Song boss several people searched for Haikui and felt a lot of fluctuations in Zhenyuan and Haikui’s knowledge.

Here, the world is not big, it is not small, and it seems to be the exhaustion of feeling in limited reincarnation.
When they were playing hide-and-seek game, suddenly Haikui felt the darkness of heaven and earth when he was busy flying. He looked up at the sky and saw more and faster chapters, and when he arrived, he saw dark clouds, and I didn’t know when they were coming.
Busy eyebrows a wrinkly just want to continue to fly, but I feel abnormal in the rear, and suddenly I turn around and see fat suddenly appear not far from him.
Haikui decided that this is a rule disruption. For example, there are three places ab where you fly from A to B, but you are in the position. Before these three places, you may need to fly from A to B and then fly.
Sohaikui flying in the opposite direction to them may still appear in front of them.
That is to say, when the host here sets this rule, you may appear in front of them everywhere, with the aim of making one of the five people disappear.
Fat saw Haikui rushing in without saying anything and signaled several other people at the same time.
However, Haikui guessed another problem, that is, when they fly to one place, they may not fly to another place.
Sohaikui now feels that the possibility of being besieged by many people may be reduced.
Busy is not a fat opponent, fat is a statue, and there is no busy place. Haikui busy did not choose to fight, but turned and left
The sky suddenly changed dramatically, getting darker and darker, and there was a cold wind blowing from the sky.
Haikui busy repair and honour together are stronger, but the body is not weak. The ordinary cold wind won’t feel anything at all, but now it feels very cold. The cold wind makes him tremble and get cold.
Looking back, I stole a glance, and my face was dignified, and my eyes were not staring at him. It seems that he felt bad, too.
Haikui suddenly realized that the five elements should be as simple as the five elements that are definitely impossible to kill a person.
Fat glanced at the sky, and the speed suddenly accelerated towards Haikui, and the momentum suddenly surged, just like a missile rushing to the target with a destructive breath.
Haikui busy seeing the chase immediately turned around and took a palm, and at the same time opened his mouth and vomited an ordinary flying sword, which suddenly appeared from his mouth and shot at Fat.
This flying sword was collected by Haikui for killing others. It is an ordinary thing. It is as insignificant as a dead leaf in front of a distracted master. When I lifted my sleeve and swept it, the flying sword was smashed into pieces and slapped Haikui at the same time.
The relative sound of the two palms is absolutely like the explosion of a nuclear bomb, which makes the gods cry. The palm of the hand brings up the Gangfeng and instantly breaks the clothes of the two men, which did not cause great damage to the ground.
Haikui’s busy body is so fat that it can’t bear this power. The body falls back, and the real element can’t control it. It bumps around and spurts blood, and turns around and runs by retreating force.
How can fat Hai Kui escape and kill him by taking advantage of his illness? Fat also knows how to chase him quickly.
Haikui busy flying suddenly looked up from the sky and felt a cold murder. His heart was shocked than.
Even the fat figure behind him is also a look up to heaven.
As soon as the glittering and translucent things fell, Haikui and Fat fell on their bodies, hurting and freezing before they could react.
There was hail.
However, this is no ordinary hail, which is harmful to them with cold aura.
Fat give up chasing Haikui first, reach out and take out a magic weapon to resist hail.
Haikui Nai’s double magic weapon didn’t bring a few things, but it was also some garbage magic weapons. He could attack the falling hail with garbage magic weapons, and at the same time, his body suddenly dived into the bottom.
Soon Haikui’s busy body fell to the ground and stepped on the soil, and his feet dipped half way down, suddenly realizing that he couldn’t dive.
Looking down, his face was pale and the earth was visible to the naked eye. The speed was frozen, and his half was frozen and he could not move.
Chapter 36 One person died
The five elements skills that Haikui knows are all superficial five elements skills. Jin Mu’s water, fire and earth like this kind of ice-skating skill is an advanced five elements skill.
Moreover, the half-length was frozen, and at the same time, the avatar found that the extreme health was suppressed.
Looking up at the fat member in the hail, without hesitation, he directly abandoned the sending of the incarnated Yuan God and fled towards the distance.
This ice spell is also quite destructive to Yuan Shen. Those who hit Hai Kui Yuan Shen with aura of ice made him feel pain from the depths of his soul. Fortunately, Hai Kui reacted quickly and Yuan Shen quickly went out of the ice area and fled to the distance.
Fat while resisting hail came to Haikui’s busy body and took a look at it. Bai Haikui Yuan Shen ran more and faster. Please go to the chapter of low curse and resist the cold wind of hail and walk away in the distance.
Since it is so easy to break in, let him stay away from the whole world. It is colder than hail, and the frozen area of the earth spreads rapidly. I feel that I can hardly fly.
Haikui Zun is also uncomfortable. He hides in the ground and is ready to wait for an opportunity. Who knows that the earth has suddenly changed dramatically around him, and the soil has turned into quicksand, which is constantly rolling and contains great aura. When he hits the body and is heavier than a thousand pounds of boulders, he finds that the outside has become a desert.
There is a tyrannical aura in Haikui’s body. Although it is a common elixir of the former leaf, please go to more and faster chapters, but after being tempered by Haikui Pang Da Zhenyuan, even the whole giant peak can’t be damaged, but a gust of wind blows like ten thousand knives, and instantly there are many wounds on the body.
The whole place is full of powerful aura, and there is no place to hide. The surface is flowing quicksand, and the quicksand is also full of violent aura. After all, it is not indestructible, and the body can be smashed by quicksand, which is more than a meat grinder.
If Haikui’s conjecture is correct, this is the five elements of soil.
Two places at once meet the five elements of water and ice, and honour the five elements of earth and sand.
Haikui’s search for a circle in the bag is nothing like a magic weapon for defense.
Just when Haikui was looking at his bag, a figure suddenly appeared not far away. When Haikui’s eyebrows jumped, he suddenly looked up and saw that Ye Niang was not far away. There was a magic weapon with a hairpin that gave off a soft light, covering Ye Niang’s figure in the light, and the sand outside was blocked.
Haikui word turned around and took out Aoki fenglei umbrella from the bag. Lei Guang flickered and knocked off all the flying sand leaves to resist the fierce wind.
Haikui is like a man walking with an umbrella in the sand.
The wind and sand are too big to fly fast, but I want to teleport, only to find that the surroundings are instantly removed by extrusion.
Ye Niang’s magic weapon is much better than Haikui’s. She also saw Haikui turn around and say, "What’s the little brother running for? Are you afraid that my sister will eat you more and faster?"
Haikui clearly heard her talk and swept her back. As soon as she saw Ye Niang’s pose, she knew that the magic weapon in her head was not simple. Although she could sound the past for dozens of meters, there was a tyrannical psychic interference in this violent wind and sand. It was bound to consume a huge amount of money to clearly sound the past.
Haikui stole a look at Ye Niang’s demeanor. The middle of the four of them was the lowest. If you can’t kill Ye Niang as soon as possible, you may die if you meet several other people with great strength.
Haikui reached into the bag, grabbed the five-spirit magic bead, entered the five-spirit magic bead, left some of the gods in Ye Sheng’s body, and the whole Yuan God entered the five-spirit magic bead. Yuan God found Xiaoman and let Xiaoman cooperate to kill Ye Niang.
Xiaoman is an ancient god beast, whose blood vessels have grown rapidly after cultivation. In those days, you could fight in infancy only by relying on the original ecological posture, let alone now.
All congenital conditions are very important.
At this time, Haikui is lucky if he doesn’t do anything else. Although he met a fat member, he met Ye Nian, the weakest of the four. It’s not impossible that he can’t kill Ye Nian. Haikui will fight to kill her, and maybe he can enter the fourth place with the rest of the people.
Haikui has no other choice now. Although he entered here with several people, the conditions have been set. There are four people who can pass, and four people bring him here.
Suo Haikui will die, but friends will not die themselves.
Haikui don’t choose the first time to update the first hand.
Moreover, he created the conditions for the five elements. If it is a vast world as it was when he first came in, if four people want to get together, then think about it and it will be him.
The flesh is holding an Aoki umbrella and struggling to move in the sand, but Ye Niang is much easier than Haikui. She quickly chased Haikui with her magic weapon and said again, "Didn’t my little brother hear my sister call you?"
Haikui heart dark scold a old heard again call ao die you, but the body is still moving forward without looking back.
Ye Niang sneered behind Haikui. She also saw the situation of Chu Haikui, and the tyrannical spirit force was difficult to move.
"Little brother, if you don’t have a good magic weapon to fix any immortal life, you may lose it." Ye Niang said, raising a palm and patting it behind Haikui.
Haikui turned around and spat like a magic weapon or something spit out from his mouth and flew directly to Ye Nian Ye Nian, patting Haikui with her other hand and a block and a palm.
Haikui Zun spat out one mouthful blood in his body and took a hundred steps back with the help of being patted.
Ye Niang felt as if she had pulled something sticky with her other hand, but it was mixed with sand and phlegm when she looked carefully.
Ye Niang’s face turned red and she flew into a rage, which was the most shameless insult to her.
"Little old niang kill you" Ye Niang growled in the hands of a cufflink first update toward HaiKui point-blank.