Haikui saw her expression in distress and laughter, which made me laugh like a heart breaker. "Don’t worry, you are so beautiful. Why did I lie to you?"

"Bah yin thief, * *" spat Yang Yulou again.
Haikui shook his head and stopped talking fast. In a short time, Yang Yulu brought him several top-hat hooligans, yin thieves, assholes and * *
The problem is, grandpa, I haven’t done anything yet
It’s not realistic for this bar to jump without going to the second floor. Haikui asked Yang Yulu, "Is there any other exit in the bar?"
"Come with me" Yang Yulu took Haikui and walked to a very hidden exit of the bar.
Although it is daytime, the bar is very dark due to decoration. If there are no lights inside, it can be said that it is opaque. But even so, Yang Yulu’s rugged figure can still be clearly felt by Haikui. She walks in front and Haikui’s eyes are hard to look at this beautiful figure. It is really an eye addiction.
Hit the bar that obscure small door with a dazzling light shining on two people at the same time, two people closed their eyes for a few seconds and then returned to normal.
The two of them came out of the bar in the sunshine. Haikui looked at this beautiful woman carefully again. It was really beautiful and quiet, and it felt like another kind of beauty. She was at least 1.7 meters tall, and Shizuka was about this height.
Haikui is not much taller with her in the sunshine, and she is like a third-class disabled person.
Haikui stared at her face and looked pale, with dark circles under her eyes. At that time, she felt pity and asked, "How long has it been since you had a good sleep?"
Yang Yulu may have stayed in the dark environment of the bar for a long time. At noon, the dazzling sunshine made her eyes uncomfortable. She answered "It has been more than half a year" while blocking the dazzling light.
"More than half a year," Haikui said sadly. "Don’t you know that sleep is very important to women?"
Yang Yulou gave Haikui a white look, like a woman who knows you very well, and gently spit out the word "* *".
Hai kui yi Shi Yu
"I can’t help it. I need to redeem my house as soon as possible. Tiger Brother is very nice. He said that if I save enough money, I can return the house note to me. The only condition is that I can work in their bar." Yang Yulu sighed
Haikui looked at Yang Yulu carefully. It wouldn’t be so good for him to come to this emoko. It’s so easy to talk with such a beautiful girl in front of him. Besides, it’s hard for him to feel that there are good birds in a bar like this.
Haikui’s impression of the bar came first, and there was no good impression at all.
Yang Yulu continued, "The bar is full of good and evil people. If Emoko didn’t take care of me, I’m afraid I would have been bullied by other men." She sighed as she said.
Hai Kui looked at her girl carefully, which is very lovable. "There are ten things that people don’t like, but there are good people in the world." He also classified Emoko as a kind of good people for the time being.
"I have been in the bar for half a year, and I haven’t come out much. I just have to cover the shift to make money as soon as possible." Yang Yulu said with a sour heart and wanted to cry.
Haikui looked at this woman and felt that she was suffering. Compared with her, she really looked like a flower in a greenhouse.
"Let me know if you have any difficulties when you are well, and I will try my best to help you. Let’s go and eat first," Haikui gently took her hand and said softly.
Yang Yulou paused but didn’t resist. He scolded him with a * * but didn’t pull his hand back. Haikui took his little hand and didn’t know what was going on in this boy who was one or two years younger than himself. He felt a sense of security, especially in Emoko. She didn’t feel this kind of security.
She looked at Haikui a few times and then turned her eyes to other places. She didn’t know why she had to say so much to this boy.
Haikui felt it and squeezed his little hand in his hand and said, "Come on, don’t think about anything else. Let’s go to dinner."
Yang Yulou consciousness nodded and walked with Haikui.
At this time, her hair is slightly messy and her clothes are slightly wrinkled. Her face is red and her eyes are black, just like a little wife who has just been bullied.
Haikui glanced at her from time to time with the corner of her eye, and the feeling of passion and affection in her heart could not be dissipated for a long time.
Go to the door of a hotel that looks quite classy, and Haikui says, "This is it."
Yang Yulu looked up and shook his head. "No, this house is too high."
Haikui showed his jagged teeth and smiled. "It’s okay, it’s not your treat. Let’s go. I think you are a little weak. Eat something to mend your body."
He spoke softly and took her hand by. What do people think of them as lovers?
Lang Yulu shook his head again. "It’s not easy to make money. Why should you be so extravagant? If you have money, you might as well honor your parents and I’ll eat noodles."
Then she left Haikui’s hand and turned away in the opposite direction.
Haikui looked at her back and thought that this girl was really nice. If she couldn’t help her handle things well, she was really sorry, and she really took so many drinks from the bar herself.
He quickly chased Yang Yulou behind her and said, "I know a good Huimian Noodles Pavilion nearby. Let’s go." Then he turned to her and naturally stretched out his hand and took her little hand.
Yang Yulu could shake her hand, but she didn’t take it out. She felt that the boy was caring for himself.
When they arrived at a noodle restaurant, Qian Haikui said with a smile, "This is the place where I often come."
This noodle restaurant has been dark for a long time, and many characters have fallen off. It can be seen from the shade of color that a face wall is also mottled, and the wall skin is turned over in many places
Haikui went in first and didn’t forget to turn back and say to Yang Yulu, "This casserole beef noodle tastes good. Would you like a bowl?"
As soon as Yang Yulou saw this environment, she knew that the price was not expensive, so she nodded at ease. At this time, she looked quiet, like a weak little girl in a bar, and she was not the same at all, but now it seems quite cute.
Haikui turned to the kitchen and shouted, "Boss wants two bowls of casserole beef noodles."
"Okay, wait a minute" kitchen sounds.
They walked to a table. The greasy stool was also greasy. Haikui took out a bag of paper towels and wiped the stool. There was a table facing Yang Yulu and said, "Sit down."
Chapter 92 Go and buy a pair of pants
At Haikui, Yang Yulu didn’t expect this boy to be quite careful and have a good impression on him.
Haikui also wiped the stool and table for himself, looked up and looked at Yang Yulou, and suddenly found that I didn’t know what to say, which was a bit embarrassing.
"How old are you?" Haikui thought for a long time, and his brain felt like a short circuit, but he asked this question with his mouth open.
Yang Yulu turned his head to one side and looked at the broken wall of the noodle restaurant but his eyes squinted at him.
Haikui was even more embarrassed to see that she didn’t answer. "It’s also that girls care about their age. They won’t say that I think you are about 22 years old."
Yang Yulu turned around and glared at Haikui. "Am I that old?" Dissatisfaction said
"Twenty-two is old? Very young. "Haikui was surprised and said.
Yang Yulu didn’t want to talk to him, but his nose gently snorted and said, "I’m only twenty years old this year." Then he reached out and touched his face and sighed, "I feel old, too."
Haikui embarrassed than hurriedly apologized, "I’m sorry I was mistaken, but it’s easy to get old faster if you don’t get enough sleep. You should sleep more later."
"Why are you so annoying?" Yang Yulou said discontentedly.
Haikui scratched his head at a loss. He is not a lover. Without the skill of hitting on women, he certainly doesn’t listen so well. Shut up.
Both of them stopped talking and looked at each other from time to time. The atmosphere was full of ambiguity.
Just when Haikui didn’t even know where to put his hand, the casserole noodles came. Suddenly, the boss behind Haikui suddenly shouted "Noodles are coming"
Haikui turned his head and bumped into the boss’s arm. The boss shook his hand and spilled hot soup on Haikui’s file.
Well, Haikui gasped and hurriedly flashed to iron the summer dress book, which is probably going to blister.