There is a file on the desk. Suchen took over a medical dispute lawsuit. Suchen didn’t plan to work as a horse, but made a cup of tea for ten minutes before she studied it carefully. It seems that this case needs a medical background. Suchen is not short of it, and with the more and more understanding of the mysteries of the human body, Suchen feels that she is the most suitable for such a lawsuit. Suchen read it quickly twice as fast as in the past and remembered the basic points.

Suchen got up and walked around the office for a minute, frowning and finding a breakthrough.
At about ten o’clock, all the partners in the firm are here and sit together for a meeting, even if it is an annual summary meeting, which will make a summary of what the lawyers have done in the past year. Generally speaking, this year has been remarkable.
When the good news ends, it is natural to report the bad news, that is, when performing the duties of a lawyer, you may be threatened by obstruction from other parties.
One partner said that only Lawyer Su here is the least afraid of such troubles. Another partner smiled and discussed that Su Chen should not be immune to the law and should train the staff. "To put it bluntly, it is simply to teach them how to deal with various unexpected situations."
Su Chen said that there was no problem. Let’s start with female paralegals, focusing on wolf prevention, especially the prevention of wolves. So Su Chen said that all the partners laughed, including Su Chen’s predecessors and Su Chen’s friends. When they were in college, they all talked casually with each other.
After the meeting ended at eleven o’clock, Suchen returned to the office and ordered the assistant to work in the afternoon.
At noon, Su Chen had dinner with everyone at the law office.
Several female lawyers smiled and said to Su Chen that they hadn’t seen Mr. Su for a long time, which was particularly beautiful. When they asked if they were nourished by love, they all teased. Su Chen generously said that one day she would show her to the sisters. Everyone expressed their curiosity about what kind of man made us Su Da lawyers fall in love. Such a man must take a good look!
They also don’t ask Suchen to automatically guess who this person is and how much he is worth. Suchen knows the spirit of these "old women" hexagrams. They deliberately don’t ask themselves but guess at random, and the more they guess, the more outrageous they are. In fact, they are waiting for themselves to directly receive these guys. They are all strategists and tacticians and deserve to be lawyers.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Su Chen’s assistant drove to the hospital to investigate. The attitude of the hospital was very uncooperative and quite outrageous. Su Chen was very angry. Su Chen immediately reprimanded the hospital staff and made them feel ashamed.
Su Chen is not angry by herself, but by her client. Obviously, in this medical accident, the hospital has the main responsibility, and it is not too much to say that it is murder for property. As far as the lawyer profession is concerned, Su Chen’s subjective emotion is actually to avoid objective calmness, which is what a lawyer needs most.
Su Chen is different. Since she was a child, she has been practicing boxing in the courtyard. She always dreamed of being a Jianghu chivalrous woman to help the poor, but when she grew up, she became the fist of the world law, so Su Chen chose the legal profession.
After entering this industry, Su Chen’s boxing master said that this industry has a good convergence and makes the boxing spirit mellow. It is better to use force than to fight without fighting. But frankly speaking, Su Chen has not done it. She sometimes hurts many people, including the client, Su Chen, and sometimes beats the other party. Su Chen needs to deliberately suppress it. Now Su Chen seems to have relieved her burden. This burden is to tell her her her her creed or belief.
In this line of work, it is natural to believe in the power of law and believe that many things in the world can be settled reasonably and reasonably by relying on laws and regulations. Now, far from lacking this belief, I have a deeper view that a good law must reflect the right path of the world and humanity must embody this. Otherwise, in the eyes of a fine lawyer, everyone can just pick out holes and dress. Su Chen especially feels subtle changes in his body after returning from Fanjing Mountain. These changes are not only from those strange experiences, but also from the far-reaching "speech" and "body" religion.
Su Chen’s most obvious thing is that his memory has risen sharply and he gradually has a photographic memory. Combining with his own professional characteristics, Su Chen realized that he had gained a stronger eloquence than before.
Debate is also a kind of magical words, such as sword words, which are obscene, ugly and shameful in front of your face. Su Chen slammed and refuted in the hospital and felt that his mind was more accessible and his mood was more carefree.
The so-called eloquence holds the right path, justice stands tall like Mount Tai, and your mouth is like an unstoppable river. Su Chen suddenly feels that he suddenly touches his own way.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Su Chen went to a medical expert’s house and spent half an hour. Su Chen touched the expert and said that the arbitration commission would come up with a rigorous scientific conclusion.
At nine o’clock, Su Chen returned to the Red Chamber to watch the Oriental News. A news anchor said that evening rain had been sunny for several days, but the locals suddenly found that there was not a drop of water left in Bashan Reservoir.
Su Chen knows that he is in Baxian now and naturally pays attention to Baxian affairs.
Seven volumes of Pakistan’s mystery
Chapter 19 Two Days
Bashan Firehouse is located outside the depth of Daba Mountain-the naturally formed lake is not very large, about three or four square kilometers are not dry all the year round. Here, a small water is built to transport power to the mountain village.
Bashan Reservoir has a beautiful environment and beautiful mountains and clear waters. In winter, there are often all kinds of migratory birds inhabiting this area, which is another scenic spot in Baxian County. Unfortunately, the mountains are high and the roads are far away, but it hasn’t been up much.
After several days of rain, from drizzle to heavy rain, this winter has gone and spring has come, and it is particularly cold and threatening. On the theory that people in the county town and villages are huddled in their own rooms, watching the cold rain outside the window, and finally waiting for the clouds to clear up, people are going out of their doors and walking in the clean streets to buy annual loans. At this time, the water in Bashan Reservoir disappeared overnight, and the news spread all over Baxian town.
There is an old man guarding the dam of Bashan Reservoir. He has been lying in bed with a cold for two days. When the sun shines outside, his mental strength recovers. The old man climbed out of bed, pushed the door and turned to the dam, and then he saw that the water in the huge reservoir was gone. The old man suspected that he had blinked hard or that there was no water. This frightened the old man. He had to know how the water level would rise to a higher position after several days of rain, but he didn’t expect that the water was gone. It was so strange!
The old man immediately left the dam and came to the village to report to the village chief.
After the village head confirmed it with the people dam, he immediately hung up the message in the county, so the government has departments, scientific research units and some sensitive local media also got wind of it
At this time, COSCO in Shuanglong Cave and Black Dragon Cave has passed another day and night.
Far back to his tent first, deliberately came in from the other side. After a while, Lan Fenghuang also came back
It’s far from reporting Ah Fu’s strange actions to Lan Fenghuang, but it’s cold to go to Ah Fu’s day lily after that charming brine pool.
Lan Fenghuang obviously felt that Ah Fu was in his tent, so he didn’t take any measures but returned to his tent.
Soon he fell asleep and Lan Fenghuang fell asleep soon.
Jiang Shang’s black bear slept together at the beginning and was stimulated by this house’s body odor. Now it’s also a little accustomed to it. He fell asleep and didn’t know anything about many complicated things. Anyway, he didn’t wake up today when Jiang Shang was familiar with yelling in Lan Fenghuang. In less than ten minutes, everyone was dressed and emerged from the tent.
Lan Fenghuang is telling Ah Fu, the black bear, that Tom consciously put his note-taking brain there. Obviously, his note-taking brain pool is very strong. Jiang still doesn’t think there is any difference between Lan Fenghuang today and yesterday. Just when he got up, he was a little sleepy and couldn’t help muttering some grumbling words or syllables that he couldn’t really hear.
Far from seeing that Lan Fenghuang is strange, if it is not his own memory, he will feel that last night was just a dream, and his face is calm and there is no anger. Modern men and women often dream of spring, and it seems that they have been enjoying one night as usual, but far away, she is still calm, because it is natural for him to be calm, but it is difficult for a woman in Lan Fenghuang to be proud and independent again. She is making a gesture to the distance, that is, having a baby with her does not mean that she is born once. What? She’s still saying that it’s because they’re together that the trip is about to end that she’s letting it go, but that doesn’t mean that she likes and loves Lan Fenghuang. That’s such an attitude.
Last night’s trip, since nobleness and shame are true, nobleness is incidental shame, that is, peeking at a woman taking a bath and then having sex with this woman by the way, are you happy or not? ! Noble is because far away from Lan Fenghuang, another man’s way is gentle, careful and considerate, and finally it transitions to madness and barbarism, which makes Lan Fenghuang correct her view of men physically, and her mind is solved by men.
Isn’t it? Now Lan Fenghuang has a particularly high spirit. On this day, Tom, the black bear beside her, has already felt the subtle changes of their boss.
The signal that Lan Fenghuang wants to go far is that maybe when two people are having a good time, she will be very attached to him, but in fact, she can never be attached to a man. After Lan Fenghuang’s perception of men is far reversed, the Lan Fenghuang world naturally opens the other half of the door. Lan Fenghuang has restored the desire that women should enjoy, that is, roses, that is, romance, that is, many handsome guys.
Mr. Su makes people want to stay, has a fascinating atmosphere, and makes them intoxicated. Lan Fenghuang sees this trend, and all she has to do is to cut it off before it comes. She loves a person but can’t get a person. She Lan Fenghuang jumps from one man’s fire pit to another, and her body is dirty, but spiritual baptism can make her pure again. Lan Fenghuang was baptized like this when she danced swan dance in a salt pool, but if it was spiritual love and then cheating and betraying Lan Fenghuang, she would probably go crazy. Lan Fenghuang didn’t. Miao women have cultivated the concept of Miao women’s love for more than ten years, so Lan Fenghuang chose to take back the worms put into Mr. Su’s body at the last moment. Nothing else. She didn’t want to know the man’s mind any more, and this man Lan Fenghuang intuitively realized that he actually had his own idea, that is, after they met by chance, they became people living in two worlds, and they would never meet again. Even if they met again, they would not know each other. Lan Fenghuang thought so and recognized her. Mr. Su’s future was like this. When he realized this clearly, "God".
Lan Fenghuang quickly divided into three groups: Jiang Shang, a black bear, Tom, and Ah Fu.
I know that this is Lan Fenghuang’s intentional arrangement to tell everyone that now every two people are searching around to find the special place of this place. After an hour, everyone will come back to this place. Everyone should be in three groups and immediately explore in three directions.
Seven volumes of Pakistan’s mystery
Chapter 20 Black and white two dragons
Lan Fenghuang took Jiang Shang to see his two majors-man-front-back. The focus was on finding traces of human activities in caves.
These human traces, including those left by Pakistanis in those years and treasure hunters in the past two thousand years, are important clues.
Lan Fenghuang has some anxious food in the team, which is probably enough for the fairies to stay here for five days and five nights, and there are still two days left when they leave the cave. Of course, Lan Fenghuang can stay longer if the daily food distribution is halved, but there is no light in the cave industry for a long time, and it will be greatly oppressed by the surrounding mountains and rocks, which will have a great impact on people’s body and mind.
Lan Fenghuang has confidence in the players and Mr. Su, but he has no confidence in Jiang Shang.
According to Lan Fenghuang, she won’t consider being a Jiang Shang, but Lan Fenghuang is a little soft-hearted now. Of course, the most important reason is that they should have searched inside and outside in five days, and all the means have been exhausted. In fact, it’s meaningless to continue to stay. If that’s the case, it’s really a shame to think of this Lan Fenghuang because she thinks of others returning with their hands, but she is not a scene that she will never forget.
Lan Fenghuang thought that every move of his "Mr. Su" was clear. After all, it was only last night that Lan Fenghuang blushed and quickly moved to his ears
When Lan Fenghuang first faced Mr. Su, he looked at himself freely and calmly. This is because Lan Fenghuang wanted to see through people like Mr. Su and people like himself only occasionally intersect. After leaving this hole, the two naturally parted ways. Lan Fenghuang could clearly feel Mr. Su’s thoughts.
Lan Fenghuang once had the idea of pulling him in, but her intuition told her that he would not agree.