But fortunately, Yang Xiu’s load is now where he will get his wish after his intention. Ten kill array suddenly stuck Lin Yifeng in this room as usual.

See plan is blocked by Yang Xiu Lin Yifeng eyes can’t help but flash across a Yin position.
At the same time, I saw that the defense against the female monster for a long time also showed anxiety. I saw that he inadvertently looked at the wrist bracelet, but he showed hesitation. In my heart, I was really hesitant.
Yang Xiu light watching all this heart can not help but some admire the two weirdos strong cooperation and spell luck.
"Son apricot but move faster and power is not.
Ordinary monks, especially high-ranking monks with magic weapons, rarely learn spells when fighting.
It’s because there are all kinds of magical powers in the magic weapon. It’s very convenient to use the magic formula to transport the spiritual power.
Secondly, it is more troublesome and time-consuming to cast spells because they are a little stronger, and fighting is a race against time, and things can’t be delayed for a moment, so spells are somewhat similar to chicken ribs in fighting.
Therefore, some wise men later developed the character seal according to spells.
Although the character seal is good, it costs a little more.
Because the more advanced the character seal, the more precious and rare the materials are, and when a battle comes, take off a few character seals. Who can resist this kind of burning money?
Therefore, when monks fight, they are all magic weapons, while spells are generally used to do some hidden things, such as restraining the soul, calling the soul and forbidding it.
Here, he saw that the two monsters were actually magic weapons, and he didn’t feel a little strange.
With the passage of time, Lin Yifeng’s face has become more and more ugly because he has not broken the defense of the other side.
And Johnson didn’t use other magical powers when he saw the other side, but he also knew that the other side was already a spent force. Of course, it was even more necessary to ignore the staff. When the staff lit up, the spell that had been prepared for a long time suddenly moved.
See a five-foot-tall green wood giant with vines lingering around him, chasing a wood with a diameter of half a meter from behind Lin Yifeng and immediately throwing a mallet at Lin Yifeng’s head.
Lin Yifeng was entangled in vines, but the wooden man came out again, and suddenly he was hit red-handed with a mallet.
I can’t help but see stars and feel dizzy, and his protective body is even more "squeaky", and maybe I will die with a hammer.
"Yang Daoyou, I know you’re here. Why don’t you help me deal with these people and I’ll tell you a big secret?" Let Lou Xiu didn’t think it was Lin Yifeng who didn’t release the spirit beast but turned to him for help.
However, Yang Xiu ignored it or looked at it silently, but the more careful he was in his heart, the more he knew that the other party was going to cross the rubicon, otherwise he would not ask him for help.
Lin Yifeng saw that Yang Xiu didn’t respond, but he didn’t give up. While shooting a defensive symbol at him, he said, "Yang Daoyou doesn’t know the value of this news yet. How about it being as good as getting a" Lingbao "?"
Yang Xiu suddenly felt faint when he heard this. "Tell me what it is first to see if it is worth putting me at risk!"
It’s definitely impossible to save him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to get the secret, so he might as well hold on to the other side first, even if he delays the two weirdos a little.
Besides, in order to prevent those two-pound weirdos from being upset when they heard his voice, they were talking to themselves because they didn’t understand what Master Lin said anyway.
Master Lin can’t help but smile when he sees Yang Xiu’s mouth. "Yang Daoyou and I have dealt with these two people first. Let’s talk about it. I have already had some persistence."
"No, you have to give me a general idea first, otherwise how do I know if the news is worth it?" Yang Xiu said unhurriedly. Anyway, it’s not him who is worried now.
Seeing that the defensive shield is crumbling, Master Lin took out a defensive symbol and stuck it on his body. He was a little anxious. "I can say it’s the secret of this wall. We’ll talk about it privately after they solve it."
Yang Xiu said calmly, "We all know that there is a secret in this wall, but we don’t know what it is, so it’s very insincere of you to say so!"
Lin Yi got wind of it and said, "Well, I’ll tell you one more thing. This wall is a delivery door. I can say so much. I believe you should know that this value is worth it."
Yang Xiu smell speech can’t help zheng, but still a so-called tone way "this can’t say anything, it may be to send a forbidden death, it may be to send a deserted jedi, it may be to send a never come back to the forbidden area, so it can’t say its specific value".
With that, he himself can’t help feeling a little funny. I wish I hadn’t vomited blood out of Lin Yi’s atmosphere.
I didn’t expect Lin Yifeng to expect a person who was calculated by him to save himself. I don’t know if he is stupid or really recognizes this secret, so that the enemy can shake hands and make peace.
Lin Yifeng, of course, is not stupid. He also has his own difficulties, so he just holds on to a little hope.
However, at this time, he also recognized that Yang Xiu was deliberately procrastinating, and there was no sign of a heartbeat. He couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment and shouted, "You are teasing me."
But now that the defensive cover is about to burst, the female weirdo will cast a spell to complete Lin Yifeng’s knowing that she can’t wait any longer, so she can’t ignore Yang Xiu.
See him secretly pinch out a piece of character, see mother weirdo casting completed at the moment of eyes suddenly flashed a malicious color and fast to wrist bracelet a beat.
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Chapter two hundred and ten Send array
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and ten Send array
You also go to war! "Yang Xiu to narration zhi ordered six.