I didn’t expect the situation behind to be beyond her imagination!

Not only did she see the thunder emperor with her own eyes, but the thunder emperor got out of trouble and looked down on the ten true immortals before leaving!
At that moment, her face was expressive, but her heart gave birth to unspeakable joy.
When Emperor Lei got out of trouble, she only had the second goal.
King Genzo!
Of course, these are all her worries and secrets.
Even if she still owes Su Mo a favor, it is impossible to tell each other this worry.
"What is the real purpose of this hunting party held by the king of Yuanzuo County?"
Just then Su Mo asked again
Tang Ziyi’s tone is indifferent. "Didn’t he say that choosing one hundred absolutely loyal followers will give us a chance to change our destiny?"
"Ah …"
Su Mo chuckled and asked, "Do you believe this nonsense?"
"Don’t believe it?"
Tang Ziyi also asked.
Su Mo said, "He wants a hundred absolutely loyal followers in his status and position, and he must be so big."
"If you want him to wave his hand, you can’t get us."
"What’s more, the hunting party was originally a fairy game, and they manipulated the fate of all beings in the world and enjoyed it."
"How can the king of Yuanzuo County, out of kindness, choose one hundred people to give these people a chance to change their lives? It is very ridiculous that they conflict with each other."
Tang Ziyi snorted "Hum, you are not stupid."
Su Mo Zheng slightly.
This is Tang Ziyi’s rare words with a hint of emotion.
Sue ink leng for a while did not tell whether Tang Ziyi praised him or hurt him.
"The reason is very simple."
Tang Ziyi quickly returned to normal tone and said indifferently, "It’s a pity that no one among these 100 people can think white except you and me."
Su Mo was silent for a little while before saying, "Maybe they are not white but don’t want to be white."
This sentence is a little round, but Tang Ziyi is deep in thought.
The reality is cruel, so everyone will consciously avoid it, preferring to move forward with a glimmer of hope.
"Do you know the Imperial Tomb?"
After a while Tang Zi garment sound asked
"Emperor’s grave?"
Su Mo frowned slightly "I don’t know"
I don’t know if this name sounds sinister.
Tang Ziyi said, "The Emperor’s grave is a broken world floating around in the virtual turbulence, and it is uncertain that there is a statue of the immortal emperor buried in it."
Su Mo felt a shock in his heart.
A tomb of the immortal emperor!
"In the tomb of the Emperor, there are many people who say that there are several treasures in the tomb of the Emperor, and some people say that there is a shocking secret hidden in the tomb of the Emperor …"
Tang Ziyi said, "Recently, the Emperor’s Tomb appeared in a virtual place on the mainland of Shenxiao. I guess the Yuanzuo County King Hunting Club may be in this Emperor’s Tomb."
Sumo mused, "He wants us to enter the emperor’s grave?"
"It should be"
Tang Ziyi replied
"Can we enter a tomb where the immortal emperor may be buried at will?" Su Mo some can’t believe it
Arguably, such graves, let alone them, are not qualified to explore even the immortals.
If this is really an emperor’s grave, it is full of treasures collected by the immortal emperor. Where can I get them?
Tang Ziyi said, "There are some special aspects in this tomb where the immortal emperor has fallen into a terrible curse."
Su Mo squints slightly.
If the curse is the most powerful, it is the witch clan.
At the beginning, when the time was short, the strong Wu clan came to kill all beings. Fortunately, Butterfly Moon took the initiative to resolve this disaster.
If words can really make a immortal emperor fall, the curse must come from the hands of the strong witch family!
Listening to Tang Ziyi, he continued, "After the fall of the immortal emperor, the curse of his body did not disappear, but spread to every corner in the grave."
"How long has this immortal emperor fallen?"
Sue ink suddenly asked
Tang Ziyi said, "It should be more than ten million years."
Su Mo secretly stunned.
The curse in the emperor’s grave is so terrible that it will last for thousands of years!
"Even the immortal imperial city can’t carry this curse. Isn’t it just to die that one hundred people go in?" Su Mo sneers.
Tang Ziyi said, "For thousands of years, many people have entered the tomb of the Emperor to explore the secrets. The cursing power is somewhat strange. The higher the realm of monks’ cultivation, the greater the influence on monks."
"That is to say, this curse is the most harmful to such a strong person as Xiandi?" Sumo asked
"Not bad"
Tang Ziyi said, "When the tomb of the Emperor first appeared, there was an emperor who entered the tomb and was inevitably cursed, and it didn’t take long for him to fall."