Yun Fan didn’t strike back, but he exerted the true qi of Luo Zheng’s technique to coagulate the body in vitro, changing from dragon shape to tiger shape, and changing various forms like a gas wall to push around and keep hitting the metal robot.

In reality, Yun Fan is surrounded by such things, but his mental virtual’ seeing’ is surrounded by continuous attacks on metal robots, which can display the constant changes and improve his attainments.
Yun Fan did not let a metal robot achieve a higher level in close combat after practicing the whole form of the art of picking up the truth. For Yun Fan, the art of picking up the truth is the most difficult martial art to cultivate.
Thanks to this practice base, it will be difficult to improve your attainments after you get started in practice.
But in this practice base, Yun Fan can practice to Chengdu without any problem.
There is no move, no rhyme, or simply strengthening the true qi, and martial arts achievement is the highest realm.
After the practice, Yun Fan took the virtual helmet and saw Qu Lanshu look stunned. "Mom, why are you here? What can I do for you?"
Qu Lanshu nodded and saw the mountain road. "A first-class family came to want to marry you."
Chapter 157 Break through the true peak of Dan (the first! Six! More! )
"Ah …? A first-class family will come to marry me? "
Yun Fan looked surprised and said, "Which first-class family?"
Yun Fan had long expected that his sharp edge would lead to a first-class family.
He thought about the first-class family, but he didn’t expect the first contact with the first-class family to marry him.
In the final analysis, it’s still his practice of martial arts, but it’s a matter of taking it by force rather than by force.
Qu Lanshu said, "It’s the Qu family of Zhonghai."
Yun Fan was stunned. "This is a very powerful first-class family. Except for the nine elder families in Gujing, Haiqu’s family is at the top of the first-class family. Why should such a big family take the initiative to marry me?"
Qulanshu nodded. "What do you mean, Xiaofan? The other girl’s name is Qu Youlan, and she is 19 years old this year. She is a very beautiful girl. "
Yun Fan said with the wave, "Mom, I’m a monk and I’m a bunch of grapes. You know that I already have a kiss in my heart. She doesn’t want to find someone else. She can refuse."
It’s no surprise that Qu Lanshu heard the news. Yun Fan’s personality is very similar to what she decided. Nine cows can’t be pulled back. If Yun Fan and Tong Tong have really been together, they will definitely not accept others’ kisses. Qu Lanshu had expected this result.
Qu Lanshu said, "Mom, why don’t you practice at ease and I’ll refuse each other?"
Yun Fan said, "Mom doesn’t exercise for the time being. I’ll go with you."
Qu Lanshu doesn’t want Yun Fan to get in touch with Qu’s family. "It’s just rejecting each other. I’ll just go. Xiaofan, you don’t have to come."
Yun Fan said, "Since he is the first to come to my first-class family, we hope to talk to him about many things that I have different things."
Qu Lanshu Nai said, "If you go to the guest room on the second floor of the guest hotel, mom won’t go. You can refuse it yourself!"
Soon Yun Fan came to the guest room on the second floor of the hotel.
When Qu Yuan first saw Yun Fan’s eyes, he lit up and said, "Yun Fan, did you agree to this marriage by coming to see me in person?"
Yun Chao said, "This is Qu Yuanchu, the elder of the Qujia family in Zhonghai."
Yun Fan fuels, "I appreciate this man’s marriage, so I can’t promise."
Qu Yuanchu’s mouth twitched. I’m your grandfather and cousin. You call me’ dude’?
Next to YunChao also a face of startled not speak to wake up.
Yun Fan naturally doesn’t know each other and his fighters practice to a certain extent. Shou Yuan has a long age gap. The foundation is to repair the strength of the other party. The three flowers gather in the top of Yun Fan, and the real Dan is quite repaired. Yun Fan is naturally equal.
Think of QuLanShu confessed QuYuanChu can’t pick identity way "don’t promise? My granddaughter is young, beautiful and a first-class family. Tianjiao is definitely worthy of you. "
Yun Fan said, "First, there are people in my heart who won’t marry others. Second, I won’t marry in exchange for benefits. Dude, I know what the real purpose of marriage between Zhonghai Qujia and me is. We can still make a deal without marriage."
Qu Yuanchu said, "Tell me about it."
Yun Fan said, "I know what I have done must have attracted the attention of many first-class families. I wonder what martial arts I have cultivated so quickly and my strength is so strong."
Qu Yuanchu nodded and Yun Fan was white, which made him sit up and take notice.
Yun Fan continued, "In a short time, they should be able to suppress their curiosity, but in a long time, that is not necessarily the case. Desire will induce people to take risks."
Personally, I’m afraid of the means of a first-class family. The only thing I’m worried about is that the Haiqu family in my family is a famous first-class family, and all of them are in the forefront and have the ability to protect my family.
The deal is simple. Zhonghai Qujia protects Yuecheng Yunjia from being bullied. Five years is long, but three are short. I will practice martial arts and give my hands to Zhonghai Qujia. "
Qu Yuanchu looked at Yun Fan with some surprise. "You said you were afraid of a first-class family?"
Yun Fan nodded and looked serious. It was no joke.
This made Qu Yuanchu’s heart very shocked. There were five spirits in the first-class family. The strong man in Yun Fan actually said that he was afraid of the first-class family means, which made him puzzled.
Qu Yuanchu said, "Just to protect your family and not to protect you?"
Yun Fan nodded and said, "I need to protect it, which should be very easy for Zhonghai Qujia, and the return is also very rich. Because Zhonghai Qujia was the first family to contact me by means of literature, I believe Zhonghai Qujia is a reasonable family and is willing to make this deal with Zhonghai Qujia."