Chapter 24 Absorbing Power Solution

This work-absorbing solution is indeed magical compared with the previous method. The true qi actually appeared in the abdomen, such as floc. It was indeed twice the result with half the effort. Haikui was more excited than that dream. Xianbing must have doubted his past life. Otherwise, how could he be so good to himself and teach himself such a good Juexue in his dream?
He ran wildly for only an hour, and he felt that there was a group of qi in the abdomen that had been formed, and he needed more practice to solidify it.
Bang bang hai kui’s bedroom, my mother knocked on the door several times, but it didn’t ring, but the door was locked. It should be coming when I was watching my class at home. Maybe I came back last night, too tired to sleep, and my mother knocked twice again, so I could pack my things and go to class.
Haikui’s training was too fast. When he opened his eyes, he looked up at the bedside table. It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. He secretly felt scared. It didn’t take long to poke around and see that no one at home ran to the bathroom to take a shower, changed into a clean suit, sprinkled some home trauma medicine on his wounds, and threw the bloody clothes into the trash can outside the building before he felt at ease.
When I got home, I found my mother leaving a note on the dining table and cooking for him.
Only when he saw the food did he feel very hungry. In summer, cold dishes and cold rice tasted cool, and he ate the food in a whirlwind.
Last night, the injury was still serious. Although the bleeding has stopped, he always feels weak, but Haikui is not worried that he can recover faster with this suction method.
After dinner, he continued to sit on the bed and practice, and the faint aura was pulled away and drilled into his body.
Later, Haikui woke up from practice and glanced at the bedside table, scratching his head and getting out of the bedroom.
"What’s going on today? I’ve called you for a long time. What are you doing in the house?" Mom and dad are having dinner when they see Haikui come out and ask.
"Oh, I came back late last night, sleepy and dead."
"Let’s eat." Mom didn’t ask deeply, so she gave him a bowl of soup.
Haikui thought that she didn’t plan to go out these days and wanted to practice at home seriously. Suddenly she remembered that Shi Huahua met Lao Jiang. "Dad, you give me your mobile phone."
With his father’s mobile phone, Haikui ran to the bedroom and dialed the words of the site workers, telling them that Shi Huahua and Lao Jiang met at Linhai Hotel these two days and asked them to find a way to ask for wages.
After hanging up, he felt it was necessary to contact Li Qiqi again and ask the beautiful police to help.
After getting through, a nice girl came to say "hello"
"Hello, is this officer Li?" Haikui asked
"It’s me"
"You have a beautiful voice," Haikui praised.
Li Qiqi frowned at the other end. Did someone get their own number to harass themselves? "Who are you? Don’t worry, I can hang up." The beautiful policeman said in a bad tone.
"There’s something, there’s something, beauty, police sister, hey hey." Haikui laughed at the head.
"Are you Haikui?" For these times, I still have some impressions of calling myself a beautiful girl when I saw my old age, and Li Qiqi, the sister of the police, called herself that.
"Ah, sister remembers me?" Haikui said happily
"Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t have time to accompany you if you have a poor mouth," Li Qiqi said in a bad tone
"Sister, don’t be angry. There are things, there are things." Haikui hurriedly told me what he wanted her to help him ask for money.
"Why do you go to the Labor Bureau for help?" Li Qiqi said discontentedly.
"We don’t understand why we asked the beautiful police sister to help us. I’ll treat you to a big meal when I get the money later."
Li Qiqi thought, "Well, I’ll try to help you. Is that what you said?"
"No, I don’t have a mobile phone yet. When I get my salary, I’ll buy one. When you send a text message to this mobile phone, please ask Haikui to reply. This is my dad. I’ll contact you then."
"all right"
Haikui flatters a few more words about Li Qiqi’s beautiful pronunciation before hanging up.
This kid is usually thick-skinned, and he never talks about boasting about beautiful women. Some people are embarrassed to think that this is always hypocritical, but Haikui thinks that beautiful women are more beautiful only by boasting.
After hanging up, Haikui returned to the table and handed the words to Dad.
"Dad, my friend will contact me these two days and send you a text message on your mobile phone. Remember to tell me then." Haikui explained to his father.