Hai Kui looked at this lifeless white male. His cultivation was not high, and it was only in the later period of then that Han Wenxuan came close, but just now Han Wenxuan said that he was the younger brother of the evil heart temple. This evil heart temple should not be weak, otherwise Han Wenxuan would not have this concern.

But he’s still a little dizzy. Is this man the little girl’s father?
"In that case, I’ll let you back down," said Han Wen, with a swish of a broken stereo, and a touch of black shot out of the hole and headed straight for the man’s left shoulder.
Haikui’s eyes darkened, and it seemed that Han Wenxuan didn’t want to hurt him.
That’s a black chopstick, and the root won’t die, and it may not even hurt.
When the man’s face changed, his figure was about to recede, but he couldn’t retreat, he couldn’t move his body, and his body was suddenly out of control, and he couldn’t move a point, watching the black chopsticks penetrate his left shoulder.
He grinned with pain and almost couldn’t help it. He snorted and gnashed his teeth. "Han Wenxuan, don’t be the hard way."
Haikui took back the male finger, teleported for a certain distance and continued to watch.
There was a silence inside, and then Han asked Xuan to say, "Get out!"
Du Xiuping, trembling, pointed to the hole and said, "There is a limit to my patience. If you weren’t beautiful and Xiu was taller than me, I would be so low. Let’s talk about it today. I’ve always wanted to really impress you, but today you hurt me. Either you can be my double-cultivation partner or you can be my slave girl. You choose."
Haikui’s eyes burst into cold light, and Du Xiuping suddenly shivered. When he looked around, he found nothing unusual. He touched a wound and thought it might be caused by excessive bleeding.
Han Wenxuan growled for the fourth time, "Get out!"
If Han Wenxuan had been in the past, it would have been possible to kill Du Xiuping directly, but now she has lost her master’s shelter and is still carrying Yiyi, so she has to endure Du Xiuping once and for all.
"Mom, that uncle outside is very bad," Yiyi looked up and said to Han Wenxuan lightly.
Han Wenxuan lovingly rubbed Yiyi’s little head. "Lovely," his eyes were full of tenderness.
Du Xiuping was a little crazy. Although the physical injury was not serious, it was very painful for a person who had never been injured for more than 30 years.
He condescended to usher in a number of rolling words, which made him angry from embarrassment. He couldn’t help it at once and broke out. "Han Wenxuan, you bitch, you gave birth to a child with people. What are you pretending to be a virtuous woman? I think you are your blessing."
Du Xiuping was scolding addiction when Han Wenxuan walked out of the cave with a black face, and the little girl at the mouth of the cave leaned out nervously to look at it.
Haikui listened sullenly. He wanted to crush Du Xiuping’s head, but when he saw Han Wen spinning out, he didn’t move and continued to watch.
However, Haikui had doubts again. Listen to that, the little girl is not Du Xiuping, so who is her father?
Han Wenxuan came towards Du Xiuping step by step, and his face was gloomy, which scared Du Xiuping to step back, but immediately he got up the courage and said, "Wenxuan, think clearly and come with me."
Han Wenxuan said sullenly, "I’ll say it the second time, and don’t ask me to ask for it. Say it the fifth time, get out of here, you fix it, and it’s not much harder to crush you than to crush an ant."
Du Xiuping patience to the extreme, gas pointed to Korea asked spin nose way "you SAO bitch, you will regret, you and your little bastard …"
Before he finished, Han Wenxuan slapped Du Xiuping in the mouth with a backhand, which made him exert great efforts and knocked out both his teeth.
Du Xiuping held his mouth in pain. When did he eat this loss, he was scolded by a bitch and hurt the bitch.
He stepped back a few steps, feeling that he had pulled away, and said, "You wait for me, and I will make you and the little bastard regret it."
Then he turned and flew,
Just fly up, a palm was printed on his back, Du Xiuping was slapped and fell to the ground, then got up, took a bad look at Han Wenxuan and staggered away.
When Du Xiuping disappeared, Han Wenxuan said to himself, "Is it a mistake not to kill him?"
Haikui could see clearly at the bottom of the distance. He came to secretly follow Du Xiuping and give him two more knives to let him die directly. But on second thought, Du Xiuping just looked bad. Unless he is a true gentleman, he will definitely make a comeback.
But look at him, where there is a true gentleman,
Haikui watched Han Wenxuan turn around and return to his abode of fairies and immortals. Because of his children, Han Wenxuan didn’t seal the hole.
Hai Kui watched the whole day. Du Xiuping shouldn’t have come back so soon. He teleported quickly and went straight home. Mom was watching at home, and Dad went out for a walk.
Haikui gave her mother the mobile phone she bought for them and said, "Tonight, I won’t come back. I have something to do. You are busy. I’ll call you later."
Chapter 333 You shouldn’t insult her
After reading Haikui’s account, he immediately teleported to northern Xinjiang. His speed, from Heping City to northern Xinjiang, was only ten minutes, and even if he went back and forth for dozens of laps, he would not be exhausted.
Haikui was afraid that Du Xiuping and his men would come back soon, but what reassured him was that everything was still calm. Haikui continued to sneak into the ground and watched Han Wenxuan and her daughter.
Han Wenxuan is holding her daughter, holding a children’s book in her hand, and teaching her to read.
First read the story, then explain it word by word, and teach her how to be a good wife and mother.
Haikui sighed. In his mind, Han Wenxuan has always been a goddess.
The sun climbs slowly, and when it climbs over the ridge completely, the day will be over completely.
Han Wenxuan set out to cook for her daughter, and the little girl tossed and turned her own little man.
Haikui’s eyes are getting more and more gentle. Looking at a big girl and a little girl, what a warm scene. If the child’s father enters from the outside again, then he pampers the little girl’s head, gives her a lovekiss, and then gives his wife a lovekiss. How warm and touching,
Alas, Haikui sighed again.
He suddenly wanted to turn away, and he felt as if he were redundant.
But at this moment, Hai Kui suddenly looked up, and the real yuan fluctuated in the distance, and several smells quickly came in this direction, some of which were weak and some were strong, but the strongest was only in the middle of Yuan Ying, but it was higher than Han Wen’s Xuan Xiu.
Haikui’s mouth caught a smile, and he knew that Du Xiuping wouldn’t let it go.
Du Xiuping led the way in front, and then said piteously, "Master, Leng Yue sent people but they have been crushing us. Today, I was humiliated by the older brother sent by Leng Yue. Master must make my decision, and I want her to be my cultivation cauldron, although it has already been broken."
Du Xiuping respectfully treats a man in his forties. This man is not tall, with a gloomy face, a wide face and a big mouth. He looks like a generous man, but his expression is not generous at all.
"Master, you must let me make the decision," said Du Xiuping.
Behind the two of them, there were two men, both aged around 30, and one of them said, "Don’t worry, Teacher, since I’m here, I won’t let you suffer."
When they spoke, the four men came to Han Wenxuan’s abode of fairies and immortals. Han Wenxuan also felt it, and let go of the cooker and looked up at the sky.
Master Du Xiuping looked at the cave with gloomy eyes and said coldly, "You hurt my beloved disciple."
Han Wenxuan squatted down to explain to his daughter, then got up, slowly walked out of the abode of fairies and immortals, looked at Master Du Xiuping’s expression and said, "I haven’t asked your name yet."
"Hum, you know I’m a senior," the middle-aged man snorted. "I’m Hou An, the master of the evil heart temple. Even if your master sees me, you have to call me Hou An."
Han Wenxuan sneered at Master andao in his heart, but his eyes were a little sad.
Hou An said coldly, "You hurt my brother, or let your master apologize to me, or you can be my brother’s maid."
If Zhen Miao-yu was really here, Hou An would never dare to say so. Zhen Miao-yu, Yuan Ying’s later repair, can lie down on the four of them with one hand.
They just decided that Han Wenxuan would help now.
Han Wenxuan didn’t even look at them. He said coldly, "Just you, and let my master apologize to you. If you give my master shoes, my master will feel ashamed."
After Ann’s face suddenly changed, he roared, "You bitch want to die."
Du Xiuping hurriedly held out his hand to hold the master. "Master, don’t kill yourself. You are so beautiful, you have to sleep a few times."
Hou An looked at his apprentice sideways, snapped and gave his apprentice a mouth.
Du Xiuping was stupefied. He didn’t expect the master to hit him. It hurt, and his teeth almost fell out. He looked at his master puzzled and said, "Master, why did you hit me?"
Hou An stared at Han Wenxuan in a cruel way and said, "This bitch not only bullied you, but also insulted Master. Since Master made moves, how can she get better? When I have a good time, I will give it to you so that you can suck her to fix it."
Du Xiuping immediately got a bitter face and understood the meaning of Master.
Haikui’s anger rose from the bottom of his heart, and he understood it. This is Du Xiuping. Seeing Han Wenxuan’s beauty and repair, he wants to double-repair and upgrade with her.
Master Du Xiuping looked at China and South Korea and asked about their beauty, hoping to bring disaster to her.
In front of him, how could this happen to him?