So I have no reason to hate them! It’s gone If they are in from ruin, I will kill them myself! "The sound of water stop makes Sasuke Naruto KINOMOTO SAKURA shudder while listening to him.

"But now I have no reason to blame them, because I know that they were awakened by my brother. My brother decided to do something. He will definitely try his best to do it at all costs. This is him!"
"When that woman appeared from ten tail, I suddenly came for nothing. My brother should have been killed by her, but the first thing she did here was to look for something. I suddenly had a bad idea that she might not know how badly my brother was hurt. If she really shot, would she not know this? Obviously, my brother didn’t get hurt. In other words, my brother was blindsided and Hui Ye Ji was at best that person’s helper! "
"Stop water eldest brother, your guess may be true. I don’t know who really hurt Daitu eldest brother. After his resurrection, he will deal with Hui Ye Ji with us, but after he said some strange words to Hui Ye Ji, he will give us his place. If it weren’t for Kakashi’s teacher and his sharingan, we don’t know if we can come back from that place.
Maybe it was because he was injured that he was almost in a state of collapse, and Kakashi was able to successfully break through the seal left by Brother Daitu, otherwise we really might not be able to come back easily.
To be honest, our lives are saved by Brother Daitu. If you have any ideas, just tell us, even if you find the man who assassinated Brother Daitu, or can we tie Hui Yeji up and ask about it? "Naruto brain faster immediately thought of a very unreliable plan.
Everyone was frightened by Naruto’s plan. "Kidnapping Hui Yeji"? I’m afraid only Naruto can come up with such an unreliable plan.
But surprisingly, when he heard Naruto’s plan to stop the water, he stopped the tears directly. He looked up at Naruto and said, "What do you think?"
"I don’t know. If I’m the only one, it must be a method to complete this plan. But I heard that she was once sealed up. Grandpa Liu sealed her up because she couldn’t kill her. Isn’t it normal for us to take her alive? Even grandpa Liu can’t kill her. It’s just a seal at most. Can we really kill her? "
As soon as Naruto said this, everyone was stunned. To be honest, they really didn’t think about it. They didn’t think about it. They subconsciously defeated Hui Ye Ji. Of course, they killed her. But now that Naruto said this, they remembered that they couldn’t kill Hui Ye Ji at all. In this case, it doesn’t seem difficult to accept her alive, does it?
"Well, if that’s the case, it seems that it’s not difficult for us to capture her alive. Since all six channels can seal her, we will choose the method of sealing her in the end. In this case, we have to seal her and do something to imprison her directly. Isn’t that equivalent to capturing her alive? We’ll try it then, so we can get the information we want? " The more he stopped talking, the brighter his eyes became. He found that there was nothing wrong with Naruto’s thinking!
"Wow, Naruto, you’re amazing. It’s a little strange to think of such attention." KINOMOTO SAKURA just wanted to praise Naruto, but soon he felt uncomfortable.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong? " Everyone else looked at KINOMOTO SAKURA.
"You see, we are fighting to the death here, but the enemy’s worst ending is just sealed up. After thousands of years, all our people are dead. Then she may break free from the seal and set off a blood shed in the mainland. Is it necessary for us to fight in this war?"
KINOMOTO SAKURA asked one of the most worthwhile questions in this war and one that everyone can avoid.
Chapter 524 Naruto last straw
KINOMOTO SAKURA asked a solution to the problem, which is really quite a solution. Are we fighting to the death to seal the enemy? And thousands of years later, our enemies will escape the seal again to harm our grandchildren?
This is not deliberately avoiding this problem, but the root did not think of this problem, even the spot was stunned for a while. Did I spend so much effort to retaliate against them and seal them? Then why should I get revenge?
Gradually, the eyes of the people around you began to wander! KINOMOTO SAKURA never thought that telling the truth in his own mind would be so cruel that everyone dared not to think about it.
"Ahem, I think we really think about it now!" Naruto scratched his head and said intermittently
At present, no one looks down upon Naruto any more. Perhaps his strength is not the highest, but his special ideas are different from those of normal people. But it is precisely because of his differences that Naruto can often hit the nail on the head and see some places they can’t see. This is his "strength".
"Naruto, if you have any ideas, just say it for everyone to listen to!" Three generations are also quite entangled now. He can see that people around him are suspicious because of the KINOMOTO SAKURA problem. It’s not good to go like this. If you make everyone feel slack, then there is no need to fight this war because you have given up. Why fight? It’s better to let the enemy finish the so-called plan to limit Harle directly, isn’t it?
It’s hard to take when people are scattered!
Three generations are in such a mood at the moment, so even he regards Naruto as the last straw.
"Three generations of grandfathers really think so. Although I know that my strength is not enough to destroy Hui Yeji, I will still seal her goal and fight!"
"What? Can you still do this after so many people have died? "
"KINOMOTO SAKURA is because so many people have died that we need to seal her more, don’t we? What will everyone die? Because everyone believes that we can beat her, beat her and seal her! Is it really because of ourselves that everyone wants to win this war at the expense of themselves?
Definitely not this war. What? Oh, my God. Everyone? I’m sorry. I’m a ninja. My wish is to protect my brothers and sisters. I want to protect those things, those people, those things, right?
What do we all get together for? Isn’t that the goal? Just because one person wants to protect the people around him and the people around him want to protect others, we slowly got together to form such a large Coalition, didn’t we? Just because of the idea of protecting others in our hearts.
Did we think about our grandchildren before we went to war? No, right? Even if there is, that’s what the older generation of ninjas think, but have you ever thought about why you are fighting?
Some people get revenge, so what revenge do they have? Because their partners and relatives died at the hands of the enemy!
Some people responded to the village call. What call was it? That’s where the village needs to fight. If they don’t participate in the fighting village, their friends and relatives will not escape the threat of war. They must participate in the war!
After all, we went to war to protect everyone and our loved ones, didn’t we?
But now, if we are so desperate that we retreat first, then we will not talk about the war in the future. At least we are sorry for those relatives and comrades who have died in this battle, aren’t we?
Second, we are sinners in history. Because of our withdrawal, the war failed, and the whole forbearance world was captured by the enemy. Many people died, and those who remained were just surviving.
History is always strikingly similar. Brother Shu Mao once told me that history is written by winners! If that day comes, will our grandchildren really remember us? Because we fled this war, we lost and lost at the same time, but there is still our future! Even we will become those white people who will never divide you and me! Just like we’ve seen those white things!
Who can know which Bai Jue was once brilliant? We’ve never heard of a family without his status and so on. Are we going to be like that?
No, no, if that’s the case, will we really have grandchildren? "
Maybe Naruto really hit the nail on the head. Everyone’s lost eyes became radiant again.
"that’s a good saying.’ if that’s the case, will we really have grandchildren?’ With this sentence, even if I can’t kill Hui Yeji, I will seal her up. At most, then we will all be in trouble. Everyone will take turns to supervise Hui Yeji’s seal. We will seal her off-limits! "This is my love heart.
"But I think this forbidden area is hanging because if you really seal her, you must have used that seal trick six times. I think it’s just two more moons at most! No, we can find a way to kill her while stabilizing the seal. Even if there is no way to kill her now, I believe we will find a way, won’t we? " Three generations of face also look good.
Several of his films have also expressed their views, and even Spot’s face looks much better after hearing three generations of remarks.
"Besides, if we don’t continue to go, then we’re not just sorry for our predecessors. We have to explain ourselves! Hui Ye Ji is a powerful person, and we all know that, but if that happens, then we will become a god tree ourselves, right? Just like those who used to be white! "
Naruto’s words directly became the last straw to crush the camel. Everyone once again strengthened their goals. At this time, the crack caused by KINOMOTO SAKURA’s words was completely filled with Naruto’s words.
The three generations became mirth again, because they saw the future and the final victory. Although there may be casualties in this victory, they always saw the light in the night, didn’t they?
Chapter 525 Shumao’s father
"Then let’s make a new plan! Actually, we have overlooked one thing, that is, can we really kill ten tail? I don’t think so, do I? At most, like Hui Ye Ji, what we can do is to seal ten tail. Actually, we have to do two things, that is, seal both Hui Ye Ji and ten tail behind the scenes, and it is impossible to contact them until we finish this. If we don’t finish this, then we are not qualified to know those secrets, are we?
Hui Ye Ji is already so powerful. Does it need to be said that the person behind it can keep her silent? "
Spot’s remarks directly woke everyone up, even the water stopped and wiped away the tears, shaking at ten tail not far away.
Hui Yueji wanted to do it when they got together, but somehow she seemed to be separated, as if something had formed a huge defensive circle around her, and she was not allowed to go out or let outsiders come in, so Hui Yueji could watch such a perfect fighting opportunity slip away from her hand …
Heaven and man saw two people opposing each other in the place.
"Don’t blame me for interfering in their affairs first. We shouldn’t interfere in their affairs, should we?" A man in a golden cassock looked at the man with a suppressed face across the street and said simply
"Hum!" This guy, he knows what the guy across the street said.
"You also don’t want to, if it weren’t for your previous moves, I wouldn’t have made moves. I’m not a renegade. I want to make some noodles. If you let this matter go back, I see what face you have to continue to mix like this!
Chess can try its best to become a chess player, but a chess player can’t try his best to become a chess player. You should understand what you did wrong, right? Besides, you want to be right with me just because you are a doppelganger now?
Hum! Finally, I’ll tell you a message. My disappointing son seems to have found you. I think if you had conspired against him, if he knew about it, then hey hey … "This guy wearing a cassock and healthy spirit actually laughed like a good uncle.
The busy man gave him a straight wait for a while look, and he was stunned that he had been cut off from all news. How can anyone find himself? This is not scientific!
"Hey, hey, you’re not worried. Anyway, I didn’t tell him, but he found you himself. You should know that that person just now can detect that you have such a good gene as my body. How can I not detect you?"
Although this guy who is not in the right line is saying these words carelessly, he really has to listen to them, and he has no reason to lie to him. If that’s the case, then if that kid really notices something, then his plan may really … He shuddered at the thought of this and couldn’t help but think of the first time he saw that kid.
"I am Lord Xuanyuan and the captain of the celestial law enforcement team. You have committed a crime and need to go to the virtual thunder pool with me to clear your body!"
But this little Lord Xuanyuan was cleaned up by him, and the Lord Xuanyuan wanted revenge on himself, but soon he thought that even that guy couldn’t destroy his son anyway, so wouldn’t it be more fun to wait until he grew up again? Don’t you just need to give him a growth?
It seems that this is really good, isn’t it? Thought of here, he felt uncomfortable all over. He glanced at the guy he had become his sworn enemy. He was busy and left here directly. He was going to prepare something. Otherwise, I’m afraid that guy’s speech will come true soon.
Looking at the disappearing doppelganger, the golden cassock man looked at the place where the doppelganger disappeared and shook his head and went straight back to his palace.
"Master, are you back?"
"Well, that guy is really getting more and more promising. He actually shot at those people in the face. If I didn’t stop him, he might have killed all those people in the face. If so, he might have stabbed me in the back with a gun in his hand when he came back!"
"Ha ha, master, you’re joking. Master, he’s not like this."
"Hum, is he your master or my son? Don’t I understand me? However, at the beginning, I decided that I was really upset about this young man who took the position of law enforcement captain. There are many people in the divine world who are unhappy with him. But if he can overturn that guy this time, I think they should have nothing to say. "
"The original master you thought so at the beginning. No wonder you didn’t let us make moves. The original master thought so deeply at that time! Old Nupei! "
"Don’t kiss up to me, you old thing, but I was also quick-witted. At first, I didn’t make a move. Madam, she almost struggled with me. Finally, I hurriedly said this idea. I didn’t expect Madam not only to stop making trouble, but also to admire me for a long time and finally support my practice. You don’t know that Madam almost tore down my office when something happened to her!"
"Hey hey ….." The old housekeeper also suppress a smile.
Shu Mao’s psychic world sneezed several times in a row. He never thought that his father was a tease or an idiot …
For three generations, they didn’t feel that time was running out because of the discussion, but the four films outside felt strange. Why didn’t Hui Ye Ji attack? Since they didn’t attack, there is no need to tell everyone to make adjustments, and they have a hunch that maybe their boundary will be changed to seal and then seal these two big guys.
After some discussion, they finally came to the conclusion that the enemy should be beaten first and then sealed. It is really true that no one can directly seal ten tail, and there is nothing they can do.
At this time, they also remembered that the Vortex clan had benefited. The Vortex clan has always been famous for its seal printing, and their fighting style is different from that of ordinary people. They just go straight to seal printing or seal you. If there is a Vortex clan seal printing, they can seal the enemy directly without fighting.