Pan Hui heart flush a few doubts.

Is it true that Brother Mo Bai can be so educated without the guidance of Master?
It seems that Changxuan is really talented, but they are all too low-key.
A sense of drowsiness hit Pan Hui, who dumped her head and rubbed her eyes and went back to the bed to rest, but she felt a little strange. I didn’t know that I would be sleepy for no reason these two days and my waist would be a little sore.
As soon as her head was next to the pillow, she fell asleep immediately, but she turned over from time to time in her sleep because of backache.
Pan Hui didn’t know how long she had slept. In a daze, she seemed to hear someone patting the door and asking her to get up and go to the door.
Only after a few steps, she felt a dull pain in her lower abdomen, which was like a knife wringing. She couldn’t help but gasp. She hurriedly shaped herself, covered her lower abdomen with luck and slowly penetrated into it, and finally got better.
She couldn’t help frowning. Did she eat something?
But she has been with everyone for three meals these days. Even she gave Aoqing the bowl of tofu pudding earlier and didn’t taste it. If it’s really bad, then everyone …
Pan Hui hurriedly knocked on the door and saw Aoqing look at the door as usual and half a pain, which was a sigh of relief.
Is AoQing surprised after seeing Pan Hui pale way "what’s the matter with you? Why do you look so ugly? Are you sick? "
Pan Hui leng leng didn’t know her face. As she knew, there was another feeling of falling in her abdomen, and a new round of colic followed, which made her shake unsteadily.
AoQing quickly hold Pan Huidao "what’s wrong with you? Do you want to see a doctor? " After the "three days off", Aoqing was recognized for Du Ruo’s medical skills. Now, seeing Pan Hui’s first reaction was to go to Du Ruo to see the doctor.
At this time, it’s youshi, Lin Linggang has just finished dinner and asked Aoqing to call Pan Hui for dinner. Everyone has already sat in the hall and heard Aoqing yelling and immediately rushed over to see Pan Hui’s pale face and pale lips.
"Don’t send it again before the poison is cleared!" The wife of shop-owner looked at Pan Hui all the time, clutching his belly and not doing it, so he guessed at random
Aoqing a listen to these words immediately back Pan Hui rushed out ChuXing meteorite don’t trust her reckless bump with immediately.
With the wife of shop-owner and Lin Ling glances, I feel relieved that it is inconvenient to pull the pool to lock the big door and go to Kyubi no Youko Lane.
Chapter 11 Formal Adults (1)
In Kyubi no Youko Lane, each family has already turned on the lights, and several people are happily eating dinner in the lights. The bluestone pavement is illuminated by red lanterns hanging from the eaves on both sides of the street into a dim orange red.
In the night, Aoqing ran fast on the bluestone road with Pan Hui on her back.
Du Re just came out from the patios and lifted the curtain and saw two figures, one red and one white, jump into the medicine company. First, one leng was waiting to see the identity of the bearer, and then one zheng said, "What’s the matter? What’s wrong? "
A few oil lamps are on in the lobby of Yaolu to illuminate the whole lobby. Du Ruo will also see Pan Hui’s face clearly and hurriedly help Aoqing to put people on the couch together.
Pan Hui felt backache and abdominal pain at this time, even if the true qi gathered in the abdomen, she still couldn’t stop the cramps. She could cover her belly with her hands and press hard to relieve the pain.
AoQing a pull Du Ruo arm eager way "you are quick to look at her what’s going on? Could it be that there is still poison residue? I was fine at lunch today, and when I went out at noon, she became like this. "
Du Ruo listened to Aoqing while taking Pan Hui’s pulse. After a while, his expression became a little subtle.
She turned to look at the door and followed ChuXing meteorite, saying, "It’s okay to come back to Guishui."
Guishui …
Chuxing meteorite at that time also didn’t have the language can awkwardly sobbed corners of the mouth Du Ruo two people care about.
Guishui is actually no stranger to Chu Xing Meteor. At least she is ten years old this year. As early as three years ago, she had already experienced menarche. It happened that Pan Hui had just been poisoned in the previous period. She really didn’t think about Guishui at the moment. Like the proprietress, it was the residual toxin that made such a big oolong.
Du Ruo got up and went to the backyard to take her warm-handed soup lady and put it on Pan Hui’s abdomen and pressed Hegu point in her right hand to help relieve the pain temporarily.
AoQing looked at two people look a little uncomfortable "GuiShui … Will it hurt like this?" How do you look as if you are seriously ill? It is terrible.
"Uh …" Du Ruo couldn’t find out the exact explanation words at the moment, so he mumbled, "When you reach the age, you will know that she was poisoned the other day and lost her blood gas, so it will hurt like this. I’ll give her a pair of medicine slowly! It’s not a thing to be so painful. "
With that, Du Ruo went to the medicine cabinet to find the medicine. In a short time, he found out Chuanxiong, Angelica sinensis, Paeonia lactiflora, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Radix Aucklandiae, Rhizoma Corydalis and Melia azedarach, weighed them, wrapped them into four bags of hemp rope, tied them and handed them to Chu Xing Meteor, saying, "Fry them with slow fire every day, stick three bowls of water and boil them into a bowl before eating."
Perhaps Mrs. Tang’s fever started. Pan Hui finally felt that the pain was not as severe as before, so she breathed a sigh of relief. "I’ve never encountered such a thing before. What’s wrong with this?"
"It’s not a disease, it’s something that every woman has to go through and …" Du Ruo deliberately dragged an old long tone and looked at Pan Hui’s eyebrows and picked them up because of worry. "I don’t know if it will last for decades for normal women every month for about four or five days. It will be much longer than the average person."
Pan Hui a listen to restore a little color in the face instantly turned white again.
It hurts for four or five days every month, and it’s still going on for decades. When Pan Hui thinks about it, she feels that she will have a very miserable life in the coming day.
The wife of shop-owner and Lin Ling took Chisou’s foot journey unhappy when they arrived at Yaolu. When they heard Du Ruo’s words, the wife of shop-owner exclaimed, "Aye! Did you come to Guishui? But I was careless. I also said that the residual poison was not clear. "
Lin Ling also said, "Scare me. It’s okay. I’ll cook some brown sugar and ginger soup for you when I get home later."
At this time, Chibu tugged at the hands of the two sisters with a pair of clear big eyes and asked, "What is cassia water?"
Du Ruo saw my little girl blink her eyes and felt that Tuan Tuan powder was very cute. She bent down behind her and scraped a pool of small noses and said, "Guishui is a daughter’s bar mitzvah. Once Guishui comes, it means that you have grown up and can get married."
Ikebuo suddenly frowned and shook his head. "But look at Sister Pan. It’s so sad. Ikebuo, don’t be so sad."
Pan Hui doesn’t feel bright at the moment when she hears Chibu’s words. Wouldn’t it hurt if Guishui didn’t come? I can’t help but ask, "Is there any way to make Guishui never come?"
Du Ruo smell speech one leng twist a head looked at lying on his deathbed bright-eyed Pan Hui and saw that the rest of the people were uniformly looking at themselves and seemed to be waiting for the answer, so he gave a wry smile. "There are ways to do this, but once the water is broken, you can have a baby."
At that time, everyone was silent, and Ikebuo still blinked his eyes curiously and looked at this one, but it was also very clever.
For a long time, it was Mr. Pan Hui who broke the silence. "I feel better. Since I’m not sick, let’s go back first!" Then she got up and handed the soup lady back to Du Re-dao, "Thank you for your care."
Aoqing hurriedly used to hold Pan Huisheng for fear that she would be unstable as before.
Chu Xing meteorite said, "Don’t forget to pay for the consultation." Anyway, Aoqing always pays for going out, but Chu Xing meteorite has no copper.
"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the consultation fee."
Aoqing hurriedly put his hand into the sleeve pocket and was stopped by Du Ruo. "No need to go back to your clinic. There is more than enough for you to get sick again. It’s chilly at night. Let’s hurry back!" Be careful not to catch cold these days, or it will hurt you. "
The last sentence is naturally said to Pan Hui. Pan Hui hurriedly nodded and said, "Thank you." This just left Du Ruo Medicine Lu with everyone.
All the way because of Pan Hui’s discomfort, everyone was unhappy. When approaching South Street, Chu Xing meteorite suddenly handed the medicine to the proprietress and pulled Aoqing away to do some shopping so that everyone could go back first without waiting for them.
So the remaining four people went home slowly and asked Pan Huixian to go back to her room and lie down with the proprietress, and went to boil water to prepare soup, while Po Lin Ling went to cook ginger soup.
Soon a bowl of ginger soup with pungent brown sugar was sent to Pan Hui’s bed.
Looking at the bell, she firmly refused to look. Pan Hui tried to hold back the spicy taste and poured the whole bowl of hot ginger soup and lay back in bed.
Chapter 12 Formal Adults (2)
Soon ChuXing meteorite and AoQing came back, and they tied the door. Only then did they come to Pan Hui’s room and handed a few pieces of cloth with strange shapes to Pan Huidao. "You tied this pad into the pants and took it for daily replacement and cleaning. I specially made the rouge shop owner make it thicker."
Pan Hui took the cloth hesitantly and found that it was a Chinese model, and some toilet paper was stuffed in one of the cloth bags.
She couldn’t help but look up at Chu Xing meteorite and stammer, "This … er … what’s going on?"