Haikui was about to get up when she heard someone say, "This classmate will learn from you."

Looking up, I saw a boy coming out of the crowd. He was tall, strong and dark. He looked better than Chu Jianfeng in resisting beatings.
See someone challenge ChuJianFeng eyebrow Angle twitching looks pale heart also cursed unceasingly.
"My name is Luo Pengze school martial arts club, please give me some advice." He said and held a fist at Chu Jianfeng.
Haikui saw that he had nothing to do with himself. He quietly got up from the ground and was about to turn around to leave when he heard a binge drinking on the third floor. "Haikui, you are not allowed to leave."
To all eyes were attracted by Luo Pengze and Chu Jianfeng, but a binge drinking on the third floor focused on Haikui.
Haikui nai glanced at Yang Yulu. This girl really wanted to drag him.
I don’t know which idiot suddenly broke out and shouted, "Knock down the fake fight and give us a fair fight to get married."
"Competition to recruit relatives"
"Competition to recruit relatives"
"Competition to recruit relatives"
"Whoever wins the building will get the beauty." I don’t know who shouted, "The crowd is boiling. More and more students are joining the crowd, and many people are still encouraging it.
Luo Pengze looked up and glanced at Yang Yulou. It was really a very beautiful mountain road in the heart. Ten turned up and smiled. "Who wins the building beauty? Do you dare to accept my challenge?"
Yang Yulu was furious upstairs. "I didn’t agree to feed you."
However, her voice was quickly drowned out by the sound of "competition for marriage"
Yang Yulu bit her silver teeth and squished her eyes, staring at Haikui intensely. It’s all his fault that this guy got himself noticed and played with applause as a joke by so many people.
Chapter 122 Tournament just married
Haikui suddenly felt a cold consciousness in her neck and saw Yang Yulu’s vicious eyes cast a koo look at her as if to say to her, I didn’t mean to. I am also a victim.
Yang Yulu doesn’t care if his koo eyes stare at him.
Haikui bowed to her twice and patted him on the chest and told her that well, I’m in charge of this.
Luo Pengze stared at Chu Jianfeng and said, "How do you accept the challenge?"
Chu Jianfeng was in a hurry. If he didn’t beat himself, he would be a coward. But if he lost, he would hand over the goddess. He suddenly turned his mind and said, "Rain and dew are not things. Why do you have to fight? Whoever wins depends on who she likes."
Chu Jianfeng shouted at Yang Yulu on the third floor, "Is it rain dew?"
Yang Yulu felt a famous fire and lost his temper and shouted, "You are a fart."
Chu Jianfeng was stunned for a moment. I didn’t expect the goddess in my heart to be so vulgar. It shouldn’t be grounded. I was overjoyed and said to the people around me, "See, my goddess is also ordinary, not as hard to touch as the moon goddess."
Haikui glanced at him and said, "You’re such a bitch!"
Quickly, people around you shouted, "Come on, hurry up!"
Luo Pengze has been waiting for Chu Jianfeng to give a result. Can’t you type a word and the difference between two words? What kind of man is repetitive? He frowned and looked at Chu Jianfeng with his hands behind his back. Although his heart was impatient, after all, he thought he was a master and needed to show his superior demeanor.
Chu Jianfeng was booed by the people around him, and some faces would stick their necks and say, "It’s like comparing."
Luo Pengze clapped his hands in joy and said, "What a good man!" Then he looked around and said, "Why don’t you go to our martial arts club where there is a training ground and you can punch your fists?"
Chujianfeng heart movement or province lost share in front of the goddess thought of here nodded and followed Luo Pengze walked towards the martial arts club.
Watching the students around quickly jumped for joy and followed them to the girls’ dormitory of Wushu club, and fewer and fewer people met.
Haikui looked back at the third floor of the girls’ dormitory. Many girls had already run from the building, and Zhao Xiaoxi, Ji Yujing and Yang Yulu also disappeared at the window.
Haikui looked at the side of his head for a few times, followed by a group of people and left for the martial arts club. He was going to see the excitement.
A commotion behind him attracted Haikui’s attention. Looking back, Haikui saw Ji Yujing and Zhao Xiaoxi pulling Yang Yulou behind them, while Ma Mengmeng followed them.
The beauty of the Lord God also came to the front with many guys who owe a flat whistling and sighing to fan the flames.
Chu Jianfeng cast a glance back, not only some joy but also some sadness.
I’m glad that Yang Yulu actually followed me, that is, she cares about herself. I’m sad that the goddess will see clearly when she is beaten by herself later.
At that time, my heart was like knocking over a five-flavored bottle.
Yang Yulu tried to break away from Zhao Xiaoxi and Ji Yujing, but these two good people actually clung to it, regardless of their friends’ feelings.
"Let go" Yang Yulou said in a low voice.
"* _ _ * Hee hee … how interesting the rain and dew are. Besides, Haikui didn’t go too. Don’t worry. What are you afraid of with him?" Zhao Xiaoxi said in a radical way.
"You let go" Yang Yulou turned her head to Ji Yujing and said.
"Oh, rain and dew are such interesting things. How can they not eat you without the protagonist’s presence?" Ji Yujing also smiled.
"You two animals" Yang Yulou gas is already no good words to form two people.
"If I were a man, I’d join the contest to get married," Zhao Xiaoxi said cheerfully, and did not forget to add, "Who made you look so beautiful? I don’t know how many men love beauty and don’t love mountains and rivers."
Yang Yulou growled, "I’ll go back and destroy it now."
"Come on, are you willing to give up?" Ji Yujing snorted and said with an eyebrow. "I can see that you like Haikui."
Yang Yulu suddenly exclaimed like a cat stepped on its tail, "Where is it?"
Zhao Xiaoxi and Ji Yujing laughed and dragged her to the Wushu club. Yang Yulou wanted to escape Naibi.
When I got to the Wushu club, Luo Pengze went straight to the center of their training ground at ordinary times, and then stood upright and waited for Chu Jianfeng.
Someone who does something good quickly writes a contest in red paper and black letters to attract relatives and then sticks it on the wall of Wushu club.
Chu Jianfeng was coy for two times or gritted his teeth and said to Luo Pengze at the scene, "I’m afraid I’ll hurt you."