A devastating breath rises in the diffuse realm of Ge Haitian Fairy, and it is easy to sense Kunpeng. This is to blow up this Kunpeng method directly.

Although I can’t believe Ge Hai and others are all horrified.
"Xiao Bai wants to blow himself up"
Dan Yuan, Feixue reality and others looked up at the small and medium-sized albino Kunpeng beside the jade bell, and his face was startled and sad.
"If the eye situation is not the case, I’m afraid the whole people in the world of cultivating immortals will be extinct today." Jade Bell said in a dim and bitter heart
Dan Yuan and others also have dim eyes.
Small white jade bells get along with each other day and night with deep feelings, but they are also very familiar with Danzong monks. Everyone loves Xiao Bai and jade bells.
At this time, I watched Xiaobai blow himself up. How could they not let Danzong all feel sad?
"Don’t worry, Xiaobai is explosive, but it’s explosive Kunpeng method. Although her life is in danger, she has great hope to live. Her Kunpeng veins will even be abolished in the future …"
See Danzong all sad dim jade bell reluctantly smiled and said
Dan Yuan and others heard that Xiaobai wouldn’t be killed and relaxed a little, but the huge Kunpeng method reached a critical point, and the breath was tyrannical and violent than crashing at this moment.
The mysterious world outside the Jade House is shattered in an instant by this explosion, and the aftermath of the explosion is surging like a tide, sweeping the heavens and the earth.
The explosion lasted for a long time, and the whole sky was smashed by bombardment. I’m afraid that the explosive power of Kunpeng method is almost desperate.
When the aftermath of the explosion dispersed, Danzong and a group of wounded soldiers dared to approach the past.
See the explosion Fiona Fang a piece of scattered flesh and blood, heaven and earth seems to be blood red, in these flesh and blood mixed with thousands of elite corpses of Haorizong.
Thousands of elite members of Nahao Rizong include Ge Hai in a living.
"Little White"
Jade bell holds the tired and wounded body, shouting for the trace of Xiaobai. Danzong can still move the friar, and he is also looking for it all over the mountains.
"Small white here …"
Soon, a monk Danzong found Xiaobai in a pool of blood. She turned into a white tiger, looking like the white and holy hair of the past. At this time, it stuck together in the blood and was as red as blood. The dense bones appeared in many places and looked miserable.
"Small white small white wake up quickly …"
Jade Bell held Xiaobai carefully in her arms and called softly. However, Xiaobai’s black and blue body seemed to be getting cold slowly, and the little vitality left in the rigid body was rapidly dissipating.
"Give the little white elixir quickly"
Jingjing appeared here covered in blood. Just now, in the war, she, an alchemist, took part in it several times. She took out a handful of elixirs and stuffed them into jade bells for her to feed to Xiaobai. These elixirs are all refined by Jingjing, and the refining effect is excellent.
What makes people desperate, however, is that Xiaobai seems to have lost consciousness and is lying in the arms of the jade bell. The expression in her eyes is dissipating, and the elixir is also moving.
"What should I do?"
Jade bell, big eyes, big drops of tears, heartbroken and scared, looking at Xiaobai anxiously, he constantly asked Brother Danzong around.
Dan Yuan, Fei Xue and other real people looked at Xiaobai sadly and felt that her body vitality was dissipating, but there was nothing they could do.
"You let me do it."
At this time, Gu Yue was barely close to the weak mouth, saying that Gu Yue killed Geshan with blood and sword, and then even more, the evil fairy temple killed more than a dozen immortals at a stroke, which almost killed her.
However, the vitality and resilience of Gu Yue, who has melted into the life stone in the sea of knowledge, are really amazing. At this time, Jingjing recovered a little bit after refining a few pills.
"Sister Moon"
Jade bells and Jingjing both call softly, with a hint of hope in their eyes, but more worry.
Their three daughters are like sisters, and they hide their intimate knowledge of each other. When they hear Gu Yue speak, Jingjing and Jade Bell all react. What is Gu Yue’s way?
The eyes of Xiaobai’s soul are scattered and unconscious, even the elixir is swallowed, let alone healed. There are also Gu Yue who can cross the vitality into Xiaobai because of his life stone to restore Xiaobai’s injury.
If the usual cyanine and jade bell will naturally not worry, because it is just a piece of cake for Gu Yue, who has a life stone, but it is different at this time. Gu Yue has just been dying, and his eyes have just recovered a little vitality. If the vitality is given to Xiaobai, I am afraid that Gu Yue himself will fall.
"Don’t worry, I’m measured."
Gu Yue looked pale and smiled at Jingjing and Jade Bell.
For a moment, Gu Yue didn’t wait for two women to oppose a jade hand. He had already built a small white forehead, and he could clearly perceive the thin vitality as Gu Yue jade arm poured into the small white body.
Gu Yue was even paler and there was no color in his face.
But in the blink of an eye, Gu Yue is almost exhausted. It’s good for Jingjing to hold Gu Yue, otherwise Gu Yue will fall to the ground.
"Sister Moon, stop."
Jade Bell cried and called for Gu Yue to stop and continue to lose vitality to Xiaobai.
However, Gu Yue ignored the jade bell, and a pale and frightening face was extremely determined, and the vitality was still pouring into the small white body
At this moment, the whole ancient metaphysical world seems to be silent.
It seems that it has been a century, and it seems that things are more joyful than a faint breath in silence.
This faint breath is impressively small white.
"Sister Moon"