Li Mo ‘er’s elegant little face looked pale and gawk at anger. At that time, his father’s eyes were hazy and he finally glared angrily at Meng Chen and turned to walk towards the living room.

Did you say it wrong? Isn’t Meng Chen that kind of person?
Lust, depravity, and confusion are simply one thing!
But my father has never been so angry with her, but today he met a useless young master who did this to her! Li Mo ‘er felt wronged in his heart and resented Meng Chen even more.
Look at Li Xuan, who left his daughter in anger, and wait for a while. His two young masters bullied and suppressed Meng Chen, but he didn’t care. After all, Li Xuan was just a Meng family, but he must not see Li Moer insulting Meng Chen, too.
To the point where he is, it is easy to identify whether a person has experienced more personnel. Meng Chen’s heart is clear to Li Mo ‘er’s mind. It is precisely because of this that he saw Li Mo ‘er’s insolence that Meng Chen reacted particularly.
"Little master MoEr, she’s still young. Don’t worry about her nonsense." Li Xuan leaned down slightly.
"Ha ha, it is also the reason why I was too indulgent before." Meng Chen smiled lightly. Now he is no longer the former Meng Chen’s simple appreciation of Li Moer.
"Since Mr. Li has come back, don’t you bring him in?"
At this time, a majestic voice greeted the living room. Li Xuan nodded and looked at Meng Chen. "Little master, listen to the master’s arrangement after going in for a while. Don’t be impulsive!"
Meng Chen touched his nose and said with a smile, "I’m a measured housekeeper Li."
As soon as he entered the welcoming living room, Meng Chen saw the thin face of the middle-aged man in the first place, and his eyes were fine and he was dressed in a wide purple and black robe, and the whole person showed a fine and tough meaning.
This man is Meng Shoudi, the owner of the Meng family.
Although Meng Shoudi once devoted himself to the official road, he also had a good martial arts practice. This is very common in the Warring States period. Most of the high-ranking people are experts in martial arts practice with peerless arms.
Meng Chen turned to one side and Meng Shou was sitting on the left side with three people, two men and one woman.
At this time, an older middle-aged man looked at Meng Chen’s face with joy and nodded one after another.
"Long Sheng Long Feng Sheng Feng Meng Zhantian’s younger generation is really a good-looking talent. Haha has its own advantages compared with Brocade!"
Middle-aged male speaks with a shrill voice and pale face, showing white skin and slender nails on his outer palm.
This reminds Meng Chen of all kinds of eunuch images played in previous lives.
Suddenly Meng Chen faintly felt a cold look.
Meng Chen slightly turned to a middle-aged man next to a young man, and his eyes were cold and hostile.
This man must be the brocade in the eunuch’s mouth!’ Meng Chen thought in his heart
The young man’s face is like a crown jade, and his skin is white and slender. The eyebrows are actually phoenix eyes, which makes Meng Chen feel more beautiful than Mei Er and Yan Er in the Wanhua Building!
Yes, it is beauty!
Young men always exude a feminine beauty.
This dead eunuch unexpectedly compared me with him. Am I so girly?’ Meng Chen turned his head and had a bad feeling.
"Ha ha, I don’t have the advantage of this nephew. I won the second brother’s legacy on this skin, which can show the flower predecessors that this is his blessing." Meng Shou glanced at some stunned Meng Chen and said with a smile.
It’s no secret that Yao Chan’s monarch Xi Na Toy Boy likes the whole Anyang city, but Meng Shou-di didn’t expect to pick Meng’s family this time.
Meng Jia’s master, Meng Shou-di, absolutely can’t make himself a woman, Toy Boy! San Wu mainland, this is a man’s greatest shame!
Those who eventually became Yao Chan in Toy Boy are either self-indulgent or have no strength to resist the brocade, which obviously belongs to the former.
However, if Meng Chen can get the love of Yao Chan’s monarch and gradually decline, the Meng family may be able to rise again with the ship of Qi Wang!
And he Meng Shoudi is expected to appear in court again!
Only when you have won someone can you see that kind of temptation that has always made him feel unhappy. At this time, Meng Chen’s eyes have become pleasing to the eye.
"It’s natural that Meng Guzhu can think so, but whether we can get Yaochan Princess will definitely have to wait until Qi Wangfu to decide. I think since people have arrived at Hua’s predecessor, let’s start back to Qi Wangfu!" Then along with the flowers, another woman got up and said
"Haha, if my cousin can get the favor of Yaochan Princess, it must be a blessing from past lives. I really envy my cousin!"
Meng Shoudi sat on the right side of two young people of similar age. At this time, it was Meng Guang, a young man who broke Meng Chen’s hand bone before kicking.
"Cousin, remember to take more tonic elixirs when you arrive at Qi Wangfu to see how you are now. Don’t make the princess unhappy and be sent back to disgrace my Meng family?"
Beside Meng Guang, there is a five-point likeness with the former, which is like a young man saying that he is Meng Shoudi’s second Meng.
Two people so said looking at silent Meng Chen face a joke.
Sitting in the first place, Meng Shoudi frowned, but he didn’t speak out to stop Li Xuan behind him, but he was worried that Li Moer, who was sitting on the right tail of Meng Chen, was closest to Meng Chen.
At this time, looking at this silent teenager, Li Moer had some schadenfreude, and his mood was not low.
It suddenly occurred to her that the boy’s burden over the years seemed too heavy.
Are you addicted to debauchery to escape all this? Meng Chen Li Moer shook his head when he saw Meng Chen clenching his fist.
What can you do now, even if you are unwilling to face the threat of the Lord oppressing Qi Wangfu?
"Meng Chen today you will follow the flower predecessors to the king of Qi …"
Meng Shou words haven’t finished the original bowed their heads and remained silent young suddenly raised his head at the moment.
"I refuse!"
Meng Shoudi zheng leng good half ring to react eyes instantaneous cold looked at the opposite boy.
Flowers with teacups took one look at Meng Chen and then chuckled and got up to the first Meng Shou tunnel. "It seems that Meng Guzhu can’t make decisions about this matter. In that case, I’ll visit again another day!" Farewell! "
The woman beside the flower suddenly looked at Meng Chen coldly. "You can think clearly about the consequences of rejecting Yao Chan’s monarch! Now, if you change your mind, I’ll pretend it didn’t happen. "
As the woman finished, a breath of yin cold hung over the whole welcoming living room, and Meng Chen’s body trembled, but she bit her teeth and clenched her fists, and her joints were white, and some sharp nails were deeply immersed in the palm of her hand.
"Meng Chen are you crazy? Really be yourself or protect the country? " Meng guang suddenly got up and stared at Meng Chen way
"Cousin apologize to miss Brigitte, convergent at this time! If the King of Qi is guilty, the whole Meng family can’t afford it! " Meng eyes flashing heart feel this cousin vaguely different today.
"Ha-ha-ha-hua, please give me a few days’ grace. When the engagement comes, I will bring Meng Chen to Qi Wangfu to apologize."
At this time, Meng Shou, who had never spoken, suddenly got up and looked at Meng Chen’s eyes with a flash of coldness.
"In a month’s time, the King of Qi will lead his troops to war, and then he will come to visit Master Meng by your house!"
Flowers say goodbye and leave.
Meng Shoudi behind him shook the whole person like a cold cave.
Chapter 5 Meng family crackdown
Flowers and others left Meng Shou staring at Meng Chen whole body momentum broke out a powerful coercion blessing Meng Chen body.
Meng Guang and Meng were shocked to watch Meng Shoudi and then smiled at each other and watched the drama.
Great strength overwhelmed Meng Chen, feeling that he was carrying a mountain, and his body trembled and his knees gradually bent away.
This pressure on the body and bones makes a strange sound. Meng Chen’s face is like white paper and he is shivering. His clothes have been soaked with sweat before he knows it.
I will never!’
Biting her teeth intensely, Meng Chen felt that her eyes were crimson than grievances, but she bowed slightly and never knelt down.
Why should I kneel? What did I do wrong?
This so-called Meng family has nothing worth my nostalgia!
Meng Chen slowly raised his head and stared at the front with scarlet eyes. Meng Shou’s heavy breathing was like bellows pulling.
Meng Shoudi looked at Meng Chen coldly. "The Meng family doesn’t raise waste. If you realize it, you will come with me to Qi Wangfu and kowtow to Yaochan Princess in person!"
"Ha ha, don’t you have two children who like to spoil people so much?" Meng Chen sneer at a hoarse scarlet eyes to Meng Guang and Meng.
"Meng Chen, you want to die!" Meng Guang look a hysteresis jianzuihousai face suddenly a red from embarrassment way
Let him be Toy Boy, the princess of Yaochan? It is better to kill him directly. Thanks to Meng Chen, this fellow can say it.
"Cousin, you’re wrong. It’s even worse for you to be chosen by Yaochan monarch. Do you think you are qualified … compared with us?" Meng tone airy eyes looked at Meng Chen way
Meng Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly because of Meng’s words. He finally obeyed in vain. He was a tool of being exploited, so he didn’t intend to ask other people’s opinions.