Until the rise, Xue Zhengxiu rushed directly into the mainland and roared, "Come out and die!"

As soon as it was dark, a figure appeared and slowly became clear. Xue Zheng Xiu looked at who the middle-aged man was with a smile!
Xue Zhengxiu was in a good mood after a long whistle. "You finally came out. You monty have been killed by me. Shall I kill you today or will you avenge your monty?"
"Little fuck! I will let you go back and forth today! " Monty said with a cold face
At the same time, in practice, Haikui felt a pair of eyes. Although it was dark, he still looked up and looked at the sky with dribbling eyes.
Xue Zhengxiu now makes Hai Kui a little excited, especially after the defeat, he ascended and came back to get it back, which makes Hai Kui a little excited!
Xue Zhengxiu pointed his finger at Monty and said slowly, "I think Monty at your level must have a name or something to keep his life in the uncle’s life and death book!"
The middle-aged man laughed. "Life and death book, you, you are the king of hell!" As he spoke, the sky was getting dark with his hands, and several shadows floated in the sky and flew around and behind Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue zhengxiu seems to have something to spy on before, after and around.
Xue Zhengxiu sneer at a way "what? Afraid I’ll escape? Don’t worry, Grandpa will never escape this time! " He said that once again, he was domineering with one hand and pointed to a middle-aged man. "Today, your life uncle, I have decided to sign up!"
Middle-aged man’s eyes closed and his shoulders stirred up. Haha laughed for a long time and didn’t stop!
Xue Zhengxiu was not angry and said slowly, "Laugh and laugh. Today is the last day for you to laugh! I will send you the way later! "
The middle-aged man smiled and looked at Xue Zhengxiu. "What’s your name? It’s the first time I’ve seen you so arrogant!"
"Not afraid to tell your uncle my name is Xue Zhengxiu! But you don’t remember that you need to know at this moment that the person who killed you is called Xue Zhengxiu! " Xue zhengxiu also smile and said
"good!" The middle-aged man smiled at the sky again and said, "Remember to honor the spirit."
"M said the other? What a rotten name! " Xue Zhengxiu despised it!
Middle-aged man anger extremely the smile "ha ha ha good! Let me kill you with this rotten name today! " Said his body movement!
Xue Zhengxiu knows that this man is extremely fast, but he didn’t grow up as a vegetarian. He was born in a shining golden armor and was surrounded by flames several feet thick.
When the middle-aged man came to Xue Zheng to repair, he murmured, his hands pushed forward, and a shadow came out of his hands with a huge wind and waves hitting him to cultivate himself in Xue Zheng.
Xue Zheng’s body drifted backwards for hundreds of meters before it stabilized, but the flame didn’t disperse, and it recovered as soon as it was dark.
The middle-aged man stared slowly and said, "I didn’t expect you to be promoted a lot. How dare you challenge me!" "
Xue Zhengxiu smiled, "Grandpa, I killed hundreds of thousands of monty, and they all swallowed it. It’s impossible to wait until I kill you. I’ll kill all monty in this continent and they will become me!"
Mi Lingshuo’s face changed! Drink a "kill him together, this person can’t stay!"
Xue Zheng’s face-lifting smile suddenly dissipated, and when he looked at it, he saw a black shadow coming out of the other three directions, but it was three heads with two horns, which looked like a person, a non-person and an entity.
But for a moment, the shape of these three horned monsters became clear, just like a strong man, with sharp horns and naked eyes staring at Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue Zheng Xiu can feel great power from them. This power is no less than his own. A middle-aged man immediately beats Xue Zhengxiu by four times!
Xue Zhengxiu looks pale and swallows a Bai Dan. At the same time, he immediately recovers and sees a spell! In my heart, it is impossible for me to defeat these four monties today. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect this middle-aged man to leave a hand, but it is impossible to kill him!
He saw that the spell was a life-saving spell, and it was almost called a fight!
Move your soul into a puppet, and you can be reborn if your soul is immortal!
Xue Zhengxiu sneered at the corners of his mouth not to verify the authenticity of these spells, because all the spells he devoured Monty were true and not false!
He tried to hide himself quietly first, and if he failed later, he could escape.
Xue Zhengxiu swallowed another Bai Dan and looked at the middle-aged man and said, "Come on, I’ll show you your tricks!"
The middle-aged man pointed to the three strong men with long horns and asked, "Do you know what they are?"
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at the corner of his eye and said, "Monster!"
"Good also can be called the devil! That’s what people in your world call it. "The middle-aged man nodded with a smile." They are dragon people! "
"Dragon man?" Xue Zhengxiu frowns that dragons really have long horns. Is it because dragons mate with people?
"In your world, dragons represent powerful forces, right?" Middle-aged man said slowly
Xue Zhengxiu nodded. "Good. Say what you want to say!"
"These dragon people have swallowed up the dragons in your mouth, and they have the strength of your dragon department to fight and fight, and their resilience is extremely strong!" Middle-aged man said, pointing to three dragon people
Xue Zhengxiu’s eyes slightly narrowed and he looked at the three dragons. He was surprised that Buron was not everywhere. I didn’t expect him to have three dragons!
The middle-aged man has a sneer at his mouth. "Let you see the power of these three dragon people!"
Middle-aged man the words sound just fell and the three dragon people’s eyes are all red light flashing at Xue Zhengxiu, and his body is roaring towards Xue Zhengxiu at the same time!
Xue Zhengxiu knew that the dragon’s powerful hands waved several burning flames and went straight to the three dragon people. He teleported out in a blink, but found that the scene in front of him had changed.
"Grass!" Xue Zhengxiu cursed in a low voice. He knew that he had entered the illusion of the other party. Fortunately, he divided the three souls and six souls.
Three dragon people also appeared in this illusion.
This illusion is a white world without color. No matter how you fly, you feel like you are still in the same place.
If you want to leave, you can’t leave unless you defeat three dragons and middle-aged men!
At this time, the three dragon people are all wearing a suit of armor, one is black, the other is red and the other is blue.
Xue Zhengxiu, look, these three sets of armor are Long Lin’s!