So after half an hour, Pian Pian Gong opened his eyes again, and his eyes flashed by and said to the white ape with bones left on one side, "What she just said is true. It seems that we are going to find that monk named Yang Xiu again!"

"So much the better. I haven’t played outside enough. I don’t want to go back so early!" White ape suddenly vomit a person say hey hey say with smile
"But how did she solve it?" The white ape pointed to Anjia Jia and asked each other.
Pian Pian Gong said faintly, "The master has unsealed the pulse of the Blissful Immortal, so the master told me to keep her alive."
"No way?" The white ape was surprised. "The master will let go of the descendants of the blissful old ghost? Did he become so kind when he was old? Even the hatred that has been sealed for tens of thousands of years is not reported! "
Pian Pian Gong sneered, "How can I be content to kill her master like this!"
With that, he threw a piece of jade slips at the white ape and said, "This is what the master left her."
As a result of the white ape, Jade Jane’s knowledge can’t help but hit the tongue like a man. "It seems that the master’s personality hasn’t changed so much, and he didn’t think of it until he had such a cruel punishment."
After listening to this, Pian Pian Gong shook his head and said, "I really don’t understand how the owner of your mouth can keep you here?"
White ape suddenly hey hey smiled. "You don’t understand this, master. Now it’s just the two of us with intelligent hands. If they are so polite to you and don’t feel bored, they have been pressed there for thousands of years and can’t be ground to death."
Pianpian laughed secretly, but I couldn’t think of this careless baldness. I really didn’t see it before, but I still couldn’t help but advise
"But you’d better pay attention to behave yourself. Although it’s not very likable, it won’t make people feel annoying. This is the real law of settling down. If it weren’t for our neighborhood since childhood, I wouldn’t bother to talk about you."
Say that finish no longer pay attention to each other, but walk beside An Jiajia again and again, hitting all kinds of complicated methods with both hands in her mind.
White apes looked at the back eyes flashed a extraordinary splendour calm way "know know"
After half a column of incense, I saw Pianpiangong stop flipping the handprint, and suddenly a pink smoke came out of her face and dipped into her body along Anjiajia’s nostrils.
Seeing the pink smoke entering each other’s nostrils, the man took the jade from the white ape and Jane put it in An Jiajia’s hand and said, "Well, let’s go and find someone again!"
With that, his figure changed and he became the "Brother Leap" of the 50-year-old man in jinyi.
The white monkey is somewhat reluctant to see him wrinkle, and his bare brow suddenly shrinks sharply into a mini white monkey half smaller than the normal monkey, jumping on the shoulder of Brother Leap.
Then he turned his hand and took out a ring of crisp grass that was about to drip and hung it around his neck. Suddenly, the pressure on his body disappeared, just like an ordinary white monkey.
Do all this, this man and this beast just walked out of the courtyard.
After several hours, An Jiajia got up from the ground with one hand on her head.
She can look at the room for a few times and can’t help frowning and revealing a blank face.
"How could I fall?" There was a trace of doubt in her eyes.
Suddenly, she seemed to remember something important. When she saw the jade Jane, she was relieved and said, "Fortunately, I didn’t lose it!"
She didn’t have the slightest doubt about this jade slip as if it were her.
Putting the jade slips on her forehead, Jia Jia saw that her face suddenly flushed with excitement and murmured, "I didn’t expect that there would be such a skill in the world. Even if I were a Bhutanese medicine, I wouldn’t worry about what peace I would encounter!"
Suddenly, she thought of something. She hurriedly walked into the training room and tried this new achievement method!
Hitman, the first watch)
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven blustery
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven A blustery.
After weightlessness and trance, the recommendation suddenly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and the wooden room was 30 to 40 square meters in size, with a door swinging inside and a piece of sunshine sprinkled.
And in the room, there is also a middle-aged monk sitting cross-legged, whose practice is completely undetectable, just sitting there at will? But it seems that he is not there.
Just as these people pay attention to their surroundings, the middle-aged monk suddenly said, "You can go out of the underwater fairy house. One day in about a month, if you have an argument with other sects on the ship, we will not intervene in life and death."
Yang Xiu and other monks of Nanling Sect heard a great report in their hearts, which means that the sects are fighting for this door.
With a heavy heart, everyone saluted the middle-aged monk and then walked out of the room at the door, waiting for the other four sects to send it over.
Since there is a fight from now on, of course, we must wait until all the United factions arrive together before we can act and be distracted.
Fortunately, the other four sects were behind Nanling Sect, so Yang Xiu and others didn’t wait long. The brothers Qingyang Palace, Dun A Stream and Yangxintang came out from the array one after another.
After these sects left for the battle, the Middle East monk also said the same thing in turn, so there is no need for Yang Xiu and others to say anything more.
When they got together, they felt safe for a while, and they all went to the outside slowly.
The location where they were sent out was around a huge seagoing ship, and there was no island shore in sight of the sea.
At this time, all the monks who were sent here were hanging around in the boathouse, and most of them gathered on the outer deck to keep an eye on the activities of the fairy house under the sea at any time.
They were still divided into several groups, and the monks looked alert and watched other groups.
See Nanling School, Dacheng Sword School and other monks come out, and everyone looks at them all. God knows that Yang Xiu and others are unscrupulous and look at them, revealing that naked hostility is no longer hiding anything.