There are so many reasons and excuses for the success of the game, which can’t explain what is so.

There must be something wrong with the team itself.
The opponent is too strong, that’s not an excuse.
You know, AC Milan is the runner-up in the League and the runner-up in the Champions League this season, so its strength should never be defeated by Lazio at home 25 times.
He really thinks it’s time for Kaka to build a team … Kaka scored a goal in this game.
Rivaldo has left, and it’s time for Rui Costa to leave.
Besides, it’s not impossible to sell Sepcenko …
And cafu and others …
Look at the big change Lazio, their performance this year is refreshing.
Carlo Ancelotti suddenly envied his opponent.
What? I don’t envy Lazio’s performance, but I envy Lazio President’s willingness to give it to Changsheng.
The same coach, he feels like a canary in a cage compared with Chang Sheng. He looks like a giant coach, but he is not free at all.
Even the tactical formation and the appearance of these things, he can’t be the boss as a head coach, let alone make a big transfer.
Mr. chairman likes veterans. He is nostalgic and thinks that people who follow him do not want to sell easily.
Vice President Adriano Galliani believes that the old people have rich experience and outstanding consciousness, and it is up to them to fight or defend the country.
So …
But in the end, losing the game, whether it is the media or the head coach, must be the head coach. How many people will say that it is the club’s decision-making problem?
Less and less
So he envies Chang Sheng, at least Chang Sheng is responsible for himself. Even if he is scolded for losing the game, it is his own power to decide the result.
Look at his signings in Lazio. Although he is not well-known, it is obvious that he is always winning. The introduction of these players is marked by constant success.
Now Lazio tactics are very suitable for their players, because it is the head coach who makes the decision. He knows what tactics the team is going to play, and he can find someone who suits his tactics according to this.
Instead of being able to buy anyone for yourself like your club, and then kneading a set of suitable tactics according to these different characteristics of players.
There was no contrast before, and now the contrast is so strong in front of my eyes that it is no wonder that Ancelotti will be envious.
How does AC Milan think and reflect on Ancelotti’s constant victory if he is envious? It doesn’t matter whether he wins AC Milan or wins by a big score, which makes him confident.
At the press conference after the game, Chang Sheng didn’t say anything like "AC Milan welcomes revenge". He was disdainful and said that he had said that Lazio’s goal in the new season was to be the top four in the league. I wonder if there are still people who don’t believe it?
When he asked this question, the reporters looked at each other and no one said anything.
Because I don’t know how to answer the phone
Chang Sheng didn’t intend to let the face-to-face people answer him. He added, "Ladies and gentlemen are not angry because I specialize in all kinds of things!"
At the press conference after the game, he didn’t just fight for 90 minutes. The opponent didn’t habitually say, "I’m glad we beat AC Milan, so we deserved to win …".
It seems that AC Milan can’t get into his eyes …
He didn’t even ask Gazzetta dello Sport if he didn’t adapt to Italian football.
So completely regarded Milan …
What could be more humiliating to Gazzetta dello Sport AC Milan?
not have
In the eyes of Changsheng, AC Milan is not a Lazio opponent …
In fact, the performance of AC Milan in the actual season was really not very strong. At that time, the final ranking of AC Milan in the league was the fourth, and it was almost impossible to get this ranking
Losing the Champions League final is an inducement, but in the final analysis, it is the deterioration of their own strength, the aging of the players, the loss of honor and the desire for the championship.
In other words, if you really want to compete for the top four in the league season, the most likely unlucky thing is AC Milan …
They may not even qualify for the Champions League this season.
I really don’t know what Gazzetta dello Sport will say then …
He is looking forward to that day.
Chapter 34 The momentum is rapid
After the game, Lazio beat AC Milan 52 away, which became the headline news of Italian media.
Although Lazio have been in good form recently, no one thought that they could beat AC Milan so easily away from home.
Most people didn’t even guess the result of Lazio’s victory. They felt that AC Milan should win at home, even if the process was a little hard, but the final victory must belong to them.
I didn’t think even that they were wrong.
After the game, many media used the word "upset". They thought that AC Milan lost to Lazio at home with such a wide margin.
Chang Sheng wrote on his personal website that he was dissatisfied with the media’s "unexpected" victory, because it was not surprising that Lazio beat AC Milan at present, and it was normal to beat AC Milan with this score.
However, no matter what the word is, the whole of Italy is shocked by the result and score of this game.
Is it still necessary to discuss this game for several days in a row and analyze why Lazio can win so easily one shot at a time?
What AC Milan will fight back against Lazio?
This kind of thing makes Lazio fans very happy.
They just keep changing channels and watching these programs over and over again, listening to the guests and hosts there praise Lazio’s performance.
However, Changsheng said to the players on the first day of training, "Forget about playing against AC Milan. Our goal is not to beat AC Milan, but to get into the top four of the league and qualify for the Champions League. Look ahead, guys."
Lazio played Palermo at home in the fifth round of the league.
In this game, Lazio beat AC Milan 52 away and beat Palermo 42 at home.
People are surprised to find that September is almost over, and Lazio has remained unbeaten throughout September!
They have four wins, one draw and thirteen points, 14 goals, five goals and nine net wins.
At present, it ranks second in the league, second only to the fifth victory over Juventus.
Such technical statistics as points ranking and goals conceded surprised many people.