Dad Hai was a little angry. "Didn’t you hear something?" But he didn’t even look up and ate his own food.

"Did I hear 579 points correctly?" Mother Hai turned to look at her husband and took chopsticks from him.
"You didn’t hear me wrong …" Dad Hai reacted and froze. "How much?"
Haikui repeated "579 points" again.
Hai Baba came to the avenue together. "How much?"
"579 points" Haikui repeated for the third time.
"Wife, did I hear you right?" Hai Dad turned to his wife for verification.
At this time, Mother Hai was already crying and excited.
Haikui calmly said, "Dad, you heard me right. I got 579 points in the exam. This is the fourth time I have repeated it."
"Oh, what should I do?" Dad Hai patted his forehead and said, "Wife, I asked my son to volunteer. One is a junior college. I knew I was enrolled in a key university."
"What can I do? Can I talk to the school about voluntary revision one?" Mother Hai also remembered and hurriedly said to Haikui
"Mom and Dad, actually, I didn’t listen to you. I reported a key point and a one myself." Haikui said with a smile.
"Gee, you really give dad a long face!" Dad Hai grabbed Haikui in his arms and said to his wife, "Why are you still eating at home and going out to the restaurant to celebrate?"
I was very excited to see my parents, but now Haikui is very calm and calm, walking in front of them, choosing a seat in the restaurant, choosing food and leaving after eating.
This night, Haikui slept soundly than he expected to see his parents so happy. He always felt that his father cared about him and his mother said that he said that he sometimes felt that the two of them were really annoying, but at this moment, he really understood that they really loved themselves, not a little bit, but every day in their lives.
He feels that he should repay his parents well after everything. Dad is a driver and gives others cars every day. Sitting in the car all day long, his lumbar spine has always been bad. Mom is a worker and now it has become cleaning because of the poor efficiency in the factory.
When I think of my parents now, he sometimes feels quite sad, and his eyes are full of tears. Isn’t it just that they are working so hard to make money for themselves in college? How can I let them continue to work hard?
Thinking of this, Haikui decided that he would go to work, just taking advantage of this summer vacation to do some work and save money. Although it may not be much, it is good to at least reduce their burden.
Father Hai and mother Hai are both excited and can’t sleep, thinking that they have worked hard to support their children and finally become successful. One day, they are both excited and always have a runny nose and tears.
Because the grades have come, the school also requires everyone to go to school once, but there can be a chance to modify their volunteers, and those students who can’t find the grades in their brains can also go directly to the school to check the list.
Haikui was suspected to be the focus of Class 2, Grade 3, Senior High School, and Haikui actually got more than 500 points in the exam. What is this concept? Cats and mice don’t necessarily surprise the world when they get married, but Haikui managed to make the students envy and hate.
"Hai Kui, how did you do so well in the exam?" A gay man said before he learned it.
"Copying" Haikui said without hesitation. Anyway, my grade is copying. Even if I tell you the truth, you can’t stand me. Hahahahaikui laughed wildly in his heart.
"True or false?" Although the mouth asks this question, the male student still thinks that he may have copied it.
"It’s true, of course, and you don’t know that I was in the Xueba Institute before and after the two days, so my grades will be better." Haikui said to himself that it is 1% purer than real gold.
But envy can also envy, envy, hate and hate. The score is clearer than that of Haikui 579.
Haikui specially watched a monitor’s grade, Ma Mengmeng 56 was 11 points less than himself, which made Haikui excited. This made his first wish come true. The only thing left is the charm of the young master in the same university as the beautiful monitor. The so-called advantage is to get the moon first, and then we are the best friends before the university. I can’t believe that I can’t push you down every day.
Haha, Haikui smiled at the score list and laughed.
Ma Mengmeng came to school a little late today, and just entered the door, she shivered. Why did she feel cold in June when she didn’t come for a reason? Looking up, I can see Haikui staring at the score list. Will she laugh with him? My intuition tells Ma Mengmeng that he may really have it.
Ma Mengmeng went straight to the front of the report card and looked at the front. Several of them didn’t get their own grades, but suddenly her beautiful eyes were wide open because he saw Haikui’s name. Really? This list is not ranked in high and low order. Look at the meeting again. Several people’s names are all academic masters, but the first few actually took a look back with Haikui’s name. She almost didn’t surprise her mouth and fell to the ground. She confirmed several times and found that she was not mistaken.
But immediately she had an impulse to cry, and she actually got 56 points in the exam. At that time, she estimated that the score was 6 points, but now she is about 40 minutes short, and tears keep flashing in her eyes.
Hai Kui smiled at the monitor and looked at his grades. As soon as he saw her surprised expression, he knew that the monitor had not inquired about his grades through his brain, but he also saw tears in his eyes. He asked, "What are you crying about, monitor? Are you excited that your grades are so high?"
In Haikui’s idea, 400 points is a good grade of B, of course, he doesn’t know that when the monitor’s good grade standard is 600 points, it means that he didn’t do well in the exam.
Ma Mengmeng didn’t want to talk to him when he heard Haikui say this, but he still didn’t get angry and said, "I’m glad to see your grades are so good."
Chapter 1 Swearing
Really? The monitor is me and full of tears? Haikui is excited. Isn’t it easy to chase the monitor after himself? He thinks about it and then flashes aside to let other students see the results.
Neither he nor the monitor got enough grades to sign up for that key university, but it was enough for that university score line. Fugang University is in the south of China. For northerners like Haikui, it’s really yearning to live in the south. The climate there is moist and close to the sea, and it’s okay to go swimming and there are many small rivers. It’s great to go boating.
However, the monitor Ma Mengmeng spent a day at a loss in disappointment. Although she thought that her grades might fluctuate, she also filled in Fugang University when she volunteered, but she was still very sad when she really saw her grades.
Today may be the last day for everyone to meet, and there may be opportunities to meet each other later, but there will definitely not be many such times, and it is hard to say whether people can be so neat. Now the students suggest that everyone decide to get together for dinner and bid farewell to this lovely classmate in Class 2, Grade 3, which makes them have a good nightmare.
Although the monitor was not in high spirits, he still started as an organizer in order not to dampen everyone’s enthusiasm.
Finally, we agreed to go to a buffet barbecue, which can be eaten with belly and the price is also cheap. Fifty dollars for one person is not a lot for the family now, and the children have graduated. Parents still support letting their children attend the farewell dinner.
Except for some individuals who didn’t come, more than 30 students marched towards Kotaro Barbecue Store. There were 15 tables in Kotaro Barbecue Store. In addition to ten tables for couples, there were five tables for four, and only two people could sit. The remaining dozen students were seated in pairs.
Hai Kuilai wants to sit at a table with the monitor, but her idea is beautiful. The reality is really cruel. Before he can open his mouth, Wang Ke has taken the monitor away. Although he hates his roots itch, he is relieved to think that at least it is not taken away by boys.
The advantage of eating buffet is that drinks, beer, meat and vegetables can be eaten casually, and you can take as much as you want except that you can’t take them away.
I’m in a good mood these days. Haikui eats a lot, so I eat more.
Their classmates seldom come out at ordinary times, and it is rare to have this opportunity. Besides, there are more people sitting in comparison, and the dishes that are often cut out are immediately taken away by the classmates. There are still seven tables in the store, and the guests are reluctant to complain to the staff frequently about how the dishes are slow or are always taken away by the children.
Finally, at another table, two couples broke out after they couldn’t get the meat for a long time. They said to this group of fart-looking children, "Can you stop robbing and let others eat?"
As the saying goes, more than 30 students are afraid of you, one man, one woman and two birds.
Immediately, a classmate replied, "We’re here for dinner. What are we doing here? Have you seen anyone come to the restaurant to get angry?"
"Then you can’t save some for others?" Young men angry way
"Leave you a bird’s hair. We haven’t eaten enough and leave a bird to fuck off." I don’t know who scolded.
How can Yang Chen swallow this tone when he loses face in front of his horse?
"Damn, you’re trying to find something, aren’t you?" Chen Yang big nu scold a way
Then I saw a diaosi young man who looked like he was not light. "Who scolded me for something? Get up and let me have a look."
Haikui didn’t think it was necessary. It would be nice if everyone came out for dinner. He got up and advised, "Dude …"
"Wocao Nima", the 2B youth, indiscriminately scolded Hou Haikui, who just scolded others in front of his horse. This side must be found back.
Haikui’s face turned cold immediately. "Who are you scolding?"
"Scold is that you haven’t got a long thing for paralyzing Mao …" 2b Yang Chen continued to scold a way.
Yang Chen is used to bullying people in the street, especially in front of his horse.
But liujing didn’t buy his account. Yang Chen chased himself for a long time. Today, it was the first time to promise him to come out for dinner. I didn’t expect to meet this unhappy thing. She felt that there was no need to argue with people about such a small thing, let alone swear. She whispered, "Yang Chen, don’t scold us. We didn’t come out for dinner to quarrel with people."
Yang Chen heard liujing persuade himself that the fire was half gone at that time. Although Liu Jingchang was more than 2, she still looked like a little girl. However, she always had a lolicon complex, but she couldn’t fall off the chain at the key moment. He barely squeezed out a smile and looked at liujing with a soft eye and said, "Well, since it’s all said quietly, I’ll put up with it. Can’t we change places?"
Haikui saw that he scolded himself endlessly and talked to the woman in front of him in a low voice after scolding. He felt that he had been beaten in the face. Although he didn’t have a girlfriend yet, there was a beautiful monitor here. After that, he was the object of his pursuit. If he scolded him, he didn’t answer back and wasted his man. What he liked most before was bullying one or two people with his friends. Half of the more than 30 classmates were boys and several were best friends. I was afraid of you.
Especially this 2B product is still paralyzed. You can’t scold my family if you scold me, so it’s even more deadly.