"Slow down, if you throw me, I’ll never end with you." Su Yuyao murmured again, really sleeping.

After staggering for more than two hours, she really didn’t fall and fell asleep. As soon as she got home, the motorcycle stopped by the well and simply carried her to the house and put it on the bed.
Xia Xue is not around, and Xiang Lanjie’s home seems to have closed the door to cover Su Yuyao and Ma Liang went to school. It’s already noon, and it’s a little difficult to lose two teachers at the same time.
Sure enough, seeing him coming, President Zhang was relieved and relieved after asking about the situation. Ma Liang had to bring his own class to play games with Su Yu Yao in the afternoon.
"By the way, Pony will tell you something." President Zhang remembered the introduction object and pulled him aside.
President Zhang doesn’t know about Ma Liang and Xia Xue.
"The pony is like this. There is a little girl over there at your aunt’s side, which is quite suitable for you. You just graduated from high school this year and want you to meet." President Zhang said.
Ma Liang shook his head after one leng, and now he has Xia Xue who doesn’t consider these.
"I don’t want to, then Xia Xue said that you must meet the best and succeed." President Zhang also froze.
"Xia Xue elder sister what did she say" Ma Liang strange way.
"In the morning, she sent Mengmeng to tell me that you were in the village, and then I said it smoothly, and she asked me to help you find a daughter-in-law," said President Zhang.
Sure enough, Xia Xue hasn’t given up that idea.
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However, President Zhang’s kindness can’t be directly rejected, because it is very impolite in other people’s homes. Do you like to at least have a look?
"Well, that’s settled. Besides, it’s your great aunt’s kindness to meet again." President Zhang patted him on the shoulder and went to class.
It’s quite simple to have two classes in the afternoon. Horse face directly takes this group of children out to do activities. The dry field is divided into several groups.
Looking at their happy smiling faces, Ma Liang himself is quite happy.
But Youdao figure has been unhappy. Mengmeng Xiaomei asked her to play with her several times, and she shook her head.
Wanted to think Ma Liang walked beside Mengmeng.
"Mengmeng" He shouted, but Mengmeng didn’t do it.
The wind messed up her hair. Ma Liang naturally helped her post it. She didn’t move. It seems that she is not as angry as before.
"Mengmeng, let’s go and sit there." Ma Liang pulled her to a big stone not far away and then put her like a doll. She just did it without saying a word
"Mengmeng, I know you are angry, but you are my important person. I hope you can forgive me."
"I am also an ordinary person who can do some things." Ma Liang actually wondered why Mengmeng reacted so much.
Mengmeng still didn’t speak Ma Liang was very discouraged and sighed.
"I am very painful in my heart." Mengmeng suddenly said a sentence. Ma Liang looked at her and found that there was a trace of expression on her face that should not be a girl of this age.
"Teacher, I forgive you. Can you promise not to do this again?" She asked.
"Mengmeng these things are men have to do" Ma Liangnai.
"I can do it with the teacher. Although I am young, I am also a woman," she said fiercely.
Ma Liang was startled. I didn’t expect Mengmeng to have such an idea. I didn’t know how to deal with it at the moment
"I won’t forgive you if you go on like that." Mengmeng got up
Ma Liang suddenly felt that Mengmeng was a stranger, still the delicate little beauty but so stubborn.
After leaving, Mengmeng took a long breath and relaxed a lot, then blinked at Xiaomei not far away.
Then Xiaomei came over.
"What happened to Mengmeng?" Xiaomei asked.
"I don’t know. I just did as you said." Mengmeng also lowered his voice.
"I went to other people’s homes to see if it was such a performance, otherwise how could it be released?" Xiaomei wondered and wanted to think.
It turned out that two little girls discussed how to deal with Ma Liang, and then watched the TV show according to Xiaomei.
"If you don’t do it, the teacher will go to find her again." Mengmeng worried.
Xiaomei also frowned. "It seems that men like that. I once secretly saw my parents. There is no way."
Then the two little girls didn’t know what to do.
After school, President Zhang left long ago, and Ma Liang stayed alone to clean the school. Mengmeng did not say anything to help.
"Mengmeng" Ma Liang wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.
After sweeping the floor, I followed him back. Mengmeng always kept a certain distance away from Ma Liang, so she came slowly. As soon as Ma Liang approached her, she speeded up and made Ma Liang laugh and cry.
So I got home only to find that Xia Xue and Xianglan were not in Su Yuyao alone. When I saw Ma Liang coming back, I immediately pointed to the basin.
Ma Liang stopped the car and tried to wash it for her. All those clothes and trousers were there. She really didn’t avoid suspicion at all.
And when Ma Liang is ready to go out again, he has to tell two dog about pulling vegetables at home except Zhou Ruotong, who is not quite at ease.
It’s okay for the motorcycle headlights to go out late, and it’s no problem to go back after one more trip
After washing clothes, he went directly to buy chicken, directly handled it and got a pot of soup. The heat preservation boxes sold by his parents when they were in hospital were still there.
At this time, Xia Xue and them haven’t come back and asked for a long time before Mengmeng said that they had gone to learn embroidery, because I heard that the price of embroidery is good now, and Xia Xue is also a restless person. Xianglan has always learned.
"You go to deliver food to Zhou Ruotong" Su Yuyao is a little unbelievable. Because Ma Liang has cleaned the heat preservation box, this momentum can be said to be to deliver food. It is impossible to go the other way.
Ma Liang nodded.
"How much do you like that woman just because she is willing to sleep in a bed with you?" Su Yu Yao was angry and angered.
"It’s true that you are a rogue. She didn’t kiss you, so she did it because she was a beauty."