"In that case, how many people did you eat before answering my question?"

"Thirty-four people came before you, and you are the thirty-fifth!"
"Are they all dead?"
Her voice is euphemistic and melodious. "They are all dead and greedy for my keys in this extremely fairy jade coffin!"
Haikui looked at the key in her hand. "What is this key?"
"This key is a treasure. If you destroy the crystal coffin, you will destroy the key!" There are some faint sounds in Haikui’s mind, like complaints and bitterness.
"Let’s hear it. Do I stay?"
"I’ll tell you if you promise not to destroy the crystal coffin first!"
Haikui: No, she reached out and pointed out that the branches were too old to come out.
Bellow from the crystal coffin.
"Are you crazy enough to spare a dead man?"
Haikui smiled. "You’re not an ordinary dead man."
Several pale gold rune branches dance
"All right, I said," The girl’s voice was weak.
Haikui waved his hand to stop the branches dancing in the forest and falling at any time.
"How can you be so cruel? I’m a weak woman."
"I didn’t see that my right hand was gone. What do you say?"
A faint sigh "All right, I’ll tell you"
Haikui listened carefully.
"This key is the key to the fairy house of the Dragon Lord. With this key, you can fight the fairy house!"
"Is there a dragon god? Black Dragon, White Dragon and Golden Dragon? "
"The dragon Lord is the master of the dark black dragon Lord!"
Is it really the black dragon
"Is the black dragon dead?"
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing. I heard that finding it and bathing in blood can achieve immortality!"
"How is it possible! You heard that it was all false! " The woman handed me some panic.
Hai Kui estimates that even if it is true, the dead man will not say that he should be a follower according to her name for the black dragon. Aren’t ordinary followers very loyal?
"Well, I see. Thanks for telling me to find the black dragon myself. Bye!"
Haikui said at the same time, with a wave of his hand, the branches dispersed and the golden awn and the green awn flashed like raindrops falling all over the sky.
Holding the green Haikui fuels in his hand, he motioned to turn around and go.
Haikui looked back and frowned. "What’s the matter?"
[starting from the first time! ]
Chapter 549 The Black Dragon
The entrance is sealed. You can’t get out.
"Then when can I go out?"
"The entrance machine here starts once every 30 years. If you want to go out, you have to wait for 30 years!"
"Thirty years!" Haikui felt that tens of thousands of alpacas roared by.
Haikui fell back and turned to look at the crystal coffin and asked, "Is there any other way to leave?"
"Tell me about it."
"I am hungry, please feed me first!" The woman’s weak voice came into Haikui’s mind.
Isn’t it a little too evil for Haikui to frown?
"What do you want?"
"I’m hungry, will you let me eat first?"
Listening to her pathetic voice, Haikui touched his bag. "Do you take Dan medicine?"
"Dan medicine is fine, but it’s best to eat your flesh and blood. Otherwise, why don’t you take off your thigh and let me eat it?"
Haikui looked gloomy. "Are you a hungry ghost?"
She is very wronged and a little shy.
A damn fool still has so many emotions. Oh, he can say a ray of divine knowledge.
Haikui took out a Dan medicine, which was refined by Lingyan, and could quickly restore the true yuan Dan medicine. Now Haikui’s level is just a low-level Dan medicine, but it has reached three.
He threw Dan medicine to the crystal coffin.
A flash of light from the crystal coffin flashed across the elixir and disappeared. A few seconds later, the sound came to Haikui’s mind, "Is there anything delicious?"
Haikui word took out two pieces and threw them to the crystal coffin.
Crystal coffin is a flash of light Dan medicine was swallowed.
"Shu but it’s still a little less."
Haikui frowned slightly. "Hurry up and say that if you leave here, Grandpa is going to look for dragon blood!"
The crystal coffin slowly changed, and some of it floated for a while, and it was still like ice crystals. There was a beautiful bubbling woman lying in the crystal coffin.
"How nice! If only someone gave me Dan medicine every day! "
Haikui said angrily, "It would be better if someone let you eat every day!" "
"Yes, that’s a great idea!" The sound gave a surprise, "If this is good, you can catch people and feed them to me, just like you are so fresh and delicious!" "
"Ok, I’ll get you ten every day to eat delicious food, ok?" Haikui laughed at a said
"Yes, yes!" That sound is very exciting.