But Li Pian-yu kept looking at Li Chengzhu with a pair of eyes, as if he wanted to find a rapid increase in repair methods from Li Da’s boss.

Li Chengzhu know three people to this meaning.
Luo Sihai is naturally coming to form an alliance, and Ye Dashuai and Li Pian-yu must have been sent by the other two parties to monitor. Although everyone is hostile, they all do a good job on the surface. Soon there was a noise in the hall, and the four of them had a good drink with each other. It was like not seeing old friends for years.
All the greetings are spent in false expressions, including the outer two sides of Albizia.
Everyone in the Hehuan Sect outside the venue has become a hot potato. Everyone who wants to play with Hehuan Sect naturally has to get it from the staff of Hehuan Sect
To maintain order in the field, several former clan elders were respected by enthusiastic people, and their faces were flushed with wine.
Xiaoying girl, a generation of female heroes, picked up several jars and killed the uninspired wine in one breath, which directly frightened the guests who wanted to pour her down.
Everyone’s feelings have slowly pushed a cup to get acquainted. Although Li Chengzhu has never seen each other again, these owners will not miss such a great opportunity to find their own interests.
Li Pian-yu left him at the end of the first day of the pageant, just to see the strength of the patriarch of Acacia and to find out the hidden power of Acacia.
The hidden power is naturally impossible to find out, but the strength is enough to make Li Pian’s feathers feel scared. A super-order fairy beast alone is enough for him to successfully complete this time.
Li Chengzhu swept his eyes from time to time, which made Li Pian-yu tremble a little. In case this puffed-up Luo Tianxian came to kill himself, it was really not worth it. In view of this, Li Pian-yu left early.
This is not because the three of us are more accommodating after everyone has left.
Luo Sihai told the news that Li Chengzhu Xianji Camp promised to form an alliance with Li Chengzhu in front of Ye Zhiqiu.
This is naturally good news and the news that Li Chengzhu has been waiting for.
If you want Xianji Camp to promise your alliance, then Boss Li can safely and boldly mix up the water. There is Xianji Camp, and this ally is holding back the Guards to face a force, which is very helpful for the future of Acacia Sect, and Luo Sihai is also responsible for delivering messages to the heads of the two general contacts.
Boss Li was generous and gave Luo Sihai two nine elixirs in return, which made Luo Sihai more determined to be the middleman.
Just as Li Chengzhu was talking with Ye Zhiqiu and Luo Sihai about drinking in the living room, a younger brother broke into the living room in a panic. "The patriarch found an outsider entering the Acacia Sect."
"hmm?" Li Chengzhu frowned. "Where is he?"
"Has been caught" female brother looks very ugly. Who has been closely protected and has even been broken through the line of defense and entered his own sect? His face will not look very good.
Li Chengzhu is also very strange that the venue has arranged the Acacia Sect outside to prevent anyone from entering the Acacia Sect. Boss Li specially arranged many people to guard these people, and even Jin Xian. He really can’t figure out who can break into the Acacia Sect before being discovered. Can people still have strength and Jin Xian?
"Bring" big boss li said.
The younger brother was ordered to go.
"Li Xiong, we …" Luo Sihai said that he was considering whether to avoid suspicion.
"Luo Xiong please help yourself" Li Chengzhu nodded Luo Sihai and Ye Zhiqiu sued for a crime and led by his brother out of the hall.
Not long after, he was arrested and brought to the living room by several younger brothers. To Li Chengzhu’s surprise, there were three people who broke into the Albizia Sect, and they were all cultivating immortals for a certain period of time.
This really surprised Li Chengzhu. He never thought that a cultivator could break through the defense of Albizia Sect and enter.
Boss Li suddenly remembered something that Uncle Cai reported to him a few days ago.
"Who are you?" Li Chengzhu asked.
The three of them have long been ugly, and everyone knows that the patriarch of Hehuan is vicious, and there are only a few roots that can be calm in front of Luo Tianxian, an immortal.
"We … we are your guests," stammered a seemingly leader, and his face turned pale as he kept shaking his legs and stomach.
"You’re lying," Li Chengzhu said flatly.
"I … I didn’t" sound has brought a hint of Kuqiang.
"Then what are you doing in Acacia?" Li Chengzhu cocked his head and stared at the front three people.
"We … just want to see the scenery of the first sect in the fairy world." It is a kind of courage to tell lies in front of Luo Tianxian, and the speaker is suspected to be a brave man.
Li Chengzhu conveniently took out six invitations from the ring and shipped out Reiki with a throw invitation. Immediately, he inserted three people in front of him and left a short piece.
"Which one are you?" Li Chengzhu pointed to the invitation and asked.
These six invitations are the extra six. Uncle Cai didn’t bother to check them one by one, but after a day, the imprint of the invitation suddenly faded and some signs disappeared, which was arrested by Uncle Cai from the inside and sent to Li Chengzhu.
After seeing the six invitations, the three people’s faces became more white and suspicious. Luo Tianxian had already suspected them. Maybe he was stared at when he acted. No wonder he was found out so quickly.
Three people even lose heart at the moment.
Falling into the hands of Luo Tianxian and suspecting suicided is even more frightening.