Kill one’s kin without changing his face

The remaining three aliens broke out and prepared to escape.
The catwoman’s hand Lingbao was also declared scrapped.
Catwoman screamed sharply and jumped up high to hold back a quasi-saint.
The saint necromancer saw that there were two flesh-and-blood armor that had not yet formed, and the top quasi-saint swooped down and threw the other two alien tianjiao to the ground.
"ah! I am really yuan! "
"no! Let go of my catwoman! "
"Little Lord, help me!"
The three tianjiao cry sadly because they can pronounce very little.
More than 100 meters nearby, people can’t hear them calling.
I have to say that the Wang Chuan Ku brothers are very lucky.
They happened to avoid this situation in which saints and necromancers gathered to exercise slowly.
Derivation of the necromancer does not mean that many conditions can lead to an immortal spirit.
Unusual means can cut off! It’s beyond human power to kill!
The devil’s contract perceives the memory of Catwoman, Su Yu controls her to death and ends the tragedy of Tianjiao.
Tianjiao, a chess game beside the hundred families, seems to be a little more subtle with a little luck.
Su Yu’s heart was dark and lost in thought in an instant.
These necromancers can evolve by swallowing.
The weakest thing is that pure strength wins.
Evolution relies on phagocytosis to gradually derive wisdom.
The ruins have been entangled in the dead for tens of thousands of years, and so on. There must be stronger dead people behind these dead people.
Suppose that behind these necromancers, there is a strong venerable person like the forces of all ethnic groups!
If we continue to go forward, we will surely cause great casualties.
This holy gate is so easy to get!
This is a bloody road. How many people have died along the way!
"It seems that your hand is very unlucky."
Su Yu shallow light said
Shen clenched his fist and the veins stood out suddenly and violently, suppressing his anger.
Su Yu’s men went to Xiang’ an, but their own people went but the army was wiped out!
Ann stop Confucianism glance to the family look cold.
Necromancers are powerful not only in number but also in their immortal bodies.
If even Ziya Mountain can cut off all those aliens, how can they be combined with all the ethnic groups!
"Su Yu, don’t forget that you are my 100-nation affiliated emperor!"
A dragon and a half roared out next to the ginseng.
Su Yu hooked his lips and smiled indifferently. "Dragon slaps his mouth!"
Zhaoyun should start abruptly and run to the front of the semi-dragon. It’s ringing and loud that they slap in the face of cutting.
"pa! Hey! "
The quasi-holy power has a great strength, even if it is the same as the quasi-holy realm, the face of the semi-dragon is swollen like a hill
Su Yu sat on the double throne as cool as a cucumber. "No matter who I am, I am a monarch, and I have to lose you. You are not my Chinese empire. Otherwise, I would have been dragged out and killed with a stick on charges of this emperor."
Damn it!
Su Yu’ s voice just fell and attracted a lot of tianjiao’ s hearts to vomit!
You’re going to beat me to death with such a noble alien club after saying something about you, a native terran!
If the ruins don’t go to your Chinese empire, we can beat you to death!
If you want to die, you have this Su Yu. It’s hard and soft! Is he really loyal to all families?
At this moment, Shen deeply doubted Su Yu’s motives.
An Zhiru took a deep breath of air pressure and seriously said, "Su Yu, let’s get together."
79 Chapter 79 In a dilemma
When the Confucian words were exported, Wang Chuan, one hundred families of Tianjiao, withered and waited for a surprise!
On the power and overall combat power to stop Confucianism, the young master should choose their hundred families!
Su Yu frowned and turned to look at An Zhiru. "An Shaozhu, right? What do you want?"
He hasn’t come into contact with Anzhi Confucianism, let alone what Bai An Zhiru wants to find him.