But before he could fly far away, he felt a ShaQi ahead, and his eyebrows slightly wrinkled and stopped.

"Do you feel anything abnormal ahead?" Haikui asked Monty Flag with a frown.
"A blood gas" monty flag slowly replied.
"Let’s detour" Haikui immediately decided that since it was the first time to update the bloody gas, there was a fight ahead and he didn’t want to get involved.
"It’s hard to make a detour and we can also benefit from it." Monty flag hey hey smiled.
Haikui gently well-actually, he also wants to see what’s going on.
After he was silent for two seconds, "OK, let’s go and have a look, but if something goes wrong, leave immediately."
"Okay, that’s it." Monty Flag agreed.
After reaching a consensus, Haikui converged on the induction response.
He is afraid that the other party will be taller than himself, so that even if he converges, the other party can feel it.
After flying for a while, I felt a real wave.
Four towering blood columns exude blood gas. Haikui recognized this blood column when he saw it. This blood column is Zhou Li’s thing, but it is an excellent four-sided blood evil spirit array that traps people.
He looked intently and saw a man trapped in the blood of the quartet. The sea Kratos remembered that it was the person who bought Sheng Yuan Dan who didn’t expect Zhou Li to find him again.
"Hand over Sheng Yuan Dan and spare your life." Zhou Linyin was extremely afraid that others might be hiding and didn’t see where it was.
It is a spell and magic weapon to keep silent in the blood array, but you can’t break the blood array immediately for a while.
Haikui knows that if he can’t break this array immediately, I’m afraid he will be killed by Zhou Li. If Zhou Li is poisoned, he can take each other in a short time.
Haikui is thinking about bursts of white smoke from the blood column, which completely matches Haikui’s conjecture.
It’s cheaper to raise Yuan Dan. No one can be cheaper. Zhou Li is cheaper than others. I, Haikui, thought of this and quietly gave Monty a flag "I want it."
Monty flag immediately Bai Haikui means "We’ll wait until he gets Sheng Yuan Dan."
After the two reached an agreement, they waited for the opportunity to shoot.
The monty flag is a magic weapon that follows the original owner. That’s a terrible killing. Otherwise, how could there be so many souls in the flag? Everyone is naturally happy to kill him, and the smell of blood makes him excited.
However, Haikui’s promotion is very slow now, so he wants to get the Yuan Dan to make his own breakthrough.
White smoke spread quickly in the array, and soon it came to the person inside, discussing how he could drive it away and blow it away.
"Hand over Sheng Yuan Dan to spare your life." Zhou Liyin went out again.
But the man still didn’t say a word. He seemed to know how to disperse the poisonous smoke, and his eyes flashed like he was making a decision.
Haikui had a bad idea when he saw that the man reached out in his arms and pulled out a small porcelain bottle.
"Gaga, that’s right?" Zhou Liyin once again appeared in the blood column, and the Facebook mouth was gnawing at the jade bottle to take away the small porcelain bottle.
The man will throw the porcelain bottle into his mouth when he hits it quickly and pours it into his hand.
"Fuck" Haikui dark scold a body suddenly disappeared suddenly appeared in the man’s side Dan medicine is a little distance from his mouth.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Haikui slapped him on the left side of the back of the head and caught him off guard. He missed half an inch of Dan medicine and caught him in the face.
Flash speed reached out and grabbed Yuan Dan, pointed him in a seal, grabbed him and put him into the bag.
Haikui came to hide in the range of 500 meters away from the blood column, and his teleport distance can be more than 20 meters, but just now the feeling be nasty unexpectedly teleport, with a range of about 500 meters, I don’t know where this limit can go to the maximum.
At the same time, Haikui also put himself in danger. He was in the blood column and the poisonous smoke was about to wrap the man. He is now in the original position of the man. This moment is equivalent to the poisonous smoke wrapping him.
The black face slammed into Haikui’s protective qi, and the qi was stirred and broken.
Fortunately, the monty flag blended into the Haikui body, followed by his teleport, and the monty flag responded quickly. A thick black smoke rolled up and wrapped Haikui like a cocoon, which blocked an attack from Facebook.
The poisonous fog is also blocked by black fog.
Chapter 253 Swallowed Dan medicine
"Small is you again" Zhou Li’s anger sounded that he hated the appearance of small again.
Haikui just broke out in a cold sweat. If so, what would he be without the monty flag?
Zhou Li’s figure appeared to be very angry and ferocious, and his face was just a wave of his hand. Four blood columns rumbled and stirred up, and the square blood evil spirit array changed.
Although Haikui is wrapped in black fog and looks like a cocoon, his knowledge of God is not limited. You can see Zhou Li’s every move.
Facebook can’t break the black fog protection, give up a flicker and disappear, while white fog covers the whole black fog for a long time, and then poison Haikui if there is a flaw.
The blood evil spirit array stirs and narrows the scope, and makes a slight noise. It turns out that the blood column is not based on the illusion, but is like a utensil. After stirring and colliding with the black fog soul, it is like adding water drops to hot oil and evaporating.
"I didn’t expect this blood column to restrain my soul." Monty flag was surprised.
Everything has its vanquisher. Nothing can be the enemy’s defense against the poisonous fog. The soul can’t guard against this bloody column.
Haikui teleported again with a careful concentration, only to find that it was like a force that teleported out by severely suppressing himself.
"It’s not that easy to leave." Zhou Li’s figure shows up, and his hands are shaking constantly, and he must press more and faster chapters one by one. Please go to the chapter that seems to be such a force to suppress Haikui and let other methods move away instantly
"Three transgressions of five times and me if it’s so easy for me to let you go, I’ll be in vain." Zhou Li said with a determined effort, a golden whip appeared in his hand, and he threw it into the blood evil spirit array and smoked it at Haikui, who was wrapped in a thick cocoon.
Every pack of black smoke shrinks by one.
Haikui found this anomaly and said to the monty flag, "Does his whip have a great influence on you?"
"It’s his two magic weapons that seem to be to restrain the soul. What is the soul is mainly the soul?" Monty flag sounds light and unhurried. Please go to more and faster chapters, but without that excitement, Haikui will know that it is not good.
Haikui mind tossing and turning staring at the hands of Dan medicine heart scold me fuck this just got this magic weapon was restrained by two magic weapons.
Zhou Lixiu relied on magic weapons to restrain Haikui from falling into the wind before he entered the distracted period in the middle and late Yuan Ying.
"A magic weapon like him is afraid of restraint." Haikui thought for a long time and saw that the black fog was broken by the blood column. Many monty flags kept pouring out of the black fog, so it would be too much damage to the soul of the monty flag.
"Don’t I dare not say, but I’m afraid of thunder." Monty flag thought for a moment and said.
Most people and magic weapons are afraid that thunder stands for punishment.
Haikui by monty flag this wake up quickly take out Aoki fenglei umbrella and throw it out quickly.
Aoki fenglei umbrella floats slowly outside the black cocoon and hits it slowly. When blue thunder appears, it immediately stops the blood column strangulation, and the soul of the monty flag is also affected by it.
Haikui held out his hand and pointed to the innocent force blaster, which hit the blood column through the black fog and Aoki fenglei umbrella but didn’t rush out, making his eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"Grandma wants to be thunderous for nine days, but his blood column seems to have a strong hindrance," Haikui said to Monty’s flag in a low voice
"If there is no obstacle, how can it be called a trapped array?" Monty Flag said naturally.
"Gaga, resist. The more fierce you resist, the stronger the pleasure of killing you." Zhou Li said with a strange smile outside the square blood evil spirit array
"Abnormal old man" Haikui shouted at Zhou Li.
"Ga ga" Zhou Liguai said with a smile, "Scold it while you can. When you are completely dead, you can’t scold if you want to."
"Lying in the trough" Haikui gave vent to his dissatisfaction for nearly five minutes when he heard swearing and swearing.
Scold at the end of Zhou Li is really unbearable, "little bastard, why are there so many foul words in your mouth?" He angrily pointed out that the golden whip made the Aoki fenglei umbrella shake.
Haikui immediately shut up. I’m afraid they will be in trouble when Aoki fenglei umbrella fails to hold up.