Guo Shuai and liujing’s eyes suddenly have a strong * * in their hearts. If we can have sex with a beautiful woman at this table, it’s much stronger than this one beside us. It won’t be a pity that Xie Yan lost this kind of stuff at school after all.

Thought of here, a very gentleman came to Guo Shuai and smiled. "liujing didn’t expect to meet you here."
Liujing looked at his face and said, "These are all school classmates."
Guo Shuai’s eyes lit up and hurriedly said, "Oh, I didn’t expect that they were all classmates. It’s rare. Since they are all classmates, don’t mind if I sit here to eat." It happened that Guo Shuai saw that there were two places where people didn’t stay at the table and agreed to sit down. "
Haikui stared at Guo Shuai and looked at this person as if he had some impression, but he just couldn’t remember clearly. He said with a bad breath, "This classmate, let’s eat well here. What is your butt in?"
Guo Shuai first laughed and said, "You shouldn’t mind being classmates."
Haikui glared at him and said, "I mind all boys who are uglier than me."
Yang Yulu burst out laughing and said, "Hai Kui, you are wrong. You are more handsome than you."
Guo Shuai looked at Yang Yulu’s smile and it was beautiful and bubbling, but he still boasted that he was as handsome as a fan.
Guo Shuai’s heart beat his thigh, and I said, it’s impossible for all beautiful women to hug the bed, but Guo Shuai instantly targeted Yang Yulu.
Haikui looked at Guo Shuai’s eyes and looked at Yang Yulou with greed, which made him suddenly think of an animal toad.
Paralysis, this is to dig a corner. I didn’t expect the hoe to reach my wall.
Haikui squinted at a woman behind him and said, "I said this classmate forgot all your beautiful classmates after seeing other beautiful women."
Guo Shuai looked back at Xie Yan and said to Haikui, "Do you mind if we both sit here?"
Haikui laughed. "She sits here, but you can’t sit here."
"What" Guo Shuai leng way.
"Because today is a public dinner party, we have already sat at this table. We ask who will sit here and who won’t," Haikui said, lifting the bar high.
Guo Shuai stopped looking at Haikui with a cold hum and looked at others and said, "This hotel is not your home. I want to sit there and ask you to take care of it."
Haikui didn’t expect to meet a shameless grass. I should really worship your teacher
Haikui turned his head and shouted "Member" to the member.
Immediately, a member came to Haikui and said, "What’s the matter with your hotel? We came here first and sat at this table. Can he let him sit at another table later?"
The clerk said, "Isn’t he your friend?" No one wants to offend, but she heard what they said just now. It seems that they are all students in a school.
"Who knows him? Get him out of here and sit at another table, or I won’t pay the bill." Haikui slapped the table and said.
Guo Shuai laughed. "I can come if you come to do business. Why can’t I sit here? Besides, is it a decoration to put two stools?"
Xie Yan was alone and said to Guo Shuai, "Guo Shuai, our classmate is not happy that you are sitting here. Why don’t we sit somewhere else?"
This Xie Yan’s temper is really good. If you put it on other girls, you can’t just turn around and leave.
Guo Shuai wanted to say that if you don’t want to sit here, you can get out of here, but then on second thought, if you can have some sex with her after one thousand, you can directly pull her and force Xie Yan to sit and say, "It’s okay, you sit here."
Haikui didn’t expect this Guo Shuai to use a trick of dog skin plaster to cling to them as soon as he came. He was sure that this Wynaut was a toad trying to eat swan meat to see the beauty at his table.
Paralysis, this table of beautiful women is always hard to get together. If you want to get together by yourself,
Haikui has lost patience slightly and is ready to give this little color to get rid of him.
It’s also difficult for members here. They are all guests who can’t offend.
"This gentleman, why don’t you let this gentleman and young lady sit at your table?" The clerk also hurriedly said with a chin.
Haikui raised his eyebrows and said, "Well, I’m extremely upset that you let him sit here. I won’t pay for this table."
It’s hard for you to do this. Finally, you can say to Guo Shuai, "Sir, why don’t you change your seat?"
Guo Shuai was also a black face and said, "I’ll come to your place and sit wherever I want. I can’t sit here."
Member Nai looked at Guo Shuai and Haikui, and all the other beautiful women were as agreed. No one opened his mouth to persuade her. Nai said to Haikui, "Sir, please wait a moment. I’ll call our manager."
Haikui beckoned her to hurry up. "Go, go, go, mom. I’m more disgusting than eating flies."
Guo Shuai naturally listened to Haikui scolding him, but the surface was calm and ignored Haikui’s expression that he thought it was cool to show a table full of beautiful women. "Hello everyone, my name is Guo Shuai, and I am a junior. Nice to meet you."
And he held out his salty hand to shake hands with all the beautiful women at the table.
But no one paid attention to him and looked at him like a joke.
The manager came to this table soon. Although 19 yuan is not much, it can be regarded as 1% of the daily income at most, but it is also equivalent to the salary of a member. The manager is still wondering whether they are playing duet and don’t want to pay the bill.
"Sorry to bother you-I’m the store manager." The manager said politely to everyone.
Haikui knocked hard on two tables and said, "I said, manager, we came here first and already ate at this table, but this guy insisted on sitting at our table. See how to solve it."
The manager laughed. "This gentleman, you see, says that harmony makes money. It’s a big table for a person. It’s just not as good as letting this gentleman sit here."
Haikui, listen to me. You fucking upset me, too. "I just told your staff that if he sits here, I won’t pay the bill."
The manager put away his smile and said, "I’m afraid that’s not possible, sir. There is no problem with our food here. If we don’t pay the bill, we can call the police."
Guo Shuai is happy in his heart. Haha, in the old side, it seems that today is really my auspicious day. I smiled and said to the beautiful women at the table, "You beautiful women don’t mind having him as a boy."
Guo Shuai happened to want to belittle Haikui and erect his image. In the eyes of everyone, he has become cheeky and shameless, but no one wants to talk to him about Haikui.
If one day he looks at it from a bystander’s point of view, it turns out that many beautiful women are willing to talk to me, and Haikui Sang, a good gay friend, gave him true love.
It’s like a beautiful woman just broke up with her boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her ex-boyfriend. But her ex-boyfriend keeps talking and wants to save her or cheat her out again, and then she throws it away. No matter how much she scolds him, she keeps playing short of breath. The beautiful woman used her quick wits to tell him that I have been on the train and found a new relationship in other places. At this moment, the beautiful woman and her best friend shouted, "Beer, cigarettes and mineral water are coming to her feet." The boyfriend instantly hung up, and the good friend thanked her.
It’s that feeling of true love.
But the reality is that people in the authorities will look at it as a third party.
Guo Shuai shame y swinging thinking that if he drove Haikui away, wouldn’t he be able to enjoy this table of beautiful women alone?
Haikui sneered two times, "Good, good, really good. I really stepped on shit today, so unlucky."
The manager, on the other hand, said neither too hot nor too cold, "Sir, this table is a total of 19 yuan. I want to make sure whether you can afford it first."
Guo Shuai a listen to immediately ridicule looked at Haikui heart praised the manager this guy is good.
Haikui paused and then laughed. "Two thousand dollars is a fart in my eyes." He took out a stack of money from his waist bag and slammed it on the table with a thickness of ten thousand yuan. "Dogs look at people but I left this here today. Your handling makes me very dissatisfied. I won’t pay for this meal today."