Hear a woman Lin Ying sneer at a "live? Do you think what you are doing now is to fight for your own life? "

Female gun against Yang Tingting head way "ha ha you I want to do this? I also have no way to do this. "
Lin Ying took a look at the woman. "You’re not the one who got caught, are you? You are the big white woman. "
The woman exposed her half-makeup face and licked her lips at Lin Ying. "Cong, I am his woman. When you attacked me, I was afraid. When you killed him, I knew that if I didn’t do something, I would follow in his footsteps."
So I took off my clothes and mixed with this person, and I wanted to run away when you weren’t paying attention, but you didn’t give me this chance.
Then I will create opportunities myself. "
Lin Ying laughed at a "ha ha silly woman, do you think you are creating opportunities? You are simply limited to death, understand? "
Chapter 256 Be honest
The enchanting woman’s face changed constantly when she heard Lin Ying’s words, but she finally bit her teeth and became cold.
She knew that Lin Ying had killed her mercenary gang. Lin Ying, a white man woman, had no reason to let her go.
She has her own way to find a way to live.
Even if it is 100% hope, she will fight for it.
The last days are coming, and she can survive and become a white man. The woman even injected a medicine to become an evolutionist because she has a heart that does not lose and a heart that strives for success.
Fight for everything, even by hook or by crook.
Therefore, she decided to take risks. If she wants to hold this woman hostage, she can make the other party get the boat.
Then she can take one more hostage and let these people prepare some food and vehicles for themselves. The first-order evolutionist will be able to escape from these people.
The woman thought a lot in an instant, and her eyes gradually became firm. "Don’t talk nonsense. If you want this woman in my hand to die, prepare a car for me and give you water and food for five minutes."
Lin Ying looked at the woman’s expression and shook her head. "Impossible."
The woman’s eyes stared at the back of Yang Tingting’s head. "If you don’t want her head to be wasted, just promise me the conditions. My patience is very limited."
Lin Ying still shook her head firmly. "You threatened me not to let her go and then give in easily. Maybe you can still have a way out. If you insist on dying, don’t blame me."
Lin Ying paused. "If you weren’t still a little, you would have died long ago. You should be glad that you can live a little longer."
Shi Linying can kill women instantly, but now those lucky people don’t know where they have been hidden. This woman, a white man, may know that they have fallen.
Suo Linying kept her alive all the time, trying to find those who disappeared through her.
Women can’t help shivering when they hear Lin Ying’s words.
Lin Ying’s words pierced her heart like a knife.
Look at Lin Ying’s eyes and expression again. She found that he really didn’t care about his own hostage.
Looking at Lin Ying eyes woman some confusion in my heart "isn’t the only woman among them his woman? Or is this woman like clothes in his heart that he can abandon at any time? What kind of woman is there for their leader? How can it be a woman? "
The woman guessed wildly in her heart that the whole person’s face became unusually ugly.
"Oh, I bet wrong. I bet wrong. It’s over."
The woman silently put the weapon in her hand and then looked like she was driven out of her mind.
The woman finally chose to surrender
She can only live in the last days because she has a heart to lose and a heart to strive for.
Of course, she can be flexible.
Surrender, surrender, kneel, lick, betray ru, betray ru.
Everything is important to save your life
What ideals can we talk about when our lives are gone?
When the woman found that her plan was unsuccessful, she gave up her resistance decisively.
Then the woman threw the gun to the ground, knelt down and cried. "Brother, I was wrong. I was confused for a moment before I did such a stupid thing. Please let me go. I want you to let me go. I can do whatever I want."
The woman sobbed and crawled from the ground to Lin Ying, then knelt down and licked Lin Ying’s shoes.
Everyone looked at the woman in shock and was speechless.
It’s been a long time. I’ve never seen such a shameless person
Yang Tingting, who was taken hostage, forgot to be afraid when she saw a woman like this. "This woman is at least ten times thicker than me, and she met her opponent this time."
Lin Ying kicked the woman and waved.
Aside stunned shadow who immediately responded to a hug and pulled the woman up from the ground and then twisted her hands behind her back.
The woman was hurt and uttered a series of "jiao chuan" in her mouth.
Lin Ying frowned.
Qing Muyang gave her two mouths immediately before he saw it, saying, "Give the old people something serious. Don’t try to seduce us old people, who hate women the most."
There was a sadness in others’ eyes when they heard Qing Muyang’s words.
Who the fuck hates women? That’s because you hate women, okay? Don’t take us, okay? We are straight.
The woman was awakened by the two slaps of green Muyang and immediately stopped panting, but some stared at Lin Ying in horror.
No wonder he didn’t care that this woman was alive or dead. It turned out that they were all bent.
Whoops, I actually hijacked the wrong person. If I had taken a man hostage, I might have escaped by now.