Haikui looked down and asked, "What’s your name?"

"King Kong’s body," Firebird said with a smile.
"King Kong body, what is this?" Haikui didn’t understand.
"Ever heard that King Kong never destroys the body?" Firebird asked.
Haikui nodded. "Yes,"
"That’s what I mean, but now your body has reached half the level of King Kong, which is called King Kong Body."
Haikui said with some regret, "It’s only half, that means, this body will still die."
"Of course, if I respect refining the flesh, I can achieve the goal of being indestructible," Firebird said proudly.
It’s a pity that Haikui had a dark tunnel in his heart, and then asked, "Is there any way to make this King Kong body evolve into King Kong?"
"It depends on chance," replied the firebird lightly.
"Shit," Haikui secretly put a middle finger in his heart, but he still thanked Firebird for helping him rebuild his body.
Firebird threw Haikui’s bag to him and took it. Haikui took out a suit of clothes from the bag and looked at Firebird and asked, "When will I learn to burn the sky and destroy the world?"
"You get familiar with this body first, and then we will go to school. In a short time, all three of them may have already," said the firebird, flapping a wing and devouring it with a flame. When the flame fell, the firebird disappeared and left a message, "I will come to you when you get familiar with the body."
Haikui saw the firebird go, sat cross-legged and looked at the whole body. It really looked like a flesh and blood. Although he felt it in his heart, Haikui still felt that it was good to have his own flesh.
I don’t know how Firebird said that King Kong is not bad for the body. If it is not bad for the body, wouldn’t it be taboo for myself?
However, on second thought, it is impossible to achieve indestructible body so easily, at least it needs to be built very high, otherwise it is not a weak person, and it is not a natural enemy if he wants to have indestructible body.
After looking at his body for a circle, Haikui took a breath and felt that this body was himself, without any unnatural feeling.
The five spirits magic beads have been refined by him, and he is going to refine his body.
Familiar with a body, Haikui opened his eyes, and the firebird didn’t know where he had gone. He got up, and in this world of fire, he looked up and looked far away, as far as the eye could see.
Haikui waited for a while, but he didn’t see the firebird coming, and he didn’t know where it went. He looked around at the beating flames and reached out to touch it. He found that there was no burning pain. He was so happy that he put his whole palm in a burning flame and didn’t feel burning.
Haikui ecstatic, "rich, it seems that this body is not afraid of fire,"
"Of course, you are a king kong, and ordinary things can’t hurt you, and you have been forged by fire, and you have already suffered the pain of scraping bones, removing tendons and peeling. Naturally, you can’t feel the pain of these fires," the firebird suddenly appeared.
Haikui turned around and found that the firebird was condensed not far behind him.
"I just went to see the first one. Xuanwu, Baihu and Qinglong have all three of them, and Xuanwu has the fastest primary study," Firebird continued to tell Haikui.
"Do you think it’s a normal, young person?" Haikui guessed that he was born, because he felt that he was the smartest and learned quickly.
"Yes, it’s a stranger," said the firebird, nodding.
"I think that man is the smartest one except me," Haikui was not happy at all because of guessing, but worried that he was too savvy.
Firebird shook his head and said, "Not really."
"What do you mean?"
The firebird stretched out its claws, and its claws beat the flame. "The most difficult thing to learn from our four spells is my Suzaku, then the Qinglong Wanmu Senluo, and then the white tiger wind to cut heaven and earth. The easiest thing to learn is that Xuanwu water breaks the sky."
Haikui eyebrows slightly wrinkled, Suzaku magic is the most difficult to learn, and he actually met it, but he was not white. "What is the most difficult thing for you to learn?"
The firebird’s claws are hooked, and the tips of the four claws are braving flames and can’t stop beating. Then the claws lean out towards Haikui and pat him on the body.
Haikui tried to hide just now, but he didn’t hide. Firebirds are fast, but Haikui didn’t hide anyway.
A flame mark appeared on Haikui’s chest, slowly showing four flames, which opposed each other and formed a square flame shape.
"This is the fire mark. With this mark, Skyfire can listen to your command temporarily, that is to say, except my Suzaku, you can mobilize all the flames to listen to your command," Firebird said to Haikui after the mark appeared.
Hai Kui understands this meaning. Just like an emperor, he controls the civil and military officials of the Lebanese people in this country, and everyone has to obey his orders. Now the emperor says to another person, except me, you can make the people and officials listen to your orders.
This is a big profit, especially when the sky is full of fire, and Suzaku is also generous.
Haikui suddenly became more and more fond of firebird, so he stopped calling it firebird in his heart and called it turkey, which was more cordial.
"I’ll answer your question just now. What is the most difficult thing for me to learn? Our four spells are all evolved from the five elements, and we can’t escape the five elements. Fire is the growth source of all things, while the other four are all single-sided. Water is the growth source of all things, wood is the growth source of all things, and wind is the growth source of all things, so the spell with the strongest fire is the most difficult to practice, understand?" Firebird said.
Haikui nodded, "Some understand, but some don’t."
Firebird laughed. "You don’t have to dwell on this problem. I’ll tell you this. What is one plus one equals two? Is it necessary to dwell on it?"
Haikui laughed. "There is really no need to struggle."
Chapter 372 Burning Heaven and Destroying Bounds
The Firebird gave Haikui the fire mark, and continued, "This fire mark is the root of learning the skill of burning the sky and destroying the boundary. You can only release this skill if you can mobilize all the fire elements."
Haikui reached out and touched the fire mark, but he didn’t feel anything.
"There are plenty of fire elements here, so you can practice here. What I want you to do now is to absorb fire elements. Your fire mark is still too weak. You absorb fire elements and remit the fire elements in the fire mark. When the mark turns golden, we will take a step," Firebird said, and his figure flashed and disappeared.
Haikui looked down at the fire mark on his chest, which was the size of a fist, but Haikui was white in heart. If he wanted to turn the fire mark into gold, I’m afraid he needed to absorb a lot of fire yuan.
He closed his eyes to absorb, felt the fire around him, and condensed them into the fire mark on his chest.
As he absorbed it, a trace of lux silk appeared around him. These silk threads were condensed by fire elements and connected to his chest. Then the chest mark seemed to be alive, and the flames jumped.
Hai kui has been absorbing and not staying, and he hasn’t practiced well for a while, and at the same time, he just grows and repairs.
He starts from Sunday, and then runs on Sunday.
When he felt that the fire around him was weak, Haikui slowly breathed a sigh of relief. After Sunday’s operation, he opened his eyes and saw that he was weak around him. It seems that the fire around him was absorbed a lot.
He got up, felt a place where the fire was thick, and moved in that direction.
Finding the land with dense fire elements, Haikui continued to absorb it.
He has been absorbing fire yuan and running the real yuan, and so on.
When he absorbed enough fire elements, the fire mark appeared golden color, just like four jumping golden flames.
I looked up and looked around. Because he absorbed it, it was bright and bright, and it became a little dim.
"Suzaku, are you there?" Haikui looked around, but there were no firebird shadows, and some around seemed ready to put out the flames.