"Besides, what are you dissatisfied with staying here to eat and drink?"

"Bai Ye doesn’t know something" Wang Baoxin sounded anxious.
"Liu Xiao’s silly little fool his sister is very clever. I think I may have been discovered by her."
"When the time comes …"
"Then I’m afraid I’ll ruin your event."
"Hey hey ….." Bai Ye chuckled.
"You can talk when you are young."
"Don’t worry, I will definitely take you out if the pulse-breaking Dan works. After all, you are the owner of Jia’s altar. Don’t worry about Bai’s killing the donkey."
Zhou Yi climbed the branches and squatted across the thick leaves and looked in the direction of the sound. Two figures came into view.
One of them is Wang Baoxin.
The other one, dressed in a black robe, can’t see clearly and knows that he is tall and thin. He is the’ White Lord’ in Wang Bao’s mouth.
"Here you are!"
Bai ye reached out and threw a porcelain vase in the past.
"There are three blood-extracting pills in it. This pill is my unique secret recipe. According to your current repair progress, you can almost formally exercise after three pills."
"pa!" Wang Baoxin took the Dan medicine and was ecstatic.
"Thank you, Bai Ye!"
"Do it well" Bai Ye nodded.
"I know you don’t believe that red-violet came into the world, but I have taught many worldly things, and there will be rewards for solving the Liu family’s sister and sister."
Red lotus religion?
Zhou Yi’s heart jumped.
"Click …"
Fang Liu Xinran is also a charming body, and the dead branches are ringing.
Zhou Yi was a change.
Bai ye suddenly turned around and raised more than ten cold lights in his black robe, breaking out and shooting at the sound with’ before’.
The cold light penetrated into the stump for several inches, but it was only some steel needles as thin as cattle hair.
Zhou Yi’s eyes contracted and his eyes showed astonishment.
More than ten meters away from the steel needle, the strength is comparable to that of the crossbow. Even if there is skill, it is by no means something that a leather-refining warrior can do.
Less dirty!
Liu Xinran’s reaction is not slow, and he is not aware of the mistake. The instantaneous sideways leap just avoids the attack, but hidden weapons also exposes himself.
"It turned out to be you?"
Bai Ye obviously knew Liu Xinran’s black robe to grin.
"I knew that Wang Xiao was unreliable and was followed here, but it’s all right to take care of it."
"If you solve it, you will destroy Liu Xiao’s little body and Liu Jia will never be seen again!"
He twisted his neck and walked slowly.
"You escaped that day. How can I see you escape today?"
"evil thief"
Liu Xinran red eyes staring at each other.
"The second young lady has promised to take revenge on the Liu family, even if … even if I die, your red-violet Sect will be wiped out by the Lins sooner or later!"
"Ah …" Bai Ye disdains light.
"The old guy surnamed Lin overreached himself and intervened in the replacement of the emperor. Now it is still difficult to protect himself and really teach me to be a vegetarian?"
In a low drink, Bai Ye stretched his hands and jumped at Liu Xinran like an eagle.
Liu Xinran’s heart was filled with indignation, but she knew that she didn’t intend to fight hard to display her posture and fled to the mountains behind her.
At the same time, the swordsmen choose the right opportunity to resist
"Want to escape?"
Bai ye sneers.
"Can you escape?"
His half-length body seems to be flickering like a violation of physical laws, and sometimes he steps on the trunk to compress the moving range of Liu Xinran.
It’s only a matter of time before they are caught and killed.
Zhou Yi’s eyes twinkled and he was about to leave suddenly.
Although he doesn’t want to see Liu Xinran killed, he doesn’t want to be implicated by the other party. Nature is to save his life first.
I should have exposed the’ Bai Ye’ and revealed the means to take Liu Xinran and I can’t escape far.