Xiao Bo and others ran back when they heard the noise at the moment because they were afraid to rush out because of the police officers’ periphery.

Lin Chengdong glanced at the hall and everyone bowed their heads and said to Xiaoliang, "The health next to the meat ticket tied you to take him away from Xiao Bo Brothers!"
Small bright zheng "meat ticket box over there, isn’t it? !”
"Go!" Lin Chengdong didn’t explain and urged him to run with a gun.
Awei and others reacted fastest and ran to the periphery with money, but the man went to find the meat ticket brother box and turned around and shouted, "The meat ticket is not here!" "
"Don’t move, raise your hand, police officer!"
Outside the window, a group of police officers in dark blue have raised their guns and Korean is shouting wildly.
Awei and others don’t know Korean at all. The first reaction when they see police officers is to hug the fire with a gun!
"Dadada …!"
Guns are ringing, and the police have exchanged fire!
Lin Chengdong ran to the right and kicked a wooden window and waved at Xiao Bo and others. "Run this way! Run this way! "
Hearing the gun, Xiao Bo and others were confused. They didn’t know whether to follow Awei or run back. When Lin Chengdong heard it, he froze in place.
"What do you think? I stepped on it and I can run here!" Lin chengdong shouted urgently
"Go and follow him!" Xiao Bo know Lin Chengdong cautious immediately with the past.
They ran through the window in turn and followed Lin Chengdong to the unfinished building next to them.
"sonorous …!"
In the distance, when police officers saw someone rushing out here, they all put their arms around the fire.
Lin Chengdong profuse sweating looked back at a few people scold a way "silly so many people gather together a piece of police officers don’t see at a glance? Run and talk separately! "
"Xiao Liang, you run to the left with a meat ticket!" Lin chengdong followed by shouting again
Xiao Liang hesitated for a moment and immediately ran to the left with a meat ticket. When he saw that he was scattered, it was natural to follow two and shoot at the police officers.
"Bo, you go first!" Xiaoliang yelled back.
Xiao Bo saw that Lin Chengdong had run far away at the moment, and he was in a hurry and immediately took people with him.
Fleeing all the way, everyone bypassed the main building of the abandoned water conservancy plant and came to an alley full of water pipes.
When Lin Chengdong saw Xiao Bo holding a purse in his hand, he asked doubtfully, "How do you get the money?"
"I fucking heard the police car coming and grabbed two bags!" Xiao Bo is also an old actor, gasped and replied.
"Ah, run this way. I just stepped over here to get out!" Lin chengdong motioning with his hand urged.
Xiao Bo and his brother were flustered and followed Lin Chengdong all the way across the water pipe and ran forward for less than 50 meters
It’s raining in the hutong here, and the light is very dim, so the view is very bad.
Lin Chengdong suddenly stopped and looked back at Xiao Bo and asked, "Is 46? !”
Xiao Bo transient dazed in situ.
"You can’t play with me if you come to ten!" Lin chengdong suddenly raised his arm.
"Loud …!"
Several shots exploded and the Xiao Bo brothers were screened on the spot.
Xiao Bo dazed will stretch out his hand an old fashioned gun!
Lin Chengdong grabbed Xiao Bo with a gun, grabbed his wrist and hit his abdomen directly.
The gun hit Xiao Bo’s head, and he bent over and shouted, "Chengdong, listen to me …!"