"It’s just a small white, you see the wind letter reality to see if he is worthy of Jiang Yun reincarnation entrusted" Liang Yi expression broke the silence.

Soon, Xiaobai inspected the wind letter again and remembered the real person. Now Xiaobai is distracted at the peak of the late period. Searching for the soul of a little monk in the middle period of Yuanying will not cause any substantial damage to it.
Xiaobai soon stopped casting spells. "Master, this wind letter is really good and worthy of Jiang Yun and Valin’s trust."
"Let’s go!" Liang Yi shook his head naively. Since Jiang Yun’s past memory is gone, Liang Yi is not planning to intervene in Valin Fairy.
"Wait for the master!" Dragon face se melancholy took out a white jade Jane and burned it quickly. After burning, she took out a few bottles of Dan medicine and put it aside on the table.
Liang Yi said is leisurely annoys a but didn’t say much.
Want to dragon son is unwilling to fail to burn some things in Jiang Yun into the jade slips, hoping to get that Jiang Yun back again.
It is said that people die like lights go out. In his life, Liang Yi encountered unexpected trouble before he set foot in the world of cultivating immortals. No one in the road of cultivating immortals has suffered greatly. But now Jiang Yun has become the first person in the fairy road to leave Liang Yi. In Liang Yi’s heart, Jiang Yun, like Chloe, has been lost by Liang Yi as his own sister. Since Liang Yi’s state of mind has been extremely perfect, it has already felt a little unbearable.
"Xu Lingxuan, sooner or later, I will crush you!" At this moment, Liang Yi hates the culprit even more.
It’s a pity that the three servants are depressed, but the three of them have just emerged from Valin Fairy Cave House, and the protective large array in the sky suddenly gave a short moan, and then such a large protective large array collapsed and damaged.
Large array of a broken a fierce breath appeared in the three gods knowledge range.
Looking up, I saw a pair of black Se velvet antler dressed in a blue embroidered robe and with a long head. Middle-aged velvet antler was to be repaired and floated at the peak of Mount Qingming, and behind it, an old man was trembling with fear.
"It’s the evil dragon". The familiar smell reminds Liang Yi of the time when he met that Lei Long in the far north snowfield, and he didn’t see that Lei Long is now bursting with momentum. Liang Yi’s knowledge swept this evil dragon and was actually played by him.
"Late refining?" Liang Yi face with a ponder smile.
"Master, the old man is another Yuan infant elder of Qing Ming Daozong. I didn’t expect him to collude with evil dragons." Small white looked at the clouds with anger. The old man is a school of honour, but now he has come to attack his own clan. He wants to come to the abode of fairies and immortals.
"Young and old, didn’t you say that there are two little dolls in Yuan’s infancy? What happened to these three people?" Lei Long demon stared at Liang Yi at a distance, and three people glanced over Xiaobai and Longshi’s immersion in longan showed envy Se, but the tone was cold and asked the old man behind him.
"My younger generation doesn’t know how they got in." The old man said with a bitter face, "But the strength of the elder is just three people." Although the old man couldn’t see the sudden appearance of three people, he had seen this evil dragon and took it for granted that these three people were not Lei Long demon opponents.
Which know Lei Long demon at the sight of Liang Yi and want to slanting, this old guy will cheat him to come here to the almighty of the three realms. He doesn’t believe this is a coincidence.
"What’s the matter with just three people? When you are always stupid, you dare to calculate the old "Lei Long demon thundered and slapped the old man into a paste with a wave of his hand."
"Long Xiong let’s meet again" Liang Yifei body and Lei Long demon is relatively small white two people also hurriedly follow.
"I didn’t expect you to come at that thing, too." Lei Long looked at Liang Yi with a sneer. "What do you want to say when you design to seduce the old lady?"
"Just pass by and didn’t design you anything" Liang Yi light tunnel
"passing by?" At Liang Yi in doubt, Lei Long immediately said, "Now that you are passing by, leave quickly. The old man has something important to do and has no time to chat with you."
"You have a lot of time when you don’t have a kung fu seat," Liang Yi sneered. "I really want to know that there is a Long Xiong interested in this little green mountain."
Fang Hushan’s array completely collapsed, and the whole Qing Ming Daozong was completely confused. More than ten monks in the then period were driving magic weapons and flying swords at a distance. Several monks here were bombarding the Hualing Fairy couple’s abode of fairies and immortals array and wanted two ancestors to come out and preside over the overall situation.
These monks all saw the evil dragon patting the door to death like a fly, and didn’t dare to go before easily.
"Tell you also hinder" dragon demon sneer at a way "uniting the alkaloids in the lack of a pure y and n body fairy furnace tripod heard that there is a here? Do Taoist friends still want to fight for a low-ranking woman? "
"So, I advise you to retreat!" Liang Yi light tunnel
"What did you say?" The dragon demon was furious with himself. The other party was a monk of the same order, and the other party wouldn’t be able to do this little thing. He didn’t expect Liang Yi to stop him.
"Did my master tell you to fuck off and listen to white?" Dragon son a listen to this evil dragon to play valin fairy great anger way
"Little beast wants to die!" Evil dragon anger extremely body that a pair of golden se claws cut virtual to dragon head row down.
"The evil dragon will spare you!" Liang Yi was in a bad mood, so I saw that the evil dragon took the initiative to mix the Yuan Tuling sword to solve the problem, and the sword was cut in the golden Se paws of the dragon.
David Tang-a crunchy magic weapon with golden claws flew out, and the evil dragon reached out and took it back. It was a powerful impact, but it couldn’t help but take a step back.
"You dare to take care of the little old lady’s affairs. It’s just death!" Evil dragon saw that his magic weapon was repelled, but it didn’t show any surprise. Instead, Se’s eyes showed a trace of scorn.
Soon the dragon body was shocked and covered with a golden armor. Liang Yi looked at it and called out the front wing armor.
Xiao Bai and Long Er call out their own life armor and magic weapon, and they can’t help each other in the later stage of the refined body. They just need to ensure their safety now.
Moment Liang Yi and Lei Long demon body moved at the same time, blink of an eye kung fu two people have been relatively and mixed Yuan Tulingjian with five lines of firm but gentle golden light blasting Yao Jin Se paws hit together.
At that time, the whole time seemed to be still for a moment, Liang Yi’s body suddenly regressed by more than 30 feet, and a trace of blood could not stop overflowing from the corners of his mouth, while Lei Long demon regressed by seven feet, and Se’s face was a little pale.