Two soldiers scolded and watched the opportunity and kicked Shaxuan to support his trunk, so that every time he wanted to get up, he was knocked down and didn’t have a chance to fight back.

Daya is an out-and-out malicious stubble. You can tell from the fact that he dared to help floret stab people when he was a minor that he is a black hand and a black master.
Next to the health, the fangs didn’t stretch out their hands and drag a pure cowhide to make a military belt. After folding it in half, they took the steel card one by one and pumped it to Shaxuan’s head.
The military belt is as strong as a small whip, and the steel card is printed with the army serial number and the army logo, which is as big as a child’s fist.
Sha Xuan is the best at fighting back and cursing, but he was directly beaten to a nervous breakdown after a belt fight. The root of the pain is not that ordinary people can stand to protect their heads with their arms, but the arms and the back of their hands are drawn. How long is the finger? The body needs to move a little. That’s really painful.
After smoking for more than 20 years, Sha Xuan has been psychologically shadowed. When I saw that the fangs raised their arms, I could shrink my neck and hide back. I knocked against the sanitary wall and couldn’t wait to get through the wall.
The fangs still don’t stop and talk. They beat each other from the heel until they hit his crown. The iron man can’t stand it so repeatedly. Sha Xuan was knocked unconscious for the first time and then woke up …
Sha Yong, the Military Supervision Bureau, couldn’t even pick up Wan Ku’s brother, but Daya firmly hit the spot and played it thoroughly.
It’s strange and ironic that Sha Xuan saved up for nearly 30 years without being beaten, but was called back by outsiders at one time.
Outside the door
Sha’s family was in a hurry. Two military officers drew their guns, but Li Ying, deputy, and they all took out their guns and confronted them.
"Almost" soldier house blunt fangs woke up.
Fang gave ShaXuan head and fierce lun two gasped to stop.
Dishaxuan lay there motionless with blood all over his head.
"Fuck you, remember who I am?" Daya bowed their heads and rushed Shaxuan HeWen.
When Sha Xuan was beaten, he was recognized by Qin Yu’s younger brother. At the moment, he could nod his head when he heard Daya’s question.
He’s really scared of the belt.
"If you mess with me again, I’ll kill you. Do you hear me?" Fang Yin face pointing to Sha Xuan drink scolded 1.
Sassoon shook his head and seemed to say that he heard it.
"Buy the bill and go" Daya put away his belt and turned to walk away.
"His mama a b perfect you still want to go? !” Sha Xuan brother shouted with a gun.
Daya ignored him and turned to the outside.
"I can’t leave. This fucking thing is not over!" Another person crowded and stopped the stairs.
Fang stopped and pointed at him and shouted, "Do you dare to shoot? Do you dare? ! Are you going to kill me? !”
Everyone was stunned because they already knew that these guys were also troops, and it was a big deal.
"What a dick!"
Teeth stretched out his hand and pushed each other to step away.
The corridor was brightly lit, and Ruan stared at Daya without saying anything.