I said, "How many people around here are called Zhao Bin?"

The ghost said, "I know three people alone."
I took out my trouser pocket and bought paper money for the next time, and gave him two ways: "Brother, please take a way."
The ghost took the money and the horse patted his chest and said, "Come with me."
So we followed this ghost
After he led us into an old building, he pointed to a room and said, "There is a ghost named Zhao Bin who lives here."
My horse pushed the door and went in, and then I saw some ghosts sitting in it, hiding from the sun, and watching me come in.
"Who is Zhao Bin?" I asked
"My name is Zhao Bin!" A fat ghost said
Wang Wei shook her head "not him"
So we quit and came to a place with this ghost, Catharine, and waited for him to call out the ghost here. Wang Wei shook his head again. "It’s not him either."
Continue to follow to find the third one, but the ghost doesn’t go home. After listening to the ghosts who know him next to him, Wang Wei said, "No."
This ghost said, "Then I can’t help it. I know these three people named Zhao Bin."
I sighed, "Please let’s look again."
Come out from here and go back to where our car came from. We all went to a cool place and lost our minds again.
Sit down and have a rest. A fashionable young female ghost twisted her waist and passed by.
I gossiped, "This dress is so fashionable that it’s a ghost and it’s so gorgeous."
Wang Weiwen said disdainfully, "Look at her dress. It’s a fox being a mistress!"
The word "fox" in her mouth is not a noun to describe foxiness, but a formal word.
I said, "How do you know she’s a mistress?"
Wang Wei is very knowledgeable. "Everyone is a female ghost. What else can’t you see? I’ve seen a lot of this third-rate stuff."
As she spoke, she gritted her teeth and added savagely, "I think we should kill them all, too. If we don’t do business, we should kill them as mistresses!"
Seeing that she was going to float over to find the fashionable female ghost again, I quickly persuaded her, "Don’t be impulsive, mistress is really hateful, but you should be calm!"
Wang Wei gritted his teeth. "I wouldn’t be so injured if it wasn’t for Xiao San’s infarction, and then I wouldn’t go to the mountains for fun …"
I said, "There are so many things in life. If you could have predicted these things, you wouldn’t have found a love rat, let alone these things."
Wang Wei didn’t say anything and sat down.
Ma Xiaoling said to me, "Look."
I looked where she pointed and pursed my lips.
Lang lang gan Kun, in broad daylight, that fashionable female ghost actually dated a male ghost just now!
The two ghosts are very close together just down the street.
That male ghost is also good-looking. He is dressed in a straight suit and has a flower in his hand.
Wang Wei also looked over and suddenly said, "Zhao Bin!"
I said, "What?"
Wang Wei suddenly got up and said angrily, "He is Zhao Bin!"
After she finished speaking, she leaned over and shouted "Zhao Bin!" without waiting for our response.
The male ghost is stunned, "Wang Wei?"
Jiao Jiao, a female ghost next to her, said angrily, "Who are you?"
Wang Wei, a fashionable female ghost, tugged at her hair and threw her out, then tore the flower and roared, "Zhao Bin, you … you ghost scum!"
Ma Xiaoling and I quickly got up and followed the past.
Zhao Bin asked, "Wang Wei, why are you here?"
Wang Wei sneered, "How dare you ask which little female ghost you saw again?"
The female ghost who was thrown out floated back at the moment and the horse asked, "Who are you?" Then he held Zhao Bin’s arm and said, "Dear her … she actually beat people up!"
Zhao Bin said angrily, "Do you want to take care of this? Wang Wei, we have no connection for a long time. You cut it off before you died. Don’t make trouble now! "
Wang Weidao: "I want to ask you if you took the compensation money after my death."
Zhao bin immediately felt guilty when he heard this. "Compensation? I don’t know what compensation! "
"You don’t know?" Wang Wei said coldly, "I still don’t know you? Must have taken my money to buy flowers and rings for other little girls? "
The more she said it, the more excited she became. She sneered, "Since you have money to buy flowers and rings, why not leave some money for your children under one year old?"
Zhao Bin stammered, "No … I don’t know anything. I don’t know what you said."
Wang Wei said, "Zhao Bin, I think you’re a ghost, but now you’re living quite well."
This ghost looks handsome, but this place is too bad!
The fashionable female ghost next to her shook Zhao Bin’s arm and said, "Who is this female ghost? Get rid of her quickly."
Zhao Bin nodded and gave Wang Wei Avenue a hard push. "Wang Wei, I have nothing to do with you for a long time. You’d better not make trouble, or don’t blame me for turning my face and denying ghosts!"
Ma Xiaoling pushed me.
My horse said, "Hey, big brother, it’s not right for you to do this. Since you have nothing, why do you want to take someone’s money?"
Zhao Bin looked at me with a bad tone. "Who are you?"