"Still aiming at the direction of Acacia Sect?" Li Chengzhu asked.

"It’s noon." Qin Suge nodded.
"What a big ostentation and extravagance" Li Chengzhu grimaced slightly and sent out so many higher immortals. If the strength of the acacia Sect stayed a year ago, any one could put out the acacia Sect, but now hum!
Gu Linglong completely disrupted Li Chengzhu’s plan in one sentence.
"Husband, the two pick Jin Xian were Ye Dashuai and Qiao Yanluo in the later period."
"Fuck!" Li Chengzhu smiled and fixed his face. "Why are they?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Do it big if you want to do it
Li Chengzhu’s expression is as ugly as eating a dead fly
The two grandfathers of the Acacia Sect have come, but now they must be people. Fourteen people really came to Acacia Sect, otherwise Ye Zhiqiu and Qiao Yanluo could not have taken the lead in running from distant days to Acacia Sect. When he left, Ye Dashuai also said that there were many troubles in the days, and it was impossible to come here for sightseeing.
There’s only one reason left, which is easy to explain.
The enchantment in different dimensions has created so many higher immortals that it has attracted the attention of heaven and earth.
Greek gifts, and it’s the ancestor of Hehuan who relied on his uncle Li Chengzhu to think about countermeasures when the golden light flashed in front of him.
"Jade newsletter!" Li Chengzhu looked up and took a glance at the glittering jade, relying on high-quality goods. The master didn’t have this grade when he gave himself information.
"Ye Dashuai" Gu Linglong felt the fluctuation of face pressure and reached out and handed the jade slip to her husband.
"hmm?" Li Cheng’s cylindrical look became more serious. Ye Zhiqiu needed jade slips to tell himself something. Didn’t those who followed him to Acacia follow his orders?
The unique technique of making Hehuan Zongyu Bamboo Slips is not a message.
"Be careful! Take six war generals to figure micro! I’ll take care of everything. "The short three lines are more than worrying and inexplicable warning.
Li Chengzhu corners of the mouth with a smile, fortunately, he didn’t abandon Albizia Zong, so the next thing would be easy. Ye Dashuai said to be careful, and the bearer must have some hostility.
"Linglong, what about my six war generals?" Li Chengzhu asked the jade Jane to crush her mouth. Although I don’t know what Ye Zhiqiu means by bringing his own figure micro, Li Chengzhu believes that he and Qiao Yanluo won’t harm themselves. After all, Albizia was founded by two of them.
Gu Linglong cast a glance at Xiaoying Xiaoying, holding an embroidery needle in one hand and a small clothes in the other, blinking his eyes. "I don’t think it gave Xiaoyan a bundle of hair."
Boss Li is startled. What’s wrong with tying your hair? I cann’t believe I got six war generals for several military exploits myself Besides, do those yellow hairs of Xiao Yan Ran deserve a bundle of hair?
"Give me the little smile" Li Chengzhu hand a finger.
Gu Linglong and Qin Suge looked at each other and a teleport disappeared from the house.
If you want to catch Xiao Yan Ran Zong, there are two of them.
A chicken flies a dog to jump. Feng Huangming’s little thing is screaming from the roof, mixed with a little giggle.
Boss Li shook his head with a wry smile and stretched out his hand to call Wan Yue "Did you learn illusion?"
"Well," Wan Yue nodded and listened to the movement of the roof with her ears erect, and unconsciously hung a smile on her mouth.
"Illusion individual appearance, you are so eye-catching that Master Ye can know you."
Wan Yue glared at his master, stretched out his hand and pinched several methods. Wan Yue disappeared and was replaced by an ugly woman with an ugly face.
Li Chengzhu rolled his eyes. You want to disgust me, don’t you?
I haven’t reprimanded myself for this disobedient demon slave. The green light flashed in front of me, and the little smile has tightly grasped my hair. I gasped and mumbled, "Dad, Dad, Big Mom and Second Mom chased me for help!"
Gu Linglong and Qin Suge also looked at each other in the room at the same time and gave each other a wry smile. On their teleportation, many pieces could not catch the small moving track.
"Good big mother and second mother are teasing you." Li Chengzhu gently hugged the little smile from the top of his head.
A conspicuous ornament on Xiao Yan ran’s head tied her yellow hairs together.
Boss Li looked at his six wars and twitched at the corners of his mouth
The deployment of combat readiness instantly turned into a welcoming ceremony. Thousands of brothers lined up at the gate and held high the words "Welcome the ancestors back to Hehuanzong for inspection".
As Gu Linglong said, at noon, everyone felt a mixed huge spiritual pressure approaching the request. During this period, these immortal brothers had already experienced this spiritual pressure impact for many times, but now they feel dull again.
But Li Chengzhu laughed even colder.
A pressure demonstration? I don’t believe that these people will not restrain their spiritual pressure, so that Albizia Zongdi feels the pressure, not because he wants to demonstrate by force.
Li Chengzhu waved Qin Suge, Gu Linglong, and the water was like smoke, and the pressure was reversed at the same time.
No one has seen each other in the contest.