Feng Xian appeared behind Hai Kui and said slowly, "It’s almost time to go back!"

Hai Kui looked at Feng Xian with bright eyes, and said, "The chief of the Life Wheel clan won’t play with me, will he?"
"why?" Seal the immortal’s eyes
"Will you not let me go back when the time comes?" Hai Quillo asked with concern.
Feng Xian shook his head. "No, they don’t have much contact with the outside world, and they don’t have as many minds as outsiders. They all say one thing, one thing, two things!"
Hai Kui nodded after hearing this. "I’m relieved." He raised his eyebrows and looked at Feng Xian. "Three years ago, Xue Zhengxiu slaughtered Monty, and he certainly gained a lot. Now I don’t know his injury, so I’m afraid it would be bad if he swallowed a lot of pills to recover!"
Seal fairy shook his head and said "there should be no recovery so fast! If he is injured, he will not be able to get well for a while. "
Haikui knows that Feng Xian is telling the truth. It’s generally not easy to get hurt if he is distracted. If he is injured, it will take a long time to recover!
Haikui’s eyes suddenly flashed and he said, "Why don’t you learn from Xue Zheng and kill monty and concentrate more on Dan?"
Feng Xian said with a smile, "That’s what I’m thinking!"
The two hit it off and went towards those shadow monty. If you don’t hide your figure, you will kill one if you see one, two if you see one, and one if you see one!
They slaughtered the low-level monty, which immediately attracted the attention of the entity monty. They remembered that they were bounded a year ago and two years ago. People were angry at their slaughter and gathered to kill Haikui.
A massacre once a year scares these monty demons. I’m afraid it will become regular after the new year comes!
Haikui is not afraid of too much at this time, or he will kill as much as he wants!
However, Haikui’s speed in dealing with shadow monty is very fast, and it can often kill monty in two or three, while physical monty is not as easy as Xue Zhengxiu’s.
Killed for hours, and finally the number of entity monty around reached 100.
Haikui looked around at the monty and said to Feng Xian, "Damn it, Xue Zhengxiu is playing too much. It’s as easy to cultivate terror as chopping melons and vegetables, but how can I kill so hard!"
Sealing fairy cold face didn’t speak.
Haikui continued, "You won’t let me die at this juncture, will you? Caoma is going back to my day! ! !”
Just when he was depressed, suddenly a light shone directly on him, and he heard the creaking sound. When he turned his head, he saw a curtain of light rising 20 meters away from his side, and a huge door stood there vaguely!
"coming!" Haikui was very happy and swept away. I was depressed just now
It is also a joy to seal the fairy!
Hai Kui and Feng Xian looked at each other and said, "Go!"
The two of them did not hesitate to use all their spells to greet all the monties in front of them, and they went to Youfeng Xianyang Fire. The monties were the worst, and they were directly turned into white pills in Haikui’s hands.
Rushed into the screen, many chasing monty stopped, cautiously looking at the giant door and didn’t come in.
Some of them rushed in with Haikui, and were sucked into a huge wheel turntable by a powerful suction, and finally turned into pills.
After Haikui rushed into the giant gate, he saw the head of the Life Wheel clan there, and there was an old man and several young people who maintained the law.
"Xiaoyou welcomes you back!" Life wheel clan heads looked at Haikui behind their hands and said
Haikui threw a fist at the patriarch. "The patriarch really believed that three years is three years!"
"I have always said this!" Patriarch positive color way
The patriarch looked behind Haikui. "Why hasn’t Xue Daoyou come in yet?"
At this time, monty has rushed into this world again, but they have all been sucked and ground by a huge millstone!
After Xue Zhengxiu was injured by the three-legged sun, his body collapsed directly. It’s a pity that he ate tens of thousands of monty and refined into Dan’s body. He found a secret place to heal. As Feng Xian said, he recovered slowly in one year and was silent for a year.
Xue Zhengxiu felt it when Haikui felt he was going back, but he hesitated!
The growth rate here is the highest, and he is growing ten thousand times in the boundary! Besides, there are still many monty-demons here, and some of them are unwilling to give up.
Finally, Xue Zhengxiu thought twice and decided to stay for another three years before going back!
Didn’t the leaders of the Life Wheel clan say that three years is a cycle? In another year, he will be able to recover, and then he will try to kill more monty demons. When he is promoted to the middle of Mahayana, he will go to Namiling Shuo for a battle! But the three-legged Sun Wu Xiu is at least immortal.
However, Xue Zhengxiu felt that if he didn’t have a way to summon him!
Rushing into the door to monty has increased the potential. The heads of the wheel clan frowned slightly and turned to look at Haikui.
Haikui knew that he wanted to ask Xue Zhengxiu about his condition. "I know that Xue Zhengxiu was injured and maybe he couldn’t come back because of his injury!"
The clan sighed and said, "Then I’m afraid I’ll never come back!"
“?” Haikui hopes Xue Zhengxiu won’t come back, but he just doesn’t understand!
"Entering the underworld for three years is a cycle. Closing the magic door can keep his breath for three years. After these three years, if the door happens to appear beside him, he can come back. If he is unlucky, he can’t come back if he can’t find the door!" The heads of the fathers said slowly
There is such a saying! Haikui is glad that he is not fooled by greed. Although Monty Dan is a good thing, he doesn’t want to stay in a place full of enemies.
Just then, a strong wind blew, and the patriarch’s face changed. The old man’s face also changed and blurted out, "What a powerful need! Shutter! "
The four young men have to make the quick pinch tactic array roll the millstone and speed up the rotation of the millstone. The patriarch and the old man came to the door to speed up the door closing!
With a bang, Haikui saw a sharp claw grasping at the door!
"Lying in the trough!" Haikui blurted out and took out a green Dan and swallowed it. It flashed in front of the giant door, and the flying sword braved the golden light and cut it toward the claws!
A third of the door is closed, and a head with a long beak comes in!