Qin Yu stepped to Wu Tianyin on the snowy shell of the wilderness and shouted, "An Zai, let me find out how long it will take for the defense team to get to the distant mountains from the East Gate."

"Point has just answered. The defense team went out from the east gate and scattered stars along the road. The team specially blocked our lookout point and dared not lean." An Zai quickly leaned in and said, "It’s hard to say where they are now."
Wu Tianyin turned to Qin Yu and asked, "Has Xiaobai finished the work?"
Qin Yu nodded and replied, "But the outside people have surrounded the defense team building, and less than 300 people are guarding it, and some prominent people in the distant mountains are still afraid to move outside, but once they want to run that road, it will be very difficult for these 300 people to deal with it."
Wu Tianyin was silent.
"We have to readjust our thinking. We can’t do it blindly." Qin Yu pulled the door and took out a tablet from the inside, fiddling with the map and asked Wu Tianyin, "Do you have any good suggestions, big brother?"
Wu Tianyin took two steps in situ and looked up and asked, "What’s the situation in Nanmu? How long will it take to finish?"
"It’s hard to say it’s still fighting." Qin Yu shook his head.
"If I were you, I wouldn’t fucking let Xiaobai run away." Wu Tianyin replied succinctly, "Let him stick to the defense team compound until Nanmu and our conflict are over."
Qin Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard this.
Wu Tianyin took the flat map and pointed to the three corners around the distant mountain and said, "How dare we put people inside him at these three points if Nanmu has a breakthrough?" What’s more, this wolf pup still has chips in his hand. "
Qin Yu looked at the map and fell silent.
"Will it freeze in the end?" An Zai glanced at the map and said, "There are not many of us. It’s hard to say whether we can curb the distant mountains and the heavy people."
Qin Yu thought for a while and replied, "When the defense team falls down, the distant mountains can’t lift much wind and waves, mainly because we can carry it here, so that’s no problem."
"Come is to grab territory." Wu Tianyin looked at Qin Yu with great approval and said, "What are you doing when you are afraid of wolves and tigers?" Believe me, I will do it! "
"That’s dry?"
"fuck!" Wu Tianyin nodded.
Qin Yu is also a decisive person. He immediately took out his words and dialed the number of Xiao Ge.
Next to Wu Tianyin, he immediately adjusted his thinking and asked An Zai, "How many waves did you play at the door just now?"
"Two rounds of shelling"
"It’s almost time for you to withdraw the team and arrange the rear side." Wu Tianyin said quickly, "I’ll slip away when Nanmu is finished."
An Zai smell nod.
Nanmu life townlet
Marion’s armed forces have invited private armed exhibitions to meet the fire at the other side’s tail home.
When the rear gun rang, I was too brave to take the core of the family alive, and the tone was instantly dispersed.
The road in front of Qijia Courtyard was too brave to be escorted back, and he kept yelling with words in his hand and asked, "Haven’t you broken through the sniper yet?"
"Caught up" Wang Changli shook his head "temporarily can’t play out"
"Damn it!" Too brave gnashing scold a way "if there is no support before and after they attack our side is no chance"
"You don’t want to continue to fight with them inside, try to type it out first." Wang Changli responded with a little blame. "You have six or seven thousand people who have been pulled outside to reunite, just because you don’t strike back and let them get hitched, right? ! Be decisive and quickly withdraw! "