Lin Gu was able to come so quickly, saying that he was in Dongshan. Lin Qing still remembers that when they parted, Lin Gu had been in Zhongshan for more than ten years, and he would come to Zhongshan after a battle.

"The main Yao family bucket in Zhongshan has ended this time. I’d like to take this opportunity for my brother and sister to talk about how you got trapped in the world?"
Lin Gu looked at Lin Qing. Although Lin Qing was already in the middle of the elixir, Lin Qing Lin Gu’s heart will always be the sister who can cook hard and is scared to run around the village by the little spitting dog.
"It’s a long story." Lin Qing relaxed his hand and propped his jaw on the small coffee table in the center of the couch, and slowly told Lin Gu about his experience in entering the eternal realm and the eternal realm.
Lin Gu listened to the last glance at her while drinking tea. "It’s lucky that you escaped this time, little sister. Don’t be curious to go to the place where you fight. Did you hear it?"
Lin Qing plays dumb. "I didn’t join in the fun."
"You haven’t? !” Lin Gu hated iron and looked at her talons across the tea table and stretched them out according to Lin Qing’s head.
"Hey, little brother Lin, I’m a monk in the middle of the golden elixir. Don’t keep moving my hair!" Lin Qing shook his head and struggled.
"You are soaring or my sister!" Lin Gu solved one’s fingers itch and took a sip of a cup of tea calmly.
"I should send you some poodles." Lin Qing looked angrily at his eyes. "Have you enjoyed the moon with others in recent years?"
Lin Gu choked on the spot.
Lin Qing Xi Xi smiled.
"When you meet two big babies, your magic weapon of defense must be exhausted?" After the education, Lin Gu put a teacup and glared at her. She took out a few magic weapons from the bag and gave them to her. "This is the second brother who has to refine a few defense magic weapons with himself in recent years. Although you don’t need your master and grandmaster to give them, you can make do with it first."
"And the evil spirits will be in turmoil now that they are out of the battle. Please stay in the door for practice in recent years and don’t wander around, so as to save yourself from suffering from evil spirits."
Looking at the precious magic weapon Lin Qing’s heart, she raised her hand weakly and bared her teeth. "I’ve met him before and stabbed him bravely."
Lin Gu’s eminence jumped straight. He took a deep breath and continued, "I still have a few pieces of magic weapons to build, and then I’ll give them to you. And these Lingshi are for self-defense … and then less Taihua knows? !”
"Know know" Lin Qing was well-advised to raise the white flag.
Experience is an indispensable part of the monk’s cultivation. Neither of them is white, but one of them doesn’t want to put the other person in danger. If you nod your head and answer, you have to go out when you want to reassure the other person. Both of them know well.
For Lin Gu, even if Lin Qing verbally promised, he was quite safe.
Looking at a bag of lingshi Lin Qing’s dark breath, although she loves money, Lin Gu will be greatly "exploited" every time she sees her. After Lin Qing seriously doubts whether Lin Gu will see her, she must first weigh her pocket.
What should I do if I burden him?
Brother Keng should also have a bottom line …
So she put away the magic weapon and resolutely pushed it back to Lingshi with a wretched smile. "Second brother Lingshi, you kept my former Zhongshan qualifying game and won a lot of gambling. You forgot that I told you that I still have a few IOUs."
"owe?" Lin Gu’s face is sluggish. Little sister loves to play IOUs. He can’t save it, but fortunately, someone else owes her this time.
Thought of here, he put away LingShi.
She politely changed the subject for Lin Gu to renew tea. "Second brother, do you plan to pick it up? Why don’t you come with me to Taihua for a while? "
Lin Gu shook his head. "I’m relieved to see you, little sister. I’m leaving tomorrow."
"In such a hurry?"
Lin Gu looked out of the window at the floating clouds. "I still have to go and see for myself that there is a realm of exploration and evil spirits. All factions will negotiate and then draw up the articles of association. After that, I need to go back to the sky and stand by. Besides, I have to report to the master about the Yao’s bucket."
I’ve been looking for Lin Qing for years. Most of the time, it’s time for him to go back to the front of the sect and send him a message. In recent years, Nanshan monster beast forest is stirring. Nanshan is the place where Tianyu is located and Fu ‘ao Village is located. He must guard it.
Lin Qing looked sorry after hearing this.
Speaking of it, it is not as long as ordinary brothers and sisters when they get together less and more after self-cultivation.
Lin Gu also thought of this and couldn’t help but hate to grind his teeth. "I should blame Brother Li for how you made Taihua get a bargain when you had spiritual roots!"
Lin Qing laughed after hearing it.
At night, a leaf is flying in a cloud boat.
Lin Gu Linqing talked until late at night.
After Lin Qing practiced, he walked out of the room and saw the front of Yunzhou standing alone in the wind.
"Qin Daoyou" Lin Gu said hello out of courtesy.
Qin Qian’s master, Xuan Yin Zhen Jun, and his master, Xing Han Zhen Jun, have been friends for many years. Lin Gu naturally knows Qin Qian, but he and Qin Qian are not familiar with him.
Qin Qian turned toward Lin Gu’s forehead slightly.
Not far from Qin Qian before Lin Gu walked slowly, he knew that Qin Qian was cold and hard, and he had no idea of talking. He was ready to blow the wind for a while and return to the cabin.
Two people each watch for a while.
Qin Qian first broke the silence. "I heard that Lin Daoyou is quite good at refining utensils?"
Qin Qian took the initiative to talk to Lin Gu. He was somewhat surprised. He replied, "Talking about not being good at it is a little understanding."
Refining is his interest. Xing Han Zhenjun also said that he is very talented, but it’s a pity that he didn’t work hard enough. His sister’s kung fu of destroying magic weapons has soared.
But Qin Qian asked what he wanted to help forge. Or are you interested in refining and looking for him to learn from?
Qin Qian looked serious. "Lin Daoyou was modest. I once saw my younger sister make several defensive magic weapons. Only after I asked them very much did I know that it was Lin Daoyou who forged them himself. Many years ago, I was lucky enough to get a few materials and wanted to personally cast a magic weapon. This time, it coincided with Lin Daoyou’s intention to bother Daoyou to help me look at the casting device."
Said and took out a number of raw materials in turn.
Qin Qian’s shameless appearance makes Lin Gu suspicious, but all refiners have a passion for rare casting materials.
Seeing these materials, Lin Gu’s eyes were dim, and he took a step closer to Qin Qian. Soon he felt wrong again.
Does Qin Qian, the magic weapon of Lin Qing’s defense, know them so well?
Chapter 563 Did he listen to wrong?
Lin Gu’s eyes narrowed slightly and took a glance at Qin Qian to take out the materials.
A piece of raw materials glowed faintly in the night, but Lin Gu felt that they somehow became less attractive than before.
If he took a step closer, he picked up a piece of ore at random and asked without coloring, "Qin Daoyou and my sister look good?"
Qin Qian fingered another piece of equipment and whispered softly, "My sister Lin belongs to Xiaohua Peak and naturally has more contacts than others."
not believe
There are quite a few younger sisters who belong to the same school as Xiaohua Feng. You have all noticed where their magic weapon comes from.
Lin Gu’s mind turned a few turns to put the material hand slightly half-truths tunnel "so that’s it …"
I hope he thinks too much.
He always thinks more about touching his sister when he is a brother.
Nazhi Qin Qian suddenly turned to look at his deep eyes and added, "I have been trapped in a cloud environment for many years by my school sister … and the friendship is deeper."
Did he hear wrong?
What does this small ambiguous word mean?
Lin Gu’s heart was stunned, and his long eyebrows were pale and his tone was serious. "I used to share weal and woe, but Qin Daoyou’s" friendship "should be careful to cause unnecessary misunderstanding."
This Qin Qian suddenly said something before him!
Lin Qing once told him about Dongshan, and he suddenly felt it necessary to ask for details.
Point-to-point approach to Lin Gu’s attitude Qin Qian was silent for a moment and secretly gathered his eyes.
Instead of talking to Lin Gu, he turned to the equipment and decided to change the topic. "Lin Daoyou, these materials have strong resistance. My humble opinion is that you can forge a defense treasure. What do you think?"
Lin Gu frowned slightly and felt that he might think too much.
He glanced at the material "Bing Rong yarn is not afraid of fire, water, wind and meteorite iron crystal …"