But his face changed instantly, not his expression, but his color changed, and his face changed from yellow to black.

Zhou Li’s speed dropped suddenly, and Zhenyuan drove away the poison gas. The poison gas spread too fast, so he couldn’t help it. He took out a poison pill.
Zhou Li looked at the poisonous method in Haikui’s hand. "What a magic weapon! It’s better than grandpa’s skull."
Haikui hey sneered, "You’re still poisonous king’s rubbish." Then he took another bite of real yuan and sprayed a black smoke on the poisonous method towards Zhou Li.
Zhou Ligang swallowed a poison pill, but he didn’t dare to ask himself to play poison all the year round. Just now, he almost got the trick. It seems that the poison method in his little hand is quite severe.
The situation changed instantly. Haikui chased Zhou Li with a poisonous method cultivated by an ancient poisonous insect, while Zhao Zhenren’s hands in Jiuyin Huai wood blade were restrained against women, and all middle-aged women were fighting while retreating.
However, Haikui also has the monty flag. The reason why the monty flag is a magic weapon of yang is that it absorbs too many yang souls and absorbs yang when forging, but it has restraint on the magic weapon of yin.
The so-called everything has its vanquisher. Yangyang has its shadow. See who the magic is one foot high and one foot high.
As soon as the middle-aged woman was in the windy and monty flag, she called Haikui, "I’ll help that woman."
Haikui didn’t know what the monty flag was up to. Well, one day the monty flag emerged behind Haikui and flew towards Zhao Zhenren.
Nine Yin Huai wood blade constantly impacts middle-aged women. If it hurts them a little, it can suck up the blood and yin of this woman. Women know that this magic weapon can’t let her break her own protection.
As soon as the monty flag appeared, it was directly inserted horizontally in the middle-aged woman and Jiuyin Huai wood blade, and gave a Jie Jie laugh. "Let the uncle meet you this broken sword."
Monty flag said from its out of the two taxiing strong man towards nine Yin Huai wood blade.
Zhao Zhenren’s heart thumped when he saw the monty flag, but he didn’t know what to thumped. He knew it was a soul, and it should be regarded as a magic weapon of Yin to absorb the soul and Yin qi. He was not afraid to pinch the tactic and let Jiuyin Huai wood blade continue to attack.
Monty flag taxiing one of the strong men punched at Jiuyin Huai wood blade and hit Jiuyin Huai wood blade with a sharp roar of anger.
The strong man stretched out his hand to catch Jiuyin Huai wood blade and the other attacked Jiuyin Huai wood blade.
Nine Yin Huai wood blade does not dodge, but also emits two wisps of black smoke, and two seductive female ghosts come towards the strong man Yingying.
Haikui and Zhou Li were fighting against each other, but the middle-aged woman was puzzled.
Monty flag turns a strong man into a drink to show masculinity, while Jiuyin Huai wood blade turns a female ghost into a charming drink to show female coquetry and two strong men fight two.
Chapter 252 Grab Yuan Dan
"People dare to fight for life and death in the city" is like a thunderbolt
After all, it is normal for Haikui to make some noise when fighting, and Haikui is blowing that poisonous method to drive Zhou Li around. When the guards in this city come, he may as well stop.
A group of guards quickly approached the four people. "It is stipulated in the trading city that you are not allowed to fight for life and death in the city. Either get out now or we will be impolite."
Haikui four people stopped to Zhou Li and walked over and said, "We are just learning from each other. Let’s go, Zhao Zhenren."
Glared at Zhou Li willing Haikui Zhao reality also received nine Yin Huai wood blade two people leave quickly.
The middle-aged woman also turned and left. Haikui quickly followed.
And the former youth and the sly guy have more and faster chapters. Please come early and I don’t know where to go.
Haikui walked behind the middle-aged woman for about a hundred feet. The middle-aged woman looked back. "Thank you."
"You’re welcome. My old son Zhou Li had some holidays. I didn’t help until he wanted to rob you of your feather clothes."
The middle-aged woman smiled. "Then I still have to thank you." Her Leng Yan breath swept away and she was seductive.
It was her age that discouraged Haikui.
"Farewell," said Haikui, turning around and leaving. He was still looking for natural silk.
Several people quickly dispersed, and the guards did not stop them. Their duty was to prevent people from fighting for life and death in the city from harming the trading city.
Haikui turned to several shops and didn’t ask about Tiansi silk, which made him wonder. He remembered that the beauty reception at Duobaoge said that someone had bought Tiansi silk in large quantities. Did that person buy all Tiansi silk in this city?
"No way out. If something else replaces it, I’m afraid it won’t work well." Monty Flag also knows that Haikui can’t buy silk for a while, but he will choose silk for ten thousand years. Now it’s harder to get silk for ten thousand years before he tells Haikui that even silk with fewer years can be used.
After all, the toughness of natural silk is one of the best refining magic weapons, and the pit is not others but yourself.
"So can it? Go back to the Duobaoge order." After Haikui turned around, other places didn’t sell silk, and he could go back to Duobaoge.
Haikui placed an order in Duobaoge, originally intended to buy darksteel and silk, and then returned to the place full of fire beasts to help refine the soul flag, so that the soul flag would also be yang, but now he is short of materials, so he won’t go back first.
He is going to find a famous planet to continue to absorb and practice.
Feet are flying at a distance of one centimeter from the ground, or they will not be stopped if they fly high. Haikui is used to flying, but it is much easier than walking.
He soon got out of the trading city and got ready to find a planet to practice.
"Teacher Gu is him" is a modest sound. For more and faster chapters, please look at Haikui slightly and see a young man pointing at him.
The young man Haikui knew that it was yesterday when he first arrived at Trading Star that he forced him to take a Lingshi youth.
And the young man called Shi Gu Hai Kui also knows him.
It’s a middle-aged woman who shoots exquisite feathers.
The middle-aged woman looked at Haikui’s face and was somewhat surprised.
"Shi Gu is the one who bullies my little nephew." The young man said, staring at Haikui as if he really had a backer to teach Haikui a lesson.
"Don’t be sick, friends. We meet again." The middle-aged woman slightly saluted Haikui.
When Hai Kui fought with Zhou Li before, there was black smoke from the monty flag to cover his face, but when he finally broke up with the middle-aged woman, he said goodbye to her out of courtesy, so the woman knew him.
"You’re welcome, Taoist friend. You’re not afraid of the old man coming to you again. Leave quickly. It’s talk.an excellent idea to refine your feather clothes as soon as possible." Haikui smiled and said that he was absolutely equal to this woman, and the friends he praised were not lower.
"You know each other," said the young man, dumbfounded.
"Let’s go," the middle-aged woman sighed. If he hadn’t been pestering his nephew and said that he had been bullied, she wouldn’t have come here immediately. She also knew that if Zhou Li and Zhao Zhenren went back, I’m afraid they would have robbed her of her feather clothes.
"Teacher Gu, please go to more and faster chapters." The young man opened his mouth to say something but was stared back by the middle-aged woman’s eyes.
"This lingshi is yours." Haikui knew what the youth was looking for him. It was just that lingshi. Haikui had already said that if he didn’t want his magic weapon Lingshi after he came out, he would give it back to him. Now he has fulfilled his promise.
Young man shan shan took over Lingshi and didn’t stand up for him, so he could be unhappy.
Haikui nodded to the middle-aged woman and turned towards Tianyi, then rushed out and disappeared in a blink of an eye.
"Teacher Gu, why are you so polite to him?" After Haikui left, the young man was dissatisfied and said to the middle-aged woman.
"Hum, I’m not necessarily his opponent. If you are welcome, please go to more and faster chapters," said the middle-aged woman with a cold hum.
The young man is stupefied, can’t he? Is the minor repair that high? But he doesn’t look like a joke, so he may as well refrain from asking again.
Haikui quickly rushed out of the trading star and flew according to the direction marked on the star map. At the same time, the gods swept away and wanted to find a planet with enough aura to practice.