Chen Kexin immediately Bai Suchen said what it meant. I couldn’t feel blushing like a drop of blood and shook my head and said I didn’t see it

Suchen naturally doesn’t believe that two women are fighting again. Suchen suddenly had a brainwave and said, Oh, I know.
Chen Kexin asked what you know.
Suchen hey hey smiled but didn’t talk about sleeping.
Chen Kexin’s heart is not calm when the chirp is noisy.
It’s easy for Chen Kexin to come quietly, but I stopped asking her this night. Suchen was lying on one side and let Chen Kexin Fama sleep.
After breakfast in the Red Chamber one day, Chen Kexin took the initiative to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, and Feng Yu also went to help, but the building was a hundred to ten thousand small! Said it.
Kitchen Chen Kexin asked Feng Yu to go back to her room to take care of Fang Ya Feng Yu. When she saw the kitchen, she went back to her room.
Chen Kexin washed the dishes quietly, thinking about the beautiful scenery of her far beach, and her face turned red unconsciously.
I didn’t sleep well because I thought about those details bit by bit, and I remembered every "move"
It was incomparable happiness, and there was no sense of filth afterwards. In the process of two people going on, it seemed to be a kind of washing of body and mind. Generally, Chen Kexin believed that after a long time, he would grow more beautiful and charming, just like Su Chen’s physical changes.
"What are you thinking, so devoted?" Su Chenyin sounded behind Chen Kexin.
Chen Kexin in the mind a surprised was about to turn my head to scold, but I didn’t expect Su Chendao: "The world regards two people who admire each other as each other’s confidants, and these two people have never met each other. This situation is called spiritual friendship, but I know that this spiritual friendship has another meaning."
Chen Kexin’s family is knowledgeable. These statements are naturally not unfamiliar to a man and a woman. They are even more knowledgeable in medical skills. It is a great shame to know that Su Chen has guessed it. He turned around and stamped his feet and said, "I told Yuan Yuan that you bullied me!"
Su Chen smiled and laughed. "Call a good sister and I won’t bully you."
Chen Kexin’s face was still red, but her heart calmed down. For fear that Suchen knew the truth, she finally thought of something herself, so she said, "Why?"
Su Chen said, "Everything comes first and then comes."
Chen Kexin laughed. "Who came first after the robbery and who made it clear?"
Su Chen said, "Don’t scream, but I want to hear the details!" Speaking of the back, the tone is a little lower.
Chen Kexin said, "Listen to the details, and you will know when you watch the classic replay tonight!"
Su Chen stared at Chen Kexin with big eyes for a while and said, "I’m glad you’re really different after the men’s and women’s defense!" Then Su Chen came to the path. "I’m glad, but I guess you’ll prefer the most original and direct way!"
Chen Kexin finally insisted on saying those extreme words until she knew that she couldn’t weaken her momentum in front of Suchen. But when Suchen talked about the most original and direct way, Chen Kexin couldn’t hold on. Although she was far away, she still kept her virginity. This is why Suchen had both contradictory intuition and intuition about Chen Kexin.
Su Chen said that this is fast enough for her. It is because two people don’t go through such a live-fire exchange. In the future, if they work together, Su Chen has predicted that some very, uh, what scenes will appear. Su Chen continued, "After that original way, the twelve meridians of the human body will naturally understand."
"Really? !” Chen Kexin natural eyes a bright.
Suchen knows that when it comes to the most thirsty place in Chen Kexin.
Modern scientific experiments of human meridians can prove one or two things, but what about ancient times? The other way is to prove through practice that if you can personally prove the classic medical skills, you will be ecstatic, not to mention Chen Kexin, a guy who is obsessed with medicine
Su Chen smiled and said, "Why can’t you wait?"
Chen Kexin said softly, "Well, don’t rob me tonight!"
Suchen looked at Chen Kexin and said, "Ready for scientific dedication."
"Ready!" Chen Kexin vowed to say
Su Chen immediately handed over and said, "Pei!"
Chen Kexin sloped out and said, "Well, Suchen, don’t tease me to accept the cruel established facts!"
Su Chen tilted his head and thought, "Kexin, do you think he can change into two at the same time?"
Chen Kexin immediately raised his hand and surrendered. "Sister Chen has killed me!"
Su Chen laughed and said, "A sister is a lifelong sister!"
Three days later, when the morning sun shone on the grass tip of Zhao villa, the villa was obviously a luxury place in the big city because of the dew and comfort, and the area was much larger than that of Jiacheng’s old house.
Zhao Deyan was wearing a pair of beach pants and stepping barefoot on the grass. He stretched his limbs to the sun to breathe freely. I have to say that Zhao Deyan’s body is full of masculine charm, and his lines are strong and his muscles are symmetrical and elastic. Although he is slowly moving, he feels like a cheetah.
Zhao Deyan’s mind and body have a different sense of freedom after finishing a exercise. Zhao Deyan slowly closed his eyes and looked at himself with some pride. At the same time, a distant image came to mind. Zhao Deyan smiled. Can the ordinary person with a white face be compared with himself? !
The bedroom bed on the third floor of the villa is asleep at the moment, and it is even more tempting for a beautiful girl to be covered with a thin white cover.
When Zhao Deyan went upstairs, he saw her face with a feeling of post-limit satisfaction. Zhao Deyan liked this feeling very much. As far as Zhao Deyan was concerned, when he did it, he lost his mind and enjoyed the expression of beauty after beauty.
It was a movie star and the image of herself was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a person, Zhao Deyan called and came at once.
Zhao Deyan took a long breath, and his heart relaxed a lot.
For three days in a row, Zhao Deyan enjoyed all kinds of sex. Today, that night in Chen Kexin, the backlog of depression and anger was finally dispelled to restore calm. Zhao Deyan felt strong. Zhao Deyan thought of returning to contempt and he was confident to solve him again.
Zhao Deyan finished these things and went back to the building and took a shower. The woman just woke up when she entered the bedroom.
When a woman sees Zhao Deyan’s wonderful body and eyes blurred, she reaches out and calls out.
Zhao Deyan smiled and walked over and tore off the thin white quilt.
As soon as the woman screams, Zhao Deyan jumps into bed and holds the woman high, and then goes crazy again.
It’s another storm
Zhao Deyan heart way it’s a pity that this woman is beautiful, but the smell is much worse.
Chen Kexin’s body smell is pure and fresh, and it seems to be slightly sweet, which makes people unconsciously intoxicated.
Zhao Deyan thinking about thinking about moving more and more violently, the woman shouted loudly.
Soon Zhao Deyan remembered him once.
Zhao Deyan no longer calls her master.
Zhao Deyan eyebrows can’t help but pick the corners of the mouth with a bad smile.
The woman Zhao Deyan should thank most is that she has made an inexplicable world for herself, and it is also the way for her to find a way to be stronger than happiness and quickness.
She left him five years ago. Zhao Deyan sometimes wondered if she had found the elixir that belonged to her.
Zhao Deyan didn’t know that the person he missed was beaten far away not long ago.
At this moment, when the woman woke up in the morning, she burst out with a shout of Zhao Deyan, and she couldn’t help roaring.
At about ten o’clock in the afternoon, Zhao Deyan beat the reluctant woman away.
Jack king’s side has already started. Since yesterday, the stock prices of enterprises in Fangjia City have fallen one after another.
Jack Jin made a big move and sold a huge amount of stocks. These stocks were absorbed by Zhao Deyan through the stock market operation for half a year. It should be said that it will definitely sound when it is thrown out.
It’s hard for people to notice that because of the bad news coming out one after another in the stock market, some people are already eager to move. As soon as Jack King pulls out, natural followers are like clouds. Zhao Deyan almost guessed that the stocks of Fangjia were in a downward trend for a week and it depends on how Fang Ya and his family took it.
However, in the past one day, the feedback message seems to be that there is no movement in the Fang family. The day is not long, but in the rapidly changing stock market, people have already pulled up their positions, but your side has not reflected it. This is too slow
The day passed quickly, and that was two days. Fangjia had a stock limit.
Jack king turned back, and Zhao Deyan vented his anger for three days. Jack king knew that Zhao Deyan was powerful, and if he lived in his house, he would not be safe. He simply hid somewhere else.
In three days, Jack King naturally turned to women, but the small eyes are big things. Both of them are the financial fronts of the company. This time, it is natural to join hands and have a good fuck.
Zhao Deyan in the bedroom saw Jack King look a little depressed and smiled. "Jack King, are you claiming to make people want to die in the stock market?"