See the destructive force suddenly crazy into a dead gray mist immediately condensed into a sharp than dead gray spear spear body shining with dead gray dark light directed at Jesse.

The word tactic will dissolve the surrounding forces. When Wang Lei has already moved the word tactic, he will turn the power of the bottom of the river into himself. Jesse turned around and at the moment Wang Lei poured all his strength out.
Pure dead condensed out of the spear and instantly shot out along the way, and the vent mans condensed out of a straight line. The straight line was shining with cold light, and it seemed that there was still a hint of white arrogance caused by friction, which instantly shuttled through the river and penetrated Jesse’s body.
A huge blood hole immediately appeared in his chest, and the pain came from his chest-Jesse screamed and spat blood in his mouth, but then he died and spread along the spear. At the moment, Jesse was wrapped in gray and didn’t show a crack. The real pain just came, and then the wound in the same part of his body was penetrated by another green spear. This is a spear from the purest vitality …
The fighting in the river soon shocked the foreigner camp, and the master of this party suddenly approached and shook his breath, showing several foreigners.
"No, it’s Jesse!"
A white-robed foreigner’s face suddenly changed. After years of fighting in all directions, he and Jesse had already shared the same breath. Now he clearly felt Jesse’s death breath and immediately slapped him into the river.
The river was suddenly blown out of a hole by him. The foreigner grabbed the river and condensed it into a huge palm, holding a person from the Ran Ran in the river and rising to the bank of the canal.
After being rescued to the river bank, the man named Jesse vomited blood with a white face and more than white robes. When he saw it, he quickly released a number of holy lights for healing.
At one time, a number of lotus-shaped white circles surrounded Jesse, emitting blazing and dazzling light. A white light was slowly injected into Jesse’s body aperture, which gradually changed from bright white to pale white and finally melted through …
Several holy lights have been continuously emitted from the white robe of the human body. Nevertheless, Jesse’s situation has eased a little compared with the initial situation, and the blood gushing degree has been slightly curbed. This dead body is too powerful, and even the holy light surgery can be said to be a palliative. Whether Jesse can live or not depends on the follow-up treatment effect.
When foreigners saw Jesse’s sad face, they all showed anger, rage and murderous look, and the oppressive breath almost swept through Fiona Fang Shili creatures, which shocked Li Hongzhang, Zuo Zongtang and others in the far military camp.
"Governor Harper, we must avenge Jesse!" A tall, thin man gnashed his teeth at a big, dignified foreigner old man with white hair and beard.
This old man is the highest British military commander in the Qing Dynasty, Governor Harper. He commanded all the aggressive acts in Britain. If the posts were divided by age, Harper would be ashamed, but it would be difficult to have relatives suspected, and many British soldiers would not be able to rank high. Harper was also a strong man in heaven. Britain led the invasion of the Qing Dynasty like a tiger pouncing on the enemy-invincible.
"Wounded Jessie people don’t know who is looking for revenge." Previously, the white-robed foreigner heard these words, and his face was surly.
Jesse is not a master of heaven, but a knight of the Queen Elizabeth Round Table of England. Those "wild gods" are definitely better than those. However, such a master was seriously injured by several people, which really shocked the English people at the scene.
Governor Harper’s face was cold. "There are not many people who can hit Jesse hard in such a short time. Li Hongzhang and Zuo Zongtang may not be able to do it together. But don’t forget that not long ago, a yellow man named Wang Lei was killed in our concession. There is no reason for the strong master to appear in the country at the same time. I believe that the person who injured Jesse is the Wang Lei. His appearance here must have helped the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom."
Chapter one hundred and seven Life and death
Harper clearly analyzed the situation in one bite, appeased the emotions, and listed the true level of only a few masters in the Qing Dynasty. Every sentence hit the nail on the head. He was the supreme commander of Great Britain in the Qing Dynasty. This man was a China hand and knew the strength of the Qing Dynasty like the back of his hand. He can be said to have accounted for most of the aggression.
"Then what are you waiting for? Find out that savage named Wang Lei and kill him as soon as possible. The blood of the Briton must not be in vain!" Tall and thin man hideous way
"Yes, British blood must not flow in vain!" Governor Harper’s eyes are full of dangers, and sen’s cold. At this moment, the white man who had previously treated Jesse went to Governor Harper’s side and leaned slightly and whispered a few words.
Harper smelled his face and turned into a murderous one.
"Are you sure?"
White robe humanity "is! When the other party injured Jesse, it made two opposite forces. The first blow was the absolute death force, which broke into his body. If you took him with a pure desire to kill, it would kill him at that time, but the man then added another blow, but it was the opposite absolute life force, which was the purest life force I have ever seen, just to resolve the death force in front. "
As soon as the white-robed man felt that Jesse’s life was dying, he was able to release the holy light one after another purely to see if he could save something. However, the owner of the holy light injected the flames of the holy light into it soon, and the white-robed man immediately found out that Jesse was injured and was scared to withdraw the holy light for the first time.
It turned out that he always felt that the enemy was only at that moment that he really realized the powerful power dominated by the enemy. Looking at Jesse’s wound and feeling the strange power of life and death inside, the white man couldn’t help shivering.
The white man reported the discovery to Governor Harper for the first time.
"Is the other party merciful?"
"Well, Jesse was badly hurt but didn’t hurt his roots. He needed to rest for half a year without starting work, but he must not start work with outsiders for half a year."
"The second force that the other side scored in Jesse’s body is the’ absolute’ life force and the first’ absolute’ death force, but the terrible thing is that this life force does not neutralize and annihilate each other with the first’ death’ force, but it is entangled with each other very slowly and slowly. When Jesse stays still for half a year, this tangled life and death energy will naturally neutralize and disappear, but if the reckless ability destroys the balance, it will become the worst state."
"What state?"
"The living force becomes the fuel of the dead force and then explodes like a gunpowder bag!"
Governor Harper a shock way
"The other party is doing this on purpose? Can’t you guide these two forces to neutralize each other before? "
"you can’t! The other party is a holy order strong person who understands the power of life and death in a very deep field. I very much doubt that he is half a step away from a higher level’ star life’ than’ holy order’ … "
The white man shook his head and admitted
"Star life?"
Governor Harper’s brow wrinkled at the word, and he waved back and fell into deep thought.
The master of star destiny is a higher level than the master of the seventh order heaven (holy order). No one has set foot in this field in the East and the West for nearly a thousand years. The white-robed man is from the Holy See and his status is extraordinary. He commented that the governor dare not ignore it
On the other hand, Wang Lei finally arrived at the dock. With the lessons just now, this time he emerged from the underwater diving dock shore after confirming that it was safe.
Wang Lei water instantly splashed a modest water. This sound will not be noticed at ordinary times. However, it is now the critical death of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and this pier is also an important card to enter Tianjing City. It is said that it is almost life and death, but Wang Lei’ s provocation was immediately surrounded by several sharp eyes. He was discovered.