"Brother Chu really has something to trouble you!" Xu Damao rubbed his hands a little embarrassed.

Li Chu is a little curious about what Xu Damao can do for him.
Xu Damao took Li Chu’s arm and took a few steps to the side. He turned to Ding Qiunan and said, "Sister-in-law, I’ll talk to Brother Chu."
Ding Qiunan nodded his head.
Xu Damao took Li Chu and walked seven meters away. He wanted to go forward. Li Chu shook his hand. "Come on, your sister-in-law can’t hear you. Tell me quickly."
Xu Damao looked at the low voice and said, "Hey, hey, brother Chu, I heard someone say that you have that kind of man taking medicine. Hey, hey, is there anything else? Can you sell me a few? "
"You are so young. What do you need that thing for?" Li Chu felt a little strange. "Who did you hear that I had that medicine?"
"From whom did Brother Chu hear that I couldn’t tell you that I wanted to buy some medicine from you, and I didn’t eat it." Xu Damao explained quickly.
"You really didn’t eat it yourself?" Li Chu expressed serious doubts.
"It’s true that I’m not married yet. Why do I eat that thing?" Xu Damao was a little anxious.
I turned my head and looked around. "Brother Chu, to tell you the truth, I want to buy some for my father-in-law. You know that people don’t lack anything. I don’t know what to take every time I go. I didn’t hear that you have that medicine, so I just wanted to buy some for my father-in-law quietly to cheer him up and save him from being hated."
"You are small!" Li Chu smiled and pointed to him. "I don’t care who you give it to if I sell you a few, but I want to make it clear that I won’t be responsible for what happens if I eat one at most three days."
Xu Damao patted his chest and promised, "Brother Chu, you said I remembered everything, and I will remind you clearly."
"It’s just that I’m going to give it to someone else. I’ll give it to you first." Li Chu took out a paper bag that is common in hospitals from his pocket and handed it to Xu Damao.
Xu Damao took it, opened it and looked at it. He folded the bag and asked, "Brother Chu, how much is this? I’ll give you the money."
Li Chu watched the two men move and always felt that they were doing something bad.
Shaking his head, he threw this strange idea away and said, "You just give me 5 yuan."
Xu Damao gave the money without saying anything.
Li Chu took the money and said, "All right, go quickly. I’m going back here, too."
"Hey, Brother Chu, I’ll talk to you later." Xu Damao said good morning to Ding Qiunan again and left.
Li Chu went to Ding Qiunan and took her hand. "Let’s go, daughter-in-law, hurry back. I’m hungry."
Ding Qiunan is a little curious. "What does Xu Damao want with you?"
"Ask me for medicine" and then gather together to Ding Qiunan’s ear and say a few words.
Ding Qiunan spat after hearing that "they are not good people"
Li Chu smiled and joked with Ding Qiunan, "Daughter-in-law, why don’t I eat one later?"
"You are going to die!" Ding Qiunan flushed and clenched his fist to hammer him.
The two men went home talking and laughing all the way.
When I got home and went out at noon, Li Chu had already made up the noodles and put them by the fireside. Now the noodles have been prepared to steam some steamed buns and cook two bowls of porridge, and then the large plate of chicken left at noon can be heated for dinner.
Two people are busy in the kitchen together. Li Chu looks at that smiling face like a flower and is intoxicated.
After dinner, Li Chu went to the sofa to watch Ding Qiunan tidy up and then took the wooden ruler at home to measure the sofa.
She is going to make a cotton pad for the sofa, otherwise she can’t sit in winter.
After the paper is sized, it adds up to what else you need to buy at home in winter.
Chapter 40 Dog leg
"Is there any wool ticket in Li Chu?"
"I didn’t notice that there should be, right? You can see for yourself in the closet." Li Chu sat there looking at his head and answered without looking up.
After listening to this, Miss Xiaoding "thumped" and ran away.
After a while, he ran to sit on the sofa with a small tin box in his hand.
Take out all the tickets in the box and sort them out one by one.
"So many tickets!" Ding Qiunan stared at the sight and packed a stack of tickets and sighed.
"Chu-tian li back when I get some wool ticket for my mother? My mom wants to knit a sweater for my dad, but she can’t get enough tickets. "
"Yeah, you see what’s missing at home, you just take it and don’t discuss it with me." Li Chu said casually
Miss Xiaoding said seriously, "That’s no good. I have to tell you clearly when I get something for my family."
"Ok, you can get more wool tickets and ask your mother to give them three sweaters." Li Chu thought for a moment. "Why don’t we buy wool and take it over?"
Ding Qiunan feel a little strange looking at him "what makes you think so? It’s not like my family has a hard time and needs our help. "
Li Chu also thinks that his wife’s idea is a bit strange. "But after all, your parents raised you. Isn’t it normal to give more to your family if you have the conditions?"
"But isn’t it my father’s responsibility to keep that home? I have married you. It’s your Lao Li family. This is my home. "
Ding Qiunan paused and said, "Of course I will help if my family is in trouble and our family has the conditions."
"But I heard that a woman took many things from her husband’s family back to her mother’s house after she got married."
Xiaoding girl curled her lips. "How can there be such a woman that she doesn’t want to live?"
Li Chu smiled and didn’t say this topic again. "You also take some cotton tickets."
The girl waved her hand. "No, my mother made a new quilt this year. She will give it to me when she comes over that day. I don’t want it at home."
Li Chu listened and shrugged his shoulders. "Then you need to get something."
The girl held Ba in her hand and thought, "I’ll knit you a sweater when I come back. I’m going to tear down your old one and knit it into a hat, scarf and gloves for you."
"Buy more wool and knit one for you." Seeing what the girl wanted to say, Li Chu went on to say, "Don’t refuse or I won’t."
Miss Xiaoding’s face is a little distressed, but her heart is more sweet.
Li Chu added, "Besides, you don’t want to buy you ready-made clothes, so I’ll pull some cloth for you and find a tailor to make your clothes."
The girl nodded. "All right, but I’ll do it without a tailor."
Li Chu sounds a little novel. "Can you still make clothes?"
"Of course, my mother can make clothes. I just bought a sewing machine from her and made one for you."
Then pick up a pen and paper and write and draw. What are you mumbling?
Li Chu looked at the girl seriously, and her heart was warm.
Then I looked at Li Chu and saw Ding Qiunan still writing something on the paper and didn’t disturb her. She got up and came to health.
Set the bathtub on fire and then fill it with water for a bath.
When the water was almost hot, the fire was reduced a little, and then the girl was picked up in the living room without saying anything.
Ding Qiunan was in his arms and asked blankly, "What are you doing?"
"Daughter-in-law, it’s time to take a bath. I’ve boiled the water."
"Ah, then let me go and I can walk there myself." The girl struggled to come.
Li Chu tightened his arm. "What are you thinking? I’ll hold you there and we’ll wash together."
The girl blushed and buried her head in his chest without saying a word.
I’ve been drifting for a long time …