HuYanHe also dressed up and sat in a positive color way. "Brother Ye said that Juyang Town was full of people who were talkative, and maybe it was a storm!"

After all, the bartender and Hu Yanhe are old acquaintances and hurried to bring their food "eat quickly!" "
Hu Yanhe threw a fist at the shop assistant. "Thank you!"
The bartender didn’t want to say much. He was too busy to get rid of the bystanders and soon recovered his calm.
All three of them ate a meal in a hurry, and they were in no mood to chat. After eating, Hu Yan and he had to settle the bill themselves. The reason was that Haikui’s tiger skin was very valuable.
According to Hai Kui’s own estimation, if you get that tiger skin back to the earth, although there are several holes, you can still sell it for tens of thousands of dollars, and you can also exchange a few gold bricks for wolf skin, although it is not as valuable as tiger skin, but it should not be bad.
Huyan and his shoulders were evenly divided and he went out with a few skins. He had to sell these skins first and then take Haikui and them to the inn.
The three of them were not too anxious to know that they would spend the night here, but now they are in a hurry and are not in the mood to stroll around the town because of that strong man.
Juyang town is very prosperous, and merchants are constantly flowing from south to north. All kinds of things are sold in the street. Some people land and no one lies down.
Huyan and his friends are familiar with each other. They take Haikui to a business. This business is a place where Huyan sells furs all the year round. He sells them furs, and then they sell them.
A tiger skin, two wolf skins, and a few ordinary small animal skins and rabbits. What is much lower than Haikui’s psychological price? I only changed a gold bar. Haikui still has more than a dozen in his backpack. It seems that tiger skin is not worth much in this place.
But a gold bar is a big number for Hu Yanhe. Usually, buying anything is equivalent to the earth in terms of money. Copper coins are silver, and finally gold. According to Hu Yanhe, his family can spend at most twelve silvers a year. These twelve gold bars are enough for their family to spend one hundred years-Hu Yanping didn’t marry a wife before.
Of course, Hu Yanping will spend enough time for them to grow up and marry a daughter-in-law in the future.
Haikui, this is white. This tiger skin is still quite valuable. Huyan and I have never killed a tiger in my life. This is the first time to sell tiger skin.
The sun is about to set. Haikui finally saw the huge sun day. This flaming cloud looks spectacular. The whole day is red, just like burning red. Everyone’s face is red. It is indeed a beautiful scenery. Haikui is also the first time to see this kind of day-I saw the Liaoshan fire and then burned the sky red. Now it looks like someone in Tianshan has prevented fire and printed them red.
I’ve heard of it before Lin Yu, but I’ve never seen it before. At first sight, it’s also better than excitement, and I’ve forgotten my unhappiness just now.
"This is a wonder, and it is really a giant sun!" Haikui primly means nothing to ponder.
Hu Yanhe walked with his dog and said, "But I think Brother Ye is a more vivid word!"
Yu Lin also nodded. "Yes, I think it’s better to say this word for Brother Sheng!"
Haikui smiled. "If you feel good, just shape it like this!"
Anyway, he said it or not, and it’s not like the emperor can just change a place name.
There are many merchants in Juyang town, but most people are used to it. Many people take a quick look at this scenery, but they don’t see it.
Yu Lin looked carefully, but from time to time, he could find several figures in the orange outline, laughing and talking with Haikui with excitement.
The two men followed Huyan and walked behind them while watching, without paying attention to Huyan and Weiwei in front and said to Haikui with their heads down, "In front of Brother Ye!"
Haikui looked down at the front one leng and saw the man who was black and blue by him coming over.
But he has already been taught a lesson. Haikui doesn’t want to pay more attention to him. After seeing him, he continues to look at the sky with Yu Lin’s novels.
Huyan and his face were calm, and the dog beside him was quiet.
The bruised man walked up to Haikui and said, "Where are you going?"
Hu Yan and Yin Yan said, "What do you care?" Beside the dog also yi tooth hum two.
The strong man sneered, "Do you want to leave so casually after hitting me?"
Haikui stopped to look at the strong man Yu Lin in front of him coldly, and his face turned ugly and looked at him.
The strong man turned Hu Yan and Hai Kui away with a black face and a grimace. "Little bitch, you can’t run away tonight!"
Haikui said coldly, "Do you want to die?"
The strong man lost his fear. "You said that it was a coincidence that we met here again. This time, you will know whether you want to die or I want to die!"
As he spoke, he turned and shouted, "Welcome to Big Brother!"
It turns out that they are still organized hooligans!
I saw a shirtless man with a bald head and a height of one meter. His face was full of flesh. He couldn’t say that he was strong and fat. A tall, fat man followed by several younger brothers came to Huyanhe and looked at Haikui. "Is he the one who hit you?"
The bald man immediately felt wronged and wanted to cry. He pointed to Haikui and said, "Big brother is him. He hit me. As the saying goes, hitting people does not hit my face. Look, he hit my face specially!"
How does the old saying "Hai Kui has a short speech" sound so familiar? They also popular this sentence here?
Baldheaded eyes move to Haikui to look at a face of disdain eyes slightly moved to the side and saw Yu Lin’s face changed immediately!
What’s wrong with this guy?
Bald head waved and pushed the cry and came to Yu Lin’s face and looked solemnly for a long time. From his eyes and face, there was no blasphemy. Haikui was a little strange. Is it an acquaintance?