"What can I do with cold salad?" Haikui casually replied.

"Suit yourself!"
Han Wenxuan is very unhappy.
Hai Kui didn’t coax Han Wenxuan, even if he coaxed him, he was not happy. All the problems were in her master’s body, and she could only be happy if her master was happy.
This reminds Haikui of the words of senior people. If you want to marry your wife home happily, you must comfort your mother-in-law, and you will be comfortable!
Of course, although he has brought Han Wenxuan home, her master and mother-in-law are the same in nature!
What can I do? coax!
"Let’s go back and discuss the celebration in half a month."
Han Wenxuan’s face was cold, but he did not refuse to follow Haikui back to Heping City.
I didn’t talk to Haikui all the way because Haikui had a bad attitude towards her master.
Haikui also doesn’t want to explain that because of her master, she has become a silent person, and he really wants her to return to her former lang state.
When I came to Lingyan, the hotels where they lived were all there.
Hai Kui called the crowd together and said, "In half a month, I’m going to hold a ceremony for the establishment of a new site for the Leng Yue Sect, that is, to celebrate the housewarming. Then, please invite all sects in the spiritual world to witness it. What do you think?" "Lingyan is the first one who likes to be lively." Good! I agree! "
Lao Chang and Huang did not vote against it.
Pass the ticket
Haikui scratched his hair and asked, "I don’t know many practitioners well. If you can’t come then, it won’t look good."
Ling Yan laughed. "This is not easy to handle. I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?"
"What idea?"
"Actually, it’s the same as before. What’s the name? You print several posts to write about the first Leng Yue Sect. On what date will the housewarming ceremony be held, and then please take a look at the first Sect. This writing will definitely attract many people, even if you hold the idea of disdain and resentment, it will definitely be a sea of people!"
"That’s a good idea!" Haikui struck the table and marveled, "It really coincides with my idea!"
Han Wenxuan couldn’t help laughing. This guy is really getting more and more ashamed.
Now that we have agreed on how to do it, we are going to prepare Haikui, who has already thought of how to do it. He wants Leng Yue to send the leader Zhen Miaoyu to be completely famous.
This is his little revenge. Who made her look like a teacher?
I sent Han Wenxuan home and told my parents that I wouldn’t come back for about half a month, and then I went to Yuan Yuan’s.
Since they have something to do with the film and television company to print a single page, it must be easy
I told Yuan Yuan what I thought, and asked her to find someone to design a single page. It must be domineering and provocative, and it must be signed by Zhen Miaoyu, the head of Leng Yue School!
After the arrangement, Haikui returned to the hotel.
At present, the funds in his hand are estimated by himself, that is, thousands of them are insufficient to build a more magnificent palace group.
So he decided to follow the old path of his predecessors and sell things!
The only thing that can be sold in his hand that he doesn’t feel bad is that the magic weapon of Dan medicine garbage can’t sell a few dollars, and he has a god-class refined pharmacist Ling Yan. If he has materials, he is not afraid of Dan medicine!
I feel a little bit like a bug.
"What did you say I sold for money?"
Haikui is reluctant to think about it, but he can’t bear to set up a wolf.
"Don’t you have a withered yuan Dan? Haven’t you eaten that thing yet? When you are really exhausted, it will be rubbish for the immortal practitioners!"
Hai Kui thought, yes, at that time, he ate his withered Yuan Dan, but he later seized another withered Yuan Dan and left it in Qing Di’s tomb.
"Good to sell this withered yuan Dan!"
"Well, this thing is a four-Dan medicine, but it’s a good fairy-level Dan medicine. It’s estimated that it can change some money."
Haikui and Lingyan discussed it with several people, and he was ready to find the earth to fix the truth and sell Kuyuan Dan on the black market.