
Now that his wings have grown, he will continue to walk forward. He can achieve the goal at his fingertips and is sure that he no longer needs shelter.