"Oh?" When I heard this silence, I forgot that Su Yixian was dying. If Su Yixian confessed all the way, he was attracted by layers of silence. Now his heart is suddenly set off waves.

Su Yixian’s voice is low. "When Yin and Yang fish fold, it will be a treasure house. This treasure house is the top representative of the Chinese language library. Although the material form they bear has been destroyed, their souls remain. Stay in that place "when it comes to Su Yi’s immortal face, he can’t help but get excited and say," Imagine that Mr. Hua Tuo’s Canon of Medicine can reproduce the spirit of Wang Xi’s Preface to the Orchid Pavilion, which destroyed the tomb. By the way, Wan Xiong and the last forty chapters of A Dream of Red Mansions are my younger brother’s dreams. These are all cultural essences, but they are different things of your immortal family, but it is the world’s outstanding people who instantly produce magical things when they are grounded in the sky. That is what we all rely on to be proud of, even in front of the Buddha.
Su Yixian suddenly coughed up.
Wan Ji hurriedly lost the true qi in the past.
Su Yixian said, "No, brother, I know now that I won’t die if I don’t finish these words with you. I won’t rest until my mission is completed." Su Yixian’s face is ruddy and her words are back to normal, and she is clear and powerful, but she knows that this is her good friend Su Yixian’s last breath.
Su Yixian said, "Tangible things wander around the world without those spirits. Finally, all of them are attracted by the breath of this treasure house. After induction, the world occasionally appears with great works. In fact, at that moment, the treasure house of Chinese literature has a certain connection. This is what we scholars often say. This treasure house has been opened twice. In the Sui Dynasty, it was after more than 400 years of turmoil in the Northern and Southern Dynasties; Once again, it was Brother Wan after the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. Do you know who started it? "
"Who is it?" Wan Ji could not help but ask
"It’s Taoist Lv Zu."
Rao is a man who practices art in silence, and he can’t stop feeling thrilling at the moment.
Su Yixian suddenly smiled and said, "Although the Five Seasons Rebellion lasted for more than 50 years, the destruction of cultural classics was equally tragic. In that year, Zhao Pu, a hero of the Song Dynasty, said that it was to emphasize the great effect of Confucian classics in governing the sky. In fact, he also had the subtext that the culture at that time was so stupid that if he had the honor to read half of the Analects, he would have been a great scholar."
"So how do Japanese people know this treasure house is here? !” Wan Ji asked
"This is a secret, but several precious ancient books and cultural relics in China were robbed in the Anti-Japanese War last year, and some national treasures were displaced to European and American countries during the war, but they didn’t know our culture so well every day. It is also possible that they knew that they had stolen from me for thousands of years of hard work since the prosperous Tang Dynasty, but they tried to find this treasure house to help revive. Even if they didn’t get it, they would destroy it, so that modern China people were invaded by Western learning and gradually recognized their ancestors as synonymous with ignorance." Speaking of this, Su Yixian suddenly coughed and a mouthful of blood suddenly poured from his mouth.
Wan Ji was not in such a hurry as others to stop Su Yixian’s mouth from bleeding, but his hand held his friend’s hand harder, and when death came, it was of no help to anyone.
Su Yixian coughed heavily.
Wan Ji said, "Brother Su, don’t worry, I will take good care of your family."
"Thank you" Su Yixian enunciated that Su Yixian’s hands are getting more and more silent, and he felt a little sad in his heart. He didn’t want to come all the way, but when he saw his old friend’s last boat, he felt that the master had passed away, and it was also the true meaning of life to meet his old friend so directly.
Su Yixian struggled to squeeze out a smile and said, "Brother Wan, we can’t finish our official duties, but we have one. That’s a famous brother. Who is he?"
"Who is he?" Wan Ji asked
Su Yixian’s smile finally bloomed and the word "old" was gently spit out, and the smile was condensed on his face.
Old? You’re right. Isn’t Lao the curator of the National Library of the Zhou Dynasty? Wan Ji smiled and said to himself, "Brother Su is easy to go!" So he got up and made three obeisances to Su Yixian with his finger sword.
Li Debao and others waited anxiously outside, wanting to listen outside, but afraid to be offended by Mr. Wan’s supernatural powers. Finally, Li Debao asked immediately before Mr. Wan came out, "What’s up?"
"People have already left"
Li Debao’s heart cooled and said, "That gentleman?"
"I’ll find another fish of yin and yang and kill some people to sacrifice to Brother Su!"
Wan Ji said it lightly, but Li Debao couldn’t help shivering in his heart. He remembered that when Mr. Wan was practicing in the deck for nothing, the scene was so tragic that Li Debao knew that it was going to be a river of blood again.
Wan Ji stepped out of the mansion, and the tall buttonwood seemed unable to hide his figure, but seeing the sunset like blood dyed Wan Ji whole person into a piece of red blood.
No one knows whether he found the other half of the Yin-Yang fish or not. People know that the Yin-Yang fish was not found in the special action group, and then three unilateral slaughter scenes appeared one after another. Everyone died in Japan.
The so-called treasure of yin and yang fish disappeared into the dust of history in an instant.
Time flies, but it’s the 21st century, and it’s time for a new generation to take the lead!
[before and after]
The first chapter escape from the hospital
At the beginning of the 21st century, one day in the early autumn of Huashan People’s Hospital in Shanghai, the ward No.12 on the second floor of the tumor division of the inpatient department was dead and silent. The distant clock suddenly struck faintly, which meant that it was one o’clock in the morning and I had been lying far away and sat up from the bed after it rang.
Sitting far away in bed, he calmed down for a while, then lifted off the bed and threw it into the ward. The moonlight just shone on his bald head after chemotherapy.
Telekinesis was a little slow, but it soon got up, so I saw him take out a hat hidden in the bedroom and put it on his head. The sick man also took off his usual clothes and folded the sick man neatly.
After all this, I looked around and saw that another patient in the same ward was still asleep.
This patient, like him, is in the late stage of lymphoma. At 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening, he kept screaming pain and rolling around in bed. The nurse had no choice but to come over and give him demerol and diazepam, so he was far from worried that he would wake up.
Squatting down and hitting the bedside table, I took out a black backpack, which was less than a liter. It was a little heavy in my hand, and there was something he had carefully prepared this week.
In fact, I have been preparing for this night escape for a month.
You have to go far, because if you don’t go to Su Jing, it’s over!
Far away, of course, I know that when he leaves, Su Jing will be deeply grieved, but if he doesn’t walk in this cold white hospital everywhere, he will see himself struggling to die bit by bit, and in this process, Su Jing will certainly watch him hurt twice as much as Su Jing will hurt ten times, so he must go! Since I’m going to die, I think I should kill someone with a fierce knife and a slow knife. That’s the most painful thing.
I want to stay as much as I can in my spare time. If I stay a little longer, I’m afraid I can’t leave. It’s not my physical strength but his psychology. How much he doesn’t want to leave Su Jing and how much he wants to see Su Jing again!
Put your bag on your back and wait for it. You must go when you feel bad! If Su Jing wants to get through this period, she is still young, and there must be happy times for her. Although she doesn’t want to cry, she still tears.
Far away wiped her tears, put a letter that had already been written in an envelope, and then carefully pressed the envelope on the bedside table.
The envelope is addressed to Su Jingshou, and the letter says this.
Su Jing, believe it or not, I met Jian Xian tonight.
He is really like the people in the fairy sword novels we like together.
It turns out that the sword fairy is really there.
He said that he was destined to take me to a place where someone knows tonight. He said that not only can I cure the disease, but I can also become a sword fairy. I said I would like to, but I want to see you one last time, but he refused. He said that these people are desperate for love, so that the sword can be made.
We discussed this together, remember?
At that time, when we were in college, we all loved to watch Shu Shan. We all wanted to believe that there were people in heaven and earth, but we wondered why those people didn’t come forward when our country and nation were in trouble. I finally found an answer, that is, if these people want to practice, maybe their discipline is to give up their love and love, regardless of the national righteousness.
You agreed with this guess, but now it seems to be true.
Don’t worry about me, but I will forget you. I need to forget you when I am ill, but please believe that I will think of you when I learn.
By the way, besides Shushan, we like it very much, and the Condor, so let’s make a similar agreement.
Sixteen years later, we will meet again in this city, and we will love each other as always.
Do you have this confidence?
Hehe, I do have it anyway!
Dear, I’m leaving. Please believe this is a short farewell.
I can scribble a few words because of the urgency. Good-bye, dear!
If I want, I’ll look at the stars. If I see a meteor occasionally, it’s my flight path on a fairy sword!
The handwriting of the whole letter is deliberately scribbled, which seems to be a bit hasty.
And the design inside makes Su Jing believe that the two people in far Su Jing were really crazy fans of Shushan for a while.
After completing this important link, it is far from certain that when Su Jing sees this letter, he can believe it. This is beyond his control. At this moment, he should be smart and intelligent to do this. What he does is to make this letter more true.
It is obviously impossible for him to walk out of the ward door as far as the window, because there are nurses on duty outside the intensive care unit like theirs for 24 hours, and there are doctors on duty in the lobby on the first floor. The pharmacist on duty in the pharmacy is in a letter to Su Jing according to the distance, so he must walk with a sigh of relief and with a hint of disappearing. This feeling is true, so he climbed out of the window in the long-term plan.
This is the second floor, and when you climb out, you can step on the external adjustment machine hanging outside, and then you can climb safely along the water pipe at the foot of the wall. Because the tumor division takes care of the patient’s mood, the external environment is quite beautiful, and it can be said that the vegetation is lush, even if it falls far away, there will be thick grass, and then it should be fine. These are all far away, and it should be considered carefully to come up with it.