"Don’t worry" Ma Liang is also conscious of patting her sweet shoulder and giving encouragement. She blushed red. Probably this move made her feel at ease, and her tone was fluent.

Her pronunciation is good and Mandarin is relatively standard. After school, Ma Liang went to the next class and watched her finish it alone.
After school, Ma Liang corrected some jobs in the office and was ready to go back. Mengmeng probably waited outside the school gate.
Pepe is now with President Zhang and they haven’t left yet.
"Teacher Yang, I have a lesson plan for a Chinese class and a math class. You should get familiar with it. If it’s nothing, I’ll go back first," Ma Liang said.
"Thank you" She accepted the lesson plan with her head down.
Mengmeng was already waiting outside with headphones in his ears, and he didn’t even feel Ma Liang behind him.
"Teacher, you’re here." It was a long time before she took the earphone and realized that they had gone home with one hand holding Ma Liang’s arm. Unfortunately, Su Yuyao would be together before she lost someone.
Su Yu Yao, on the other hand, has a spacious bed in a room at the moment, which is very exquisitely decorated and looks very stylish. Not far from the big bed, there is a large bathtub in the ground glass partition.
And Su Yuyao sat on the bed and thought of talking to her mother.
I said I would still go to the village to teach and hope to get hundreds of thousands of sponsorship.
Her mother refused directly, and her attitude was very strict, and she was given a way to stay with her and study business management and operation, and then make preparations for succession. When the time comes, she should find a door to marry a man, because Su Yuqi can’t count on her mother, who is a enterprising woman, and she doesn’t want her career to be broken, and she doesn’t want to fall into the hands of outsiders, so one of her two daughters has to bear it.
Moreover, she asked a Su Yu Yao method to answer the question. What is the reason for her to want to go to that poor country so much? What is the future of that country? If you are worried about education, you can directly ask your father to say hello and send other teachers.
Then Su Yuyao was speechless. Is there a figure in my mind but I dare not say it because I promised him?
Then arguing with my mother involved many previous events, such as the last slap in the face of personal life and the end of house arrest.
Today is the date. She didn’t show up at school. Will Ma Liang miss herself? She feels a little pain in her heart.
Looking at the food sent by the bodyguard, she has no appetite, and everyone has lost a few minutes.
Just then, there was a sudden movement in the door. Did the bodyguard deliver lunch again? She turned cold and waited for someone to come in.
There was a small voice at the door of "Sister", and then Su Yuqi’s delicate and perfect face pushed the door slowly.
"Why are you here?" Su Yuyao was surprised. It’s time to learn today. She learned how to get here in an aristocratic school by car every day.
She walked in as light as a cat, then made a gesture of silence and took Su Yuyao’s hand and went outside, while two black bodyguards in the living room were already asleep on the sofa.
Two people gently walked outside and then directly into the ladder Su Yuqi just relieved patted his chest.
Today, she has two ponytails and big eyes. She is so cute and touching.
"Elder sister, I know mom froze everything on your credit card and confiscated my car. I still have some money saved here and gave it to you." She took out a bag and handed it to Su Yuyao.
"What are you doing?" Su Yuyao hasn’t returned to absolute being.
"Of course, I’m sorry to help you see that you’ve lost weight. Please go to that man quickly. I finally bought sleeping pills for those two guys. It’s estimated that the effect is not very good when it expires." She tilted her head and said.
Su Yuyao didn’t expect her sister to sleep with sleeping pills and then let herself out.
"Mom, she will beat you" Su Yuyao shook his head.
"I’m used to being beaten, sister. How can you give up when you finally meet a man you like, especially when his thing is so powerful?" She said with a wink.
"Handsome guys are easy to find, but bad sex is rare," she said, feeling quite reasonable.
Anyway, although her note is a bit strange, Su Yuyao is still quite moved and hugged her. Both sisters are almost high, cheek by cheek.
"Sister, I have helped you to collude with your friends and say that you have traveled," she added.
Su Yuyao hugged more tightly. "Thank you, Yuqi."
"For what? You’re my sister’s only forever sister."
Ding a ladder to the first floor.
Because after the summer, it’s getting late now, and Ma Liang is in a daze after eating and taking a shower. Nothing is as strong as it is.
There was a sad love song on the radio, and Ma Liang got into his heart. Xia Xue looked at him like that and couldn’t help sighing and shaking his head.
Mengmeng has a new thing, and the child is curious. in our nature lies in bed early, listening to the song and humming, learning properly, adding voice and feeling like a little star.
"I’ll accompany you for a walk. Anyway, I want to go home because I have a microphone." Although it is late, Xia Xue can’t bear to see Ma Liang want to talk to him like this, but he is afraid that Mengmeng will hear it.
Ma Liang woke up and nodded, and Xia Xue told Mengmeng and followed Ma Liang out of the door. Yesterday, although it was rainy and rainy, it was also full of stars tonight.
"Husband, what are you thinking about Teacher Su?" Xia Xue hesitated and took his hand and asked.
Ma Liang shook his head. "I don’t know if my mind is confused, sister Xia Xue. Am I thinking too much?"
"It’s normal for you to prove that you like her. In fact, I hope you can look for her, but you can’t do anything after you find her." Xia Xue didn’t say anything, and no one knows what to do after you find her.
It takes courage to leave a woman’s youth here. Unless she wants to, she is forcing others to live. Neither Xia Xue nor Ma Liang wants this.
It is one thing for Su Yuyao to like Ma Liang, one is feeling, and the other is life for a generation.
It’s a little cold at night. Ma Liang involuntarily hugged Xia Xue. They walked slowly and occasionally had a long dog barking in the dark.
"Sister Xia Xue, what are you doing here?" Ma Liang looked at Xia Xuejia getting closer and closer.
Xia Xue’s face was a little red and she didn’t answer, but she kept going.
The door is still clean, but there is also a lot of dust. Xia Xue has a feeling of suddenly dreaming
"Sister Xia Xue, I want to wait for some money to rebuild a big house," Ma Liang said.
Xia Xue nodded and pushed the door clean. She had already put a big plastic sheet on the bed.
"Xia Xue elder sister, are you coming to get something?" Ma Liang asked again because he saw Xia Xue give off the plastic sheet.
Xia Xue bit his lip and shook his head, feeling a little ashamed and angry. Mengmeng was thinking about getting such a good opportunity when he was young, and he even asked himself if he had come to get something. It’s really a wood.
"What’s that for? Mengmeng is alone at home, and I’m worried that she’s afraid." Ma Liangzhen is a little strange. At ordinary times, Xia Xue doesn’t hide so much. What’s the point?
Xia Xue directly sat on the edge of the bed with his legs together and his face sideways.
"Xia Xue elder sister, are you unwell?" Ma Liang asked hurriedly sitting next to her when he saw her in such a hurry.
Xia Xuenai saw his one eye and resisted the shy feeling in his heart. He bowed his head and wrote a sentence "I miss you".
"I miss you too" Ma Liang smirked.
"That’s still the leng wear stem" Xia Xue looked up in a beautiful eyes Wang Chunshui:
Chapter 157 Su Yu Yao is coming
There is a hand-held light in it. Seeing such a gentle beauty as Xia Xue can also take the initiative to make love. Ma Liang is also inexplicably excited in his heart
"Xia Xue elder sister, are you here specially?" Ma Liang asked, putting the handle aside, illuminating the wall, reflecting the light and filling the whole house.
"Don’t ask." She tilted her head and had a different aesthetic feeling.
Ma Liang put her arms around her directly, and the moist lips seemed to smell the fragrance of women, with the charming breath of Xia Xue, and Xia Xue also grabbed Ma Liang’s clothes with his eyes closed to cater to her breathing and soon became heavy.
Ma Liang’s hand reached down the clothes and touched her flat and smooth abdomen, and Xia Xue lost her strength and leaned softly in her arms. This is her own. Now she will accept whatever a man says.
And Ma Liang hand slowly to hold her soft white jade gently knead and then remembered that she didn’t wear anything inside Ma Liang one leng stopped moving.
"Don’t ask" Xia Xue knew that she wondered whether her cheeks were flushed or blushing with her eyes closed.
Ma Liang knows that Xia Xue has made some changes slowly. This is because he continues to bow his head and kiss his tongue. People who are entangled in this aspect always learn quickly. Xia Xue also gradually understands the beauty of kissing. He feels that being sensitive and getting angry will be taken away. There is a sense of suffocation, but people can’t help but indulge and feel tender all over.