Zhao Chang was the first to find the trace of Zhao Yang, and hurriedly got up to meet him before he let Zhao Yang into the temple.

Zhao Wei has smiled and stuck to it at this moment. First, he gave a coquetry to his father, and then his face changed and he reprimanded the imperial secretary directly. "How do you do it one by one?" When the emperor came, he didn’t even send anyone to inform us that we children were so rude in front of our father! "
Imperial palace people immediately passive Nuo Nuo prostrate on the ground is afraid to say anything.
Zhao Yang appeased, "It’s no wonder I didn’t let them pass."
Zhao Wei’s face softened a little. "What are you doing here without thanking the emperors?"! Retreat! "
Palace people hurriedly hooray for three times. Today, the attendants on duty and Gong E left the others behind and disappeared in an instant.
Zhao Huan hugged Zhao Yang’s arm and pouted Jiaochen. "Father, you haven’t come to see my son for several days, but you forgot my son."
The favorite of the Emperor of the Western Song Dynasty is that this daughter saw it so coquetry and hurriedly coaxed it until the dust princess was coaxed back to Zhan Yan. Only then did she have to look at the remaining two people.
Punishment is really like punishment. Qiao Yin has been drinking tea by herself since Zhao Yang appeared. Punishment is really good. When I saw Zhao Yang, I got up and nodded and smiled at the emperor. Punishment Qiao Yin didn’t even bother to move at all. She still sat firmly and felt Zhao Yang’s eyes, but she didn’t even bother to lift her eyelids. She glanced at Zhao Chang’s reaction out of the corner of her eye.
Zhao Chang is still indifferent at this time, but Qiao Yin still feels too breath change. She has a low eyebrow and a slightly hooked mouth, which makes people feel it quickly.
Eldest brother gave it to her, and she was half done. She knew that Zhao Chang’s feelings for her were still like her, but once a man pitied her, it was not far from being emotional, and she had always maintained a weak but stubborn appearance in front of Zhao Chang. She knew that this would best arouse men’s desire for protection, especially Zhao Chang, who had already determined that she was forced from the moment.
Punishment Qiao Yin Shi Shiran got up and looked at Zhao Yang and blessed herself, then turned to Zhao Wei and said, "Princess, I feel a little tired after traveling for days. Can you go and rest first?"
Zhao Tuo stole a look at his father’s face and saw that although he was impatient, he didn’t show any displeasure. In his heart, he stepped forward to hold the punishment, Qiao Yin’s hand judo. "It’s dusty and thoughtless, and my sister really should have a good rest. Then she took her sister to the guest room." Zhao Tuo took the lead in leading the way.
Punishment Qiao Yin gave a hail to Zhao Yang and Zhao Chang’s second humanity, then directly turned around and followed Zhao Tuo away, leaving three men to care for each other in the front hall.
Zhao Chang looked out of the father’s eyes and said, "My son excused himself first" and left the Li ‘an Palace directly, while Zhao Yang freely answered a series of unnecessary words, let alone found the look of his son leaving.
After TaiZou, the punishment was really like this. "Do you know that my sister will be tired?"
Zhao Yang looked at the Fire Palace. With the intuition of many years, he knew that the other party was going to make a deal with him, but he didn’t. He should have sat opposite and looked at the punishment as if waiting for the other party to continue.
Punishment is really like obviously didn’t intend to hear anything from Zhao Yang. He smiled and sat back in the chair and took a sip of the previous cup of tea. Then he said, "My sister was haunted by nightmares after hearing about her, saying that she remembered that she didn’t know how to be passionate about her six years ago. Therefore, even if she finally agreed to enter the palace, she was unhappy. You should know that my sister is my fire palace palm bead. If she is not happy, she will naturally make that person unhappy.
Zhao Yang said, "I should cherish her and never let her suffer any injustice again."
Punishment really like eyebrow chuckle "so now you can safely give my sister to the pursuit". Then he continued to have a pleasant look, but Zhao Yang frowned slightly.
The lobby was so quiet for a moment that there was a clatter of cups and cups.
After a while, Zhao Wei went back and forth. She looked at the eyes of the two people in the front hall and turned around twice. She walked to the side of the punishment. She said softly, "Now is the lotus season. I don’t know if the punishment eldest brother can accompany the dust to the imperial garden."
Punishment is really like putting cups and lanterns on the console table and laughing very gently "honored"
Zhao’s heart was a little shy with a sweet smile. She said hail to Zhao Yang and left the front desk first.
Punishment is really like following.
Chapter 253 Once again into the palace (3)
Punishment is as natural as knowing what the dust princess is thinking, but that’s exactly what he sent Qiao Yin to the palace, so he was happy to pretend that he didn’t know whether to continue to accompany the princess to the garden in Zhao Yang’s place. He believed that punishment Qiao Yin could cope with it naturally, so it wasn’t something he needed to worry about.
The pond in the imperial garden is indeed as full of lotus flowers as Zhao Wei said. The bright green lotus leaves set off the pink lotus flowers and swayed in the evening breeze.
Zhao Huan said something in his ear, so he didn’t listen to a word. Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him, he suddenly remembered the woman who was hidden in his heart, but she was a bit more enchanting than the pink lotus, which made him deeply realize what is called "can be seen from a distance and not to be ridiculous."
Punishment is really like the corners of the mouth gradually raise radian, and the whole face becomes soft, which makes it seem particularly close in the glow.
Zhao Wei was so stupid that she forgot that she was still angry that the man ignored her.
Punishment is really like Youzi immersed in memories. Where is a pool of lotus flowers full of Pan Hui’s smiles? At the same time, his heart is throbbing, but his eyes are slightly narrowed. He thinks that he should quickly check Duane’s whereabouts and remove Duane’s danger. He has a deep understanding-he can still live safely for 16 years when the meridians are broken and he has survived several sneak attacks in these 16 years. Punishment is really like not believing that this is only because Duane is lucky.
No matter how lucky a person is, there will always be an end. Besides luck, Duane can live for a few days mainly because of his extraordinary willpower and insight into things around him. They are all dead. If Duane is given another chance in the future, he will have to practice the fairy method. Wouldn’t it be difficult to get rid of it?
Punishment is really like a flash of cold murder in the eyes, but it was so exciting that Zhao Wei shuddered involuntarily nearby.
He instantly recovered his previous gentle appearance and smiled. "The princess can feel cold. Now it’s autumn. Although it’s still hot in the day, it’s a little cold after nightfall, princess. Why don’t we go back?"
Wait for a while, Zhao Huan, looked at the face in front of her, and she just saw it. It was just a momentary illusion. She smiled wryly in her heart and scolded herself for being wrong about the punishment. She nodded obediently and said, "Well, let’s go home!"
Punishment is really like looking at her with a smile. When Zhao Tuo left first, he followed her back.
The two men talked all the way. Zhao Huan tried several times to stop and ask if the punishment was really like staying in the palace for a few days, but she felt that she was a princess of a country, so she was not reserved, which would make people laugh and damage her image in the punishment. In the end, she went straight back to Li’ an Palace without asking anything.