Four police officers grabbed the middle-aged man and pulled him out to control him.
The venue was in uproar. Mayor Ruan waved and shouted, "Everybody be quiet. This press conference is not tit for tat …!"
"Go to Nima’s base and don’t answer the questions. The parties didn’t come. What are you still packing? !” Someone in the abrupt crowd roared, and a pistol was brought in from nowhere, and it was aimed at the rostrum.
Two shots were fired, which was very unlucky. Director Xin was shot in the arm because he was sitting in the middle!
"There is a gun!"
Screaming sounded, and the media personnel got up and ran to the channels on both sides!
"There are gunmen!"
"Protect the rostrum!"
A large number of police officers rushed in and picked up their guns.
Seconds later, Bao Jun, the street outside the propaganda department building, went to his right arm, and Heibu turned around and shouted, "Do you agree to this solution of penis?" !”
Thousands of people from Xinyuan District followed them neatly and shouted!
"Songjiang mess up ordinary people, they can’t protect effective policies, they can’t take it out, but a deputy director of European origin has killed people, but they can protect them and send them back to Fengbei! ! Who can accept this fucking attitude? !” The Wangs five people roared on the other side of the street
This roar even came from Yuan District of Jiangnan District, and people’s hearts were angry.
It is always an objective fact that class and race are treated differently. Whoever wants to find an incentive should pick it first, that is, the mountain calls the tsunami!
The crowd surrounded the horse’s second child with a walkie-talkie and shouted, "You move first!"
"Roger that!"
After Liu Shu replied, he suddenly jumped out of the crowd and waved and shouted, "Stop the mayor’s police chief and ask for an explanation!"
The words sound just fell and the people on both sides around the center shot the police officers without knowing who was carrying an old gun!
At the same time, a large number of people who were already ready rushed to the propaganda building!
"Let’s go in. We need an explanation!"
"Stand back!" At the end of the joint defense, the soldiers immediately raised their guns and shouted, "Kill them on the spot!"
"Fuck you! ! It’s all people. Why should we be outside your area? ! Why! " A middle-aged man who took the lead waved his hand and shouted, "Give it to me!"
"Bang bang!"
The words sound just fell and two mortar shells directly hit the south exit watchtower. The explosion resounded around the watchtower and it collapsed on the spot.
The chief officer in charge of duty in the hall shouted with words, "The south gate is out of control and outsiders have broken in! !”
Chapter 1149 Bid