"President Xu, you have been managing the autonomous society for some time, and you know the situation of Sichuan government." Coco turned to look at Xu Yan’s words and said very politely, "You know that there is no prosecution agency and court police headquarters in our place, but there is no judgment."

Xu Yan was inexplicably pale when he heard this.
"So I discussed with Li Bureau a plan to hand over the remaining people involved to your three autonomous societies for punishment." Coco said again, "Because the rule here in Sichuan Province has always been that the autonomous societies have the power to punish those who violate the rules and regulations, and now Sichuan Province is in the real period of justice, and the former rules of the people’s police headquarters are acceptable."
When this sentence came out, Ruan and Lao Qi turned white.
Before the three men opened their mouths to plead with Coco, the other party took the initiative to give them the benefits of the people involved in the judgment.
You’re in your own hands. You’re going to judge. Don’t plead with the police headquarters.
Lao Qi looked at Coco and somehow felt a sense of humbling. He was silent for a while and said, "What should be given to the Council? The troops have picket departments, military arbitration tribunals and the people involved in the court are all soldiers and should be handed over to the troops for handling? "
"Ha ha" Coco smiled. "This unreasonable case happened in the local area, and the victims were also ordinary people in Sichuan Province. We need to give the local area an explanation instead of dealing with the troops to have credibility."
Old Qi Wen clenched his fist.
"I also heard that the people involved have certain relatives with the three." Coco looked at their words and said softly. "According to the old theory, this kind of thing should be avoided by direct relatives, but I personally believe that the three of us have fought together for so long and sacrificed so many people’s manpower, material resources and resources. I believe that the three people have their own positions on right and wrong, and I also believe that the three people in Sichuan have their own influence. You will give a reasonable explanation to the people here and end the case with those dazzling and eye-catching slogans on the courtyard wall of the police headquarters.
The three men looked at Coco and tried to refute it, but they were all presidents of regional autonomy, and now they were held in such a positive position by Coco. How can we talk about it? Sentiment means that love and law are not divided; To shirk is that the three of them don’t have the confidence to take this job and feel that they don’t have the ability and courage to level the water.
Xu Yan looked at Coco and suddenly realized that some of her things were even more terrible than Qin Yu’s. She was soft and aggressive. You want to slap the table and criticize her. Will she give you this chance?
Just when the three people were silent, suddenly there was a knock at the door outside.
"enter!" The old cat finally said.
Exalting fangs, wearing a bloody shirt, the abdominal wound leaked gauze and pushed the door and came in with a straight face.
Cocoa drank water and saw his one eye without saying anything.
"What’s the matter?" The old cat asked at the big teeth
"The four regiments in the seven districts have reached the border, and their attitude is very bad." Daya frowned and said, "I called HQ and asked a Qin teacher, Yan Beiling, to say that this matter will never compromise. If you want to beat us, we will be with you."
"Well, then you’re going to the sideline?" The old cat asked again
"It’s my horse that will leave." Daya immediately replied, "Go to the front and command the troops to adjust."
"What about the city?" The old cat got up. "The police headquarters is understaffed!"
"Mr. Teng’s guard camp has been driven here." Daya answered according to Coco’s words. "They came here to temporarily assist the police headquarters in handling the case, led by you."
"Good," the old cat nodded. "Then you go quickly."
"Good" Daya replied, turning to look at Xu Yan and others and saying, "You continue to talk first, and I’ll go first."
"Ah good" Xu Yan should be a.
"pay attention to safety"
Three people have to reply.
Daya immediately left the room and was silent again.
"So that’s settled?" Cocoa looked at the three men and asked tentatively, "Let’s go through a procedure to take people away and the autonomous Council will announce the punishment result?"
Xu Yan pondered for a long time, "Haoyuanshan Autonomous Committee is willing to deal with this matter."
"I agree," Nguyen nodded.
Old qi blushed and sat in place without saying anything.
Xu Yan desktop kicked Lao Qi, who still didn’t move.
"Does President Qi have different opinions?" The old cat asked 1 actively.
"I get it." Lao Qi slowly looked up. "I admit it!"
Chapter 1593 Sichuan government people don’t know Yu Jinnian
It was particularly cold that night, and the southwest wind was blowing and heavy snow was floating in the sky.
Xu Yan stepped to the front of the detention room and looked at it. Xu Jiang shouted "Xiaojiang!"
Xu Jiang got up in a daze and suddenly grinned when he saw his uncle. "Oh, uncle, you are here."
"Let’s go home" Xu Yan called a.
Xu Jiang slightly dazed a immediately reached for the wooden bed coat fart Dian fart followed uncle out of the room.
Dark corridor Xu Jiang saw Xu Yan without saying a word, and then he took the initiative to say, "Uncle, I really don’t blame us for this. That Xu Liang can’t hug you when playing. I told him that he had overdone it, but this little guy didn’t listen … I was confused and had to get the girl. Later, when the girl’s brother came, he caught fire with a gun. You know that our soldiers don’t suffer …"
"What’s the point of saying this after everything has happened?" Xu Yan didn’t return to his hand with his back. "Go home!"
Xu Jiang felt a little strange when he heard this, because according to the former Xu Yan’s personality, he had already screamed at the moment, but today he not only didn’t beat himself, but even scolded him.
This attitude makes Xu Jiang feel a little nervous and bow to serve all the way.
It was about five o’clock the next morning.
Xu Yan took his nephew back to the distant mountain car. Seeing that it was getting late, Xu Jiang took the initiative to ask, "It’s almost five o’clock. Why don’t I go back to noon first and we’ll talk?"
"Go back to my place" Xu Yan looked at him "take a bath and have breakfast"
Xu Jiang’s uncle had something to talk to him about and immediately nodded "OK".
They went back to Xujiahu Xujiang, took a bath in the guest room, and then changed into a cousin’s casual clothes before stepping upstairs.